New Book Reveals How To UNLOCK YOUR MACRO TYPE & Accelerate Fat Loss

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2022 / -- UNLOCK YOUR MACRO TYPE is a new book that will conclusively reveal why "one-size-fits-all diets" don’t work and how each individual can unlock the secrets to optimizing their health.

UNLOCK YOUR MACRO TYPE: • Identify Your True Body Type • Understand Your Carb Tolerance • Accelerate Fat Loss |
Harvest, an imprint of William Morrow"

Christine Hronec is an award-winning chemical engineer, a three-time champion fitness competitor, founder of Gauge Girl Training, and Gauge Life, and now author. Through years of coaching (helped approximately 40,000 women transform their bodies and switch to a body-positive self-image) and research, Christine has discovered the key to fat loss is eating the optimum ratio of macronutrients—protein, carbohydrates, and fat—for your body. There is no golden ratio that works for everyone; instead, your ideal varies depending on your body type and carb tolerance.

"This book isn't about a fad diet or a hip-sounding fitness ideology. It is about a fundamental change in the way society will view how the body works going forward. The extensive scientific data presented in this book will, hopefully, be utilized by nutritionists, health and wellness experts for years to come," said Christine.

In UNLOCK YOUR MACRO TYPE, Christine teaches readers about the five Macro Types, bio-individual nutritional blueprints rooted in science and backed by real-world results. Some will be surprised to discover, they should actually be eating more calories, and not less.

• Why many people need to eat more calories to lose weight
• The secret code of fat, and why you need to eat fat to burn fat
• Why drastic carb-cutting can backfire for many Macro Types—and why many people need to eat more carbs to lose weight
• The essential macronutrient most people don’t get enough of each day
• The single biggest factor that dictates how to eat for your Macro Type
• Complete with quizzes and tailor-made meal plans, recipes, and workouts, Christine’s personalized plan is designed to get the best results for you, based on your body, your metabolism, and your goals.

More about Christine Hronec:
Christine's YouTube channel has over 25 million views. She has also received awards from the American Chemical Society and was published in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Christine was part of the team that created Time magazine’s “Invention of the Year” for her work in the biotech field.

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