Garry “The Connector” Ratliff Jr is an inspirational speaker, relational coach and small business consultant. He is the author of two books, The Good Note: Book of Positive Quotes and The BIG I.D.E.A².- The Cycle of All Relationships. A certified speaker, trainer, coach and member of The John Maxwell Team, a Trainer for the DISC Certified Human Behavior Assessment and an Accredited Small Business Consultant by the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants.

Garry grew up between North Carolina and Massachusetts jumping between two loving blended families and experiencing relational instability that caused a life journey of finding peace in transition and permission to end relationships that could no longer be maintained or supported in the next phase of life. Whether it was a toxic relationship with money after almost serving 10 years in prison as a teen for being caught with a substance. Or almost dying in a car accident with a newborn daughter in the world and not being able to talk or walk for 3 days. Relationships have been the access to connection that during these tough life moments the people who showed up to walk with him were a present help to make it through even if afterwards the relationship cease for a period of years. As Garry reconnected in relationship with God, he began to try to understand the inner workings of relationships and why they began or how to know when some should end and was that ok?

“Love who you are, what you do, and those who contribute to that effort!”

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