Harmonious Petals: True Journey of the Soul

Harmonious Petals is about souls, their entry into the physical world, their process of learning, acquiring wisdom, understanding, self-realization,

“Our attachment to the power of the physical is far greater than the desire for the Soul/Spirit within. If I am wrong, I invite any of you to correct meurney of the Soul by Rose A. Chylek.”
— Rose A Chylek

GUADALAJARA,, JA, MEXICO, November 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Author Rose A. Chylek will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Guadalajara International Book Fair 2021 with her published book title, Harmonious Petals: True Journey of the Soul. If you are looking for spiritual enlightenment, the book is about souls, their entry into the physical world, their acquiring knowledge, perception, individuality, and unification through this existence of universal love.

“Harmonious Petals'' by Rose A. Chylek is a powerful and thought-provoking read that is sometimes uncomfortable to digest. There are many harsh truths but intelligent observations throughout which provide true enlightenment for anyone searching for answers. I absolutely loved the second chapter which analyzes the science type and how we limit ourselves to the five senses when in reality this only limits our spiritual journey. The chapters around the destructive and harmful human behavior toward each other and the world were superb and really make you reflect on your beliefs and actions. I found such enlightenment and knowledge from every chapter, especially around ego, perceived reality, and how our minds have been conditioned so others can retain their power over us. I have gained a true understanding of why I am here, what my purpose is, and how I can live more in alignment with my soul. This is a highly recommended read.” —Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite.

“Chylek’s writings read like correspondence with other, like-minded aspirants while including the proviso that she does not expect everyone to agree with her. Her belief system encompasses the world’s great religions: Old Testament teachings, Christ-centered ideas, recognition of Islam, and Eastern spiritual wisdom.” — Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott for US Review of Books.

Harmonious Petals: True Journey of the Soul
Written by: Rose A. Chylek
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