Facebook Group Connects Creatives to Opportunities and Inspiration in Their Fields Thanks to GracePoint Publishing

The "Radically Authentic" Facebook group welcomes creatives of all kinds to share their projects, learn new skills and interact with other members.

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GracePoint Publishing, Curator of the "Radically Authentic' Facebook Group

The "Radically Authentic" Facebook group, hosted by GracePoint Publishing, serves as a space for creatives to connect, share their talents, and gain exposure.

If you have a message, mission, or purpose to share with the world, these are your people,”
— Michelle Vandepas
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Colorado based traditional publishing company, GracePoint Publishing, invites creatives and writers to join their active Facebook group, “Radically Authentic” for weekly writing prompts, creative discussions, and community feedback on all authentic forms of art and expression.

Being a company focused on creative expression that breaks through traditional expectations and encourages standing out in the crowd, GracePoint Publishing’s “Radically Authentic” Facebook group caters to the shakers and movers in the world that want to share their creative progress while also learning from others in their field. Boasting over 1.6K members all actively engaging with each other, sharing ideas and giving updates on their latest projects, it is a community built upon welcoming creativity and motivating others to live their most authentic lives.

The “Radically Authentic” Facebook group is open to all creative individuals through Facebook.

Hosting and advertising numerous events for writers, publishers, artists, scholars and creatives of all types, the group serves as a hub for members to connect with others in the community to share ideas, attend learning sessions, stay up to date on national contests, seminars and workshops that could feature their work or provide developmental materials for creating more works. Curated by GracePoint Publishing, the group offers frequent live sessions hosted by GracePoint’s Co-Founders, Karen Curry Parker and Michelle Vandepas sharing industry tips and secrets straight from a professional publishing house.

“Radically Authentic is a space for all creatives, writers, musicians, artists, poets, leaders, speakers, teachers, and dreamers. If you have a message, mission, or purpose to share with the world, these are your people,” says Vandepas, who hosts a weekly live session to connect with creatives and answer their questions related to publishing, entrepreneurship and finding their creative voice. The group invites members to attend sessions held both in association with GracePoint Publishing as well as other small businesses that want to share insights and information from their industry at no expense to group members.

Through it’s inaugural year, the group has already aided in helping creatives find employment ventures in their fields, host and hold guest appearances on podcasts, find beta readers for their books, get feedback on artwork, and make connections to new exciting friends. It continues to serve as a source of inspiration and connection for its users and gives them direct connections to professionals who are eager to teach and interact with aspiring artists, writers, poets, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

The “Radically Authentic” Facebook group is operated through GracePoint Publishing, the premier publishing house for creatives and artists looking to amplify their message and break through traditional publishing molds.

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