Dr. Cass Ingram Releases a 3-Pocketbook Combo of Natural Medicine's Top Immune Boosting Protocols

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special edition 3-pocketbook Christmas Combo , wild oregano oil, black seed oil

Special Edition 3-Pocketbook Christmas Combo

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Dr. Cass Ingram releases how to support the immune system to the max using wild natural medicines in his 3-pocketbook Combo Special just in time for Christmas.

This dynamic trio of books contains vital elements to look for when shopping for raw wild oregano oil, black seed oil, and other natural medicines as well as their many therapeutic uses.”
— Dr. Cass Ingram The Wilderness Doctor
LAKE FOREST, IL, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr. Cass Ingram, author and medicinal plant researcher, reveals how to boost the immune system to its highest level using raw wild natural medicines in a special edition 3-pocketbook Christmas Combo. The 3-pocketbooks are" Health Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil," "Health Benefits of Black Seed," and "How to Survive Forced Vaccinations" – an ideal Christmas gift with the nation's attention on health.

"Health Benefits of Wild Oregano Oil" educates readers on raw wild oregano oil, the most powerful natural medicine known, and how to use it to dramatically boost the immune system and reverse numerous diseases. A few uses include:
• respiratory ailments
• colds, flu, and congestion
• digestive ailments
• chronic infections
• autoimmune disorders

"Health Benefits of Black Seed" explains how black seed cold-pressed oil can support health, including skin and hair. In Pharaoh's tomb, jars of black seed were found. It was Nefertiti's and Cleopatra's beauty secret.

Dr. Ingram provides a myriad of black seed oil protocols for treating such conditions as:
• cardiovascular disorders
• neurological disorders
• joint disorders
• skin conditions
• anti-cancer support

"How to Survive Forced Vaccinations" contains information, protocols, and references studies on vaccines. Dr. Ingram points out the dangers of these vaccines and their most common side effects, including the onset of severe diseases like diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorder, skin conditions, and cancer. He says post-shot infections are likely viral, fungal, and bacterial and can be addressed with raw wild natural medicines.

"For centuries, oregano oil has been used as a therapeutic agent for virtually any infection, anywhere in the body. This powerful spice extract is one of nature's most impressive natural medicines along with black seed oil," said Dr. Ingram.

“The books contain vital elements to look for when shopping for raw wild oregano oil, black seed oil, and other natural medicines,” said Dr. Ingram.

This dynamic trio of books is available as an ebook for immediate reading and printed copies are available in softcover. For more information and to order the books and natural medicines, visit www.cassingram.com or call 800-295-3737.

About Dr. Cass Ingram

Dr. Cass Ingram, founder of PurelyWild™, is a nutritional and osteopathic physician who received a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Iowa (1979) and a D.O. from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA (1984). Known as the Wilderness Doctor, he is one of North America's leading experts on the health benefits and disease-fighting properties of wild medicinal herb, tree, and spice extracts. The author of more than 25 books on natural healing, including the new special edition 3-pocketbook combo, has given answers and hope to millions through his lectures and interviews on radio and TV programs across America.

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