A Morning With My Three Months Old

Mother – Son’s Sweet and Memorable Relationship

“Maternal love is perhaps the most powerful, positive influence on a son’s development and life.””
— Cheri Fuller.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Author Lorry C. Francois and illustrator Noor Alshlabi published the book title, A Morning With My Three Months Old. The author wants the readers and mothers to enjoy reading this heartwarming story, of a mother with her 3-month-old baby. You will feel the joy of motherhood through this story. It has illustrations about the precious memories of the mother and son in their daily lives.

“A morning with my three months old, he starts giving me the wake-up mode... I start kissing him, he smiles and giggles, I pick him up...” “He makes the gobbling sound, I kiss him again and hold him closer... I see happy feet (the baby’s feet), I say ‘I love you’” “He (baby talk) googoogaga, I think he’s saying ‘well mom. I do love you too, you know...” “Ah baby talk... (with a smile on her face), I dance and walk... He stares at the ceiling (We are happy!)” “My number one goal is to love, support, and be there for my son.” — Farrah Fawcett.

A Morning With My Three Months Old
Written by: Lorry C. Francois (author) and Noor Alshlabi (illustrator)
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