Author Ted Landkammer Releases a Book About a Girl and an Elephant

I Wish I Had an Elephant

Story of a girl who wants to have her own baby elephant

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 8, 2022 / -- Elephants are regal and big animals. With their big trunks and their long noses, they fascinate children from all over the world with their wonderful form. They can grow as big as a truck or even as huge as a house! But what happens when a girl finds herself wishing to have one as a pet, as a friend? In the book from children’s book author Ted Landkammer I Wish I Had an Elephant, that is exactly what the girl Emily wishes for—to have an elephant of her own.

Theodore Landkammer, or simply Ted, used to tell stories to his three children while they were growing up. Married to his wife Dolores for sixty-five years, they have six grandchildren who were also blessed to hear his various stories. He has published two books, Buffy the Butterfly and Poppies on the Hill, and continues to write children’s stories for aged 3 to 7 years old. Hoping to finish three more, Ted aims to share his love for books and storytelling with all children. He and his family live in Santa Cruz, California.

Young girl Emily wishes to see different animals. She also longs to have a baby elephant. She has always found them fascinating and they have captivated not only her imagination but her heart too! Finally mustering the courage to ask her mother if she could have one, Emily awaits what her mother has to say on the matter and if she will be able to have her much-coveted baby elephant.

Find out what happens to Emily and if she will get the baby elephant she asked for. Grab a copy of I Wish I Had an Elephant on Amazon and other leading digital platforms.

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