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Accelerate Your Wants

The greatest personal success mentors of all time, agree on two truths.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2022 / -- Lets learn how we can manifest the things we want in life...

The greatest personal success mentors of all time, agree on two truths.
1. You must know what you want before you can get it.
2. Most people do not know what they want.

This is almost unbelievable, that most people don’t know what they want! But when you consider the fact that for hundreds of years, the mainstream has been conditioned to believe in lack, struggle, and separation; it’s no wonder we don’t know what we want, since all our MIND POWER is focused on survival!

What is your Manifestation Objective, what is visualization or put another way, what do you want to manifest, what exactly do “you” want? Your Manifestation Objective is a list of “your” wants, goals, dreams, and intentions. This is not about what your parents, friends, office associates, instructors, teachers, coaches, community, or others want for you. It is all about what “you” want for “you.” Similar questions on our personal development journey can be posed by the idea of what we call the Law of Success. We must also learn how to get rid of negative thoughts.

There is a Success Formula that will help you to develop your Manifestation Objective, that you will progressively build on later as you move ahead. Have fun with this, do not get overwhelmed, and avoid paralysis from over analysis!

Include both the tangible and intangible. For example:
Tangible: HAVE - ocean view home, BE - author of best seller, DO - yoga.
Intangible: Beliefs/Paradigms - I am confident. Feelings/Emotions – I am loving.

Manifestation Objective Formation Rules:

Rule One: Include only what you want for you, not what others want for you. Avoid trying to please others at your own expense.
Rule Two: Include everything you want to have, be, and do. No matter how unrealistic it may sound at first. Avoid self-doubt.
Rule Three: Do not limit yourself in any way. The sky is not the limit. There is no ceiling.
Rule Four: Once you are enjoying your Life of True Power and Manifestation, then help others.

We learn this from Tomaso Luigi who has decades of application into the power of the mind, coupled with quantum physics and cosmology, Tomaso has a passion to share his understanding in this discipline. He has developed Techniques uniting our “5 Inner Realm Technologies” afforded to everyone at birth, with the astounding power of the “Quantum Field,” accelerating dreams into reality in our lives using more than just the power of visualization.

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