Limited-Edition Kisha Demon Eater Digital Vinyl Toy Drop in Mythical Games’ Free-to-Play Blankos Block Party

kisha Demon Eater Blankos Block Party Drop

Kisha Demon Eater Blankos Block Party Drop

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Proceeds of the Kisha Demon Eater x Blankos Sale will be Donated for Black History Month

When the opportunity arose to bring Kisha Demon Eater into Blankos Block Party, we knew it was a collab we couldn’t pass up.”
— Jamie Jackson, chief creative officer of Mythical Games
NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, February 9, 2022 / -- Dream Fury Comics, in collaboration with Ignis Studio, has partnered with Mythical Games to launch a playable NFT drop of comic book character Kisha Demon Eater for the play-to-earn game Blankos Block Party. The drop will be available in-game and the web store beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 9 at 3pm PST / 23:00 UTC. In celebration of Black History Month, Mythical’s proceeds from primary sales of Kisha Demon Eater during the month of February 2022 will go to charity.

Blankos Block Party is a vibrant open-world multiplayer game styled like a giant block party, with a focus on custom art and design, building and exploration and curating your collection of unique and rare digital vinyl toys, called Blankos. The Kisha Blanko will be limited to 3,500 mints and will be available for $24.99.

“When the opportunity arose to bring Kisha Demon Eater into Blankos Block Party, we knew it was a collab we couldn’t pass up,” said Jamie Jackson, chief creative officer of Mythical Games. “Not only is the character design amazing and a great fit for the game, the character of Kisha really embodies the uniqueness of the world we’re creating.”

Kisha Demon Eater comic book series follows the supernatural adventures of sixteen-year-old Kisha who gets possessed by a demon that consumes other demons. To exorcize her demon, Kisha is sent from her home in New Orleans to her aunt's midwest home. Unknown to Kisha, her aunt and her aunt's hometown hide terrifying secrets. Kisha is forced to reevaluate her relationship with her demon in order to survive the secrets she discovers.

“I’m excited about this opportunity to bring a dynamic comic book character like Kisha Demon Eater into Blankos Block Party as a playable NFT. The Blankos Block Party world and game play fits in nicely with Kisha’s sense of adventure and fighting spirit.” said Newton Lilavois, Chief Creative Officer of Dream Fury Comics. “Kisha will be the first, if not one of the earliest, comic book characters featured as an NFT in a Blockchain game. So, that’s pretty exciting.”

Dream Fury Comics is collaborating with Ernest Spicer of Ignis Studios for the Kisha Blankos drop. "It is an honor to partner with Dream Fury and Mythical Games for such an awesome NFT drop with so many positive social impacts. Adapting the art and having Luke Barosky add some fashion elements brought this character to life in the amazing Blankos universe where story matters. We look forward to many more projects in the web3 future with Dream Fury and their ever expanding stories and universes," Ernest says.

What makes Blankos Block Party stand out from other blockchain games is that they’ve done an excellent job at their user experience. Blankos breaks down the barriers to entry of many other blockchain games; you don’t need to buy anything to play, there’s no mining involved, and you don’t need cryptocurrency either; Mythical provides the benefits of blockchain to players without them needing to learn a whole new technology. It’s this ease of use and the fun and spirited gameplay that makes Blankos poised to be a popular blockchain game.

About Dream Fury Comics
Dream Fury Comics is an independent comic book publisher known for their award winning comic series Crescent City Monsters. Their upcoming graphic novel, Kisha Demon Eater, has generated a lot of excitement and will be released in the early summer of 2022.

About Mythical Games
Acknowledged by Forbes’ Disruptive Technology Companies To Watch in 2019 and Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2021, Mythical is a next-generation games technology company creating a universal gaming ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology and playable NFTs for tools that enable players, creators, artists, brands and game developers to become stakeholders and owners in new play-to-earn game economies.

Led by gaming industry veterans, the team specializes in building games around player-owned economies and has helped develop major franchises including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Marvel Strike Force and Skylanders.

The Mythical Platform is built on a permissioned chain using a Proof of Authority consensus model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work model. Minting NFTs and integrating the Marketplace via the Mythical Platform do not require any mining or cryptocurrency to operate, or for players to participate.

Mythical is a registered trademark, and Mythical Games and Mythical Marketplace are trademarks of Mythical, Inc. All other marks are the trademarks of their respective owners

About Ignis Studios
Ignis Studios Inc is a digital arthaus and technology studio that focuses on bringing quality art, stories, and causes to web3. From eLearning to digital toys, Ignis Studios Inc is at the forefront of NFT utilities and has partnered with several amazing artists and publishers from comics to fine art.

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