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~Protagonists Pablo and Priscilla Pancake Help Parents Talk to Their Kids About the Dangers of Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco~

I'm committed to teaching kids that making healthy choices can be fun and empowering”
— Joe Coleman, Author and former lead vocalist of 'The Platter's
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2022 / -- The long-time former lead singer of legendary vocal group "The Platters", Joe Coleman, has written The DanSing Pancakes' Healthy Choices Musical Story, an illustrated children's book and companion song. The book is the perfect guide for parents and guardians who struggle to talk about big topics like drugs and alcohol to their kids, especially with elementary-school-aged children. The interactive children's book eases the introduction of these challenging topics to little ones.

With The DanSing Pancakes' Healthy Choices Musical Story, Coleman, an accomplished author, playwright, actor, producer and singer/songwriter, has reimagined an original story by Rick Vitacco and Philip B. Auerbach.

The book is a lyrical adventure that teaches kids to resist drugs, alcohol, and smoking and make positive choices such as studying hard, eating healthy foods, and being a good friend.

Coleman has written and performed the accompanying song (the Pancakes and their friends dance to in the story) that readers can access through a QR code in the book.

"I'm committed to teaching kids that making healthy choices can be fun and empowering," said Coleman, the author and former lead singer of 'The Platters.' "They need to know it's cool to study hard, respect your family and friends, and eat healthily."

The DanSing Pancakes' Healthy Choices Musical Story is available as a softcover/audiobook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a digital story on the website. A portion of each sale will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Greater Washington DC area.

About the Book:

Through their adventurous story and a hot new song, the DanSing Pancakes help kids resist drugs, alcohol, and smoking while teaching them positive choices such as studying hard, eating healthy foods, and being good friends.

Pablo and Priscilla Pancake are students at Panfry Primary School. One day during recess, they discover their classmates Peggy and Anna Blair smoking. Determined to prevent others from following this path, Pablo and Priscilla decide to write a song to let their peers know smoking is wrong. They also draft a daily pledge that their classmates—and the young readers of the book—can take to commit to leading a healthy life.

Wonderfully illustrated by a young artist and her mother Aubrey Foster Morgan and Tracy Foster Pyke, the story includes fun coloring pages from the book and other interactive family activities to encourage kids to make healthy choices. It is a must-have book for every parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt, uncle, guardian, educator, older brother, or sister to teach young kids valuable life lessons in a fun, child-friendly, and age-appropriate way.

About Joe Coleman:

Joe Coleman spent over two decades touring the world as the lead vocalist for the legendary vocal group “The Platters”. An accomplished songwriter, author, playwright and more, Joe has recorded several albums for major labels in his long career and is currently a key member of the group “Voices Of Classic Soul” which also features former lead singers of the Temptations, Drifters and Four Tops.

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