Fran Briggs Presents Best of Summer Reading, Volume 1

Fran Briggs, Award-winning American Journalist

Fran Briggs, Award-winning American Journalist

List includes authors from the U.S.A. to the UK

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 6, 2022 / -- What keeps you reading even during summer? Great books, of course. American journalist, Fran Briggs recently announced the release of Best of Summer Reading 2022, Volume 1. The selections include non-fiction, mystery, romance, spiritual, urban contemporary, humor and sci-fi.

"The time has come to recognize stellar authors and the summer that was made for them and their readers," stated Briggs. “These are superb writers with a distinctive chemistry for creating relatable and entertaining content.”

The Best of Summer Reading is organized by title, publisher, the author's name, a short synopsis of each book, and a link for additional information and purchase.

The following 10 books are recognized for being among the best of summer reading. The numerical order does not coincide with ranking.

1. “The Once and Future Queen Guinevere Reimagined” (Amazon, Self-published) by Parker J. Cole. Sent fleeing from her homeland to escape a murderous adversary, a Nubian princess must hide her identity among a wild, tribal people.

2. “The Big Comeback: Sampson the Football Legend” (Amazon Publishing) by Richard Hemphill Jr. A replay of Judges Chapters 15-16, when Samson and the Israelites take on the Philistines.

3. “Does My Voice Matter?” (She Writes Press) by Cynthia James
The author moves from abused to accomplished actress; scarcity to international songstress; welfare to the White House, and from victim thinking to victorious living and shows us how to do the same.

4. “You Have The Victory Author's Name” (Amazon) by Quan Abazie
The author’s testimony of how she, an African American female, survived her military service in the United States Army during the Iraqi War.

5. “Repair of The Black Family Anthology” (Self Published) by Nayyirah Muhammad An assortment of real-life stories meant to impact, inspire and motivate the reader to eradicate generational trauma, drama, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

6. “The Cackling of the Crows” (IngramSpark) by Neal Sellers.
They know something you don’t.

7. “You are the Prize: Seeing Yourself Beyond the Imperfections of Your Trauma” (New Degree Press) by Amnoni Laren Myers
The author explores and candidly shares the journey and struggles in her life.

8. “Blue: A Journey Towards Peace Self Published Blue” by Solita Day
The autobiography of a survivor!

9. “Challenge Accepted” (Amazon Publishing) by comedy sensation, Celeste Barber. A hilarious, and outspoken guide to life, unwanted gas, and how to rock a sexy scar.

10. “When You Love Someone: A Sweet Second-chance Romance” (Tina Newcomb) by Tina Newcomb Some couples are destined to be.

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