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MINNETONKA, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Great Resignation is the ongoing trend of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs. More than 20 million workers have left their employers from May through September 2021, and organizations are feeling the effects.

So how can organizations counter the Great Resignation?

Dr. Janet Polach says it starts with good management.

Dr. Janet Polach is a global leader in leadership development and coaching and the author of The Seven Mistakes New Managers Make: How to Avoid Them and Thrive.

“Many new managers don't take the time to actually define what their team does and how they’re going to execute on it,” says Dr. Polach. “Staying connected, developing your team and giving feedback drives retention because they're getting their cup filled at work.”

According to Dr. Polach, the seven mistakes new managers make are:

• No transition
• No plan
• Not developing your team
• Failing to give and receive feedback
• Not developing your power
• Sticking with the status quo
• Not getting ahead of change

The Seven Mistakes New Managers Make: How to Avoid Them and Thrive is ideal for the new manager who hopes to evolve into a great leader. Each chapter highlights a common challenge new managers will recognize and offers strategies to build the necessary skills to avoid these mistakes and achieve success.

Dr. Polach says if we were to address even five of these mistakes, we might be able to reverse the Great Resignation and people will be happy to go to work.

The founder of In The Lead, Inc., Dr. Polach offers executive coaching and leadership development for C-suite executives and high-potential leaders.

“Managers get promoted because they're great individual contributors, but the skills that you need to be a great manager are very different from the skills you need to be a great individual contributor,” explains Dr. Polach. “Leadership is a completely different paradigm, and training is not enough. It must come in the flow of the work.”

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