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A look into how to learn the self improvement "true secret" of manifesting the Laws OF Success to accelerate making your dreams a reality!

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2021 / -- You "Ask," you "Believe," but you do not "Receive," why? Because you're missing the required “COMBINATION or the THE FORMULA. We call it "THE CODE" Let's clarify what this is...

The “True Secret” of Manifestation has been sought after and contemplated by philosophers, mystics, theologians, and many others. This has been done for thousands of years, while only vague concepts have been handed down through the centuries by indigenous cultures across the globe. Where do we stand on this today is a great question.

“Presenters” over the last 125 years or so have attempted to convey manifestation laws, but most have not been complete, comprehensible, or effectual for the mainstream, and therefore have trended out of popularity. Most presenter’s inability to clearly explain both “how” and “why” specific laws work, leaves us all in the dark, without clarity, with only a partial view and understanding.

In 2006 the mainstream was introduced to a manifestation law that went viral. Most every office, business, and household visited, had beautiful people with perfect health, designer attire, watches, jewelry, extravagant mansions, expensive cars, boats, and beautiful places around the world, all mounted on a cork board.

This was the new viral trend, the Law of Attraction “Vision Board.” But just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared and trended out of popularity. Why? Because we are thirsty for this type of information, but we are discouraged easily when we are not afforded a clear path forward. We want to know exactly how we can "Have, Be, and Do", how we can "Receive" all of our wants, goals, dreams, and intentions. We want to know "How" and "Why" (how do you make it all work and why does it work).

The "True Secret” of Manifestation is not the discovery of the junior Law of Attraction, or the senior Law of Vibration, or any law for that matter. The "True Secret” of Manifestation is the discovery of the correct "COMBINATION or THE FORMULA also known as THE CODE. This is required to Access and Activate the key Manifestation Laws and accelerate your wants - goals - dreams and intentions into reality in your life.

We spoke with an expert in the matter, Tomaso Luigi. With decades of application into the power of the mind, coupled with quantum physics and cosmology. He is familiar with the laws of success, personal development, self improvement, mind power, how to get rid of negative thoughts and how the power of the subconscious mind can play a huge part in how to get rid of negative thoughts to achieve success in life.

Tomaso has a passion to share his understanding in this discipline. He has developed Techniques uniting our “5 Inner Realm Technologies” afforded to everyone at birth, with the astounding power of the “Quantum Field,” accelerating dreams into reality in our lives.

With family roots originating in Abruzzo Italy, Tomaso lives in Southern California where he serves as CEO of two companies in the capital markets. He attributes his business achievements directly to his Mind Power Quantum Power Techniques.

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