Hall explores metaphorical death and emotional growth in Watching Myself Die

OKEMOS, MICHIGAN, USA, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In her first release, Watching Myself Die, poet Tekeyah Hall channels her creativity into exploring the metaphorical “death” that one faces when coming of age.

Inspired to write by her sister and other members of her family, Hall uses her craft to grapple with emotional growth, and how that growth can lead to the metaphorical death of the person we once were, while our physical presence remains unchanged.

Hall’s narrative style lends itself to highly visual storytelling. She uses that style to take the reader through the story of her own tumultuous emotions and experiences that many of us also face.

This storytelling is present across the collection, including in Hall’s favorite poem in the book, “Black Sheep,” where she writes, “I was a black sheep born into a pack of wolves….Even when I wore my best mask and put on my best act, they still smelled the deliciousness of sheep and took a chance on killing a wolf.”

Hall draws inspiration from two disparate authors—Edgar Allen Poe and Maya Angelou—pulling in elements of grim dark and mysticism from Poe, and the confidence, strength, and inspiring themes in Angelou’s work. She hopes that readers find her work accessible and that they can respond and feel authentically when reading her poetry.

“I hope in reading Watching Myself Die people know that even though things may seem hard right now, they can get through it, and power and beauty can be found in those painful moments,” said Hall.

The collection is the first in a planned trilogy series.

Hall currently resides in Okemos, Michigan, having previously grown up in Detroit. Watching Myself Die, her first published work, is available now through Amazon (ISBN 978-0-578-36562-6).

Hall is available for media interviews about her newly published work.

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