Book: Ishmael and the Enchanted Baseball Cap

The newest book from B Keith Davidson. In this book, we meet Ishmael, a new kid with hipster parents. Ishmael comes across a baseball cap that can talk, formerly a boy named Jack. Jack tells Ishmael the story of the Evil Enchantress who has been stealing souls throughout history including some well known historical figures. Jack managed to trap the Evil Enchantress in the same book she was using to collect souls years ago. But, in doing so he was trapped himself. But now the disappearances are starting again. And, the museum where it all started is about to be re-opened with his father as the curator. Will Jack and Ishmael be able to stop the Evil Enchantress again or will Ishmael be her next victim?

This children’s magic and fantasy book will keep your child engaged like the old Hardy Boy, Nancy Drew Mysteries with the same level of adventure found in the Harry Potter books. It’s truly one of the top 50 children’s books of the year. Buy it and own it today!

$3.99 (shipping)
Total: $13.98