Becoming a first time published author is a huge deal, especially when you write because you truly love to do so. However, due to the fact that there are millions of books on the market, you will need to actively do marketing for your book in order for it to sell and become popular. It can easily become quite overwhelming since you probably thought that all you had to do was write an amazing book. However, we will now look at a few tips and guidelines on how you can market your book to get as many buyers as possible and build a loyal following.

The first thing that you should do is ensure that the cover of your book is appealing and enticing to potential buyers. Your book’s cover is the first impression that people will have, so you need to make sure its a good one. If you’re thinking about creating your own book cover, then it’s best to avoid doing so, especially if you’re not also a graphic designer. It is best to get a great designer that will work with you to create a sharp and appealing book cover that will also look great in thumbnail sizes.

Next, another great marketing tip is to create your own website for your book, if you don’t already have one. It is entirely possible to have an audience ready and waiting to buy your book, even before you finish writing it. Thanks to online marketing, you can easily build up an audience through your website. For example, if you’ve written a book about gardening, then you can build a website that is about gardening tips where you quote your book and link to it. You can then do SEO on your website so that you get lots of organic traffic who will then read your content, see the links to your book and a percentage will then purchase it. While it is great to have your book being sold on Amazon and other retail stores, having your own website is a platform that you own completely and can help you sell many more hundreds and thousands of copies.

In addition to getting organic traffic through SEO, you can also do paid ads for your book. For example, if you’ve written a romance book and your main audience is single women between the ages of 25 – 38, then you can easily create paid ads on social media for your book targeting this demographic. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, just about anyone can advertise their products and services on these platforms. Of course, you should create a business page for yourself as an author and then create these ads which link directly to your book. Alternatively, you can offer a free download and when people sign up to your email list to get the offer, you can then later send emails to them about your book with a link to purchase. Email marketing is very effective and when it is combined with paid ads and social media marketing, they are even more so.

In closing, we have just looked at a quick guide to book marketing for first time published authors. Once you make the effort to market your book, you will definitely see progress and make a lot more sales than you ever imagined.

A Guide To Book Marketing For First Time Published Authors
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