An Exciting Farm Adventure

The End of the Closet: Curiosity

Vincent Petrucci ventures into a story about a young man who was treated unfairly due to his differences while growing up on a farm.

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 / -- Going to a farm must be one of the most exciting adventures a person can go on. The farm visitors will witness the animals' well being and their benefit to our environment. Aside from animals, they can see how farmers grow different crops, the locals going about their daily routine, and the peace and quiet that only a farm can offer.

"The End of the Closet: Curiosity" is about the adventure of an energetic youngster named Vincent who grows up on a farm with his Nonno and Nonna. Vincent is half-blooded Italian, unlike his full-blooded cousins, and he ends up getting treated differently. Vincent discovers a mysterious door that holds secrets he wishes to uncover, and the truth as to why his father chooses not to attend mass at the catholic church every Sunday. There are all sorts of events that take place at the beloved farm. The book cover shows a natural setting with a bright sun, mountains, and a flock of sheep that would appeal to anyone because of its vibrant colors.

Vincent Ray is a children's book author, also known as Vincent R. Petrucci. He published his recent book, "The End of the Closet: Curiosity" in the month of April 2022 with Inks and Bindings, LLC. His passion for life led him to travel and encounter various cultures all around the globe. He was brought up on a small family farm where he discovered making wine as a hobby in addition to farming. Petrucci is a God-fearing man who works as a school nurse and enjoys helping others.

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