New store for local writers & readers opens in Ballarat, Victoria

Paul Rushworth-Brown's Skulduggery goes on sale in Ballarat, Victoria

Skulduggery goes on sale in Ballarat, Victoria

The hype around this book has been unquestionable

"A glorious read!"

Nominated for Best Indie Book Award

Nominated for Best Indie Book Award

Shawline Publishing has opened its first Independent Bookstore for Australian authors in Ballarat, Victoria

As a commitment to the author and books for readers, we have taken steps to assure that all our books including 'Skulduggery' by Paul Rushworth-Brown will be found in our new bookstore.””
— Bradley Shaw

BALLARAT, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, December 28, 2021 / -- FOR Shawline Publishing Group, the challenge of getting quality books into quality outlets has been a noticeable loss for the business and authors over recent years.

So the company has decided to do something about it by opening their first Independent Bookstore outlet in Ballarat.

Australian booksellers are overwhelmed by the big traditional contracts for supplying products and have little budgets or spaces on shelves left to support new Australian authors, let alone to help promote their books for readers.

“The adage of selling what is successful because it is successful will always take priority in retail businesses,” said Bradley Shaw, managing partner of Shawline Publishing.“

"Authors on their own do not have the funds to market effectively or even ongoingly for a book to be retail valued, but we can help change this for those who dream of being published.”

“As part of the commitment to the author and the books we produce for readers, Shawline Publishing Group has taken new steps to assure that all our books including 'Skulduggery' by Paul Rushworth-Brown will be found online and off-line by readers through our new bookstore outlets.”

The new Independent Bookstore chain will offer authors and readers larger promotional values and book signings and launches and events for the greater success in the market.

There are also exclusive sales returns to authors, along with guaranteeing them a clear channel of sales across the country to readers looking to discover their next favourite writer.

“The first The Independent Bookstore was opened in Ballarat on 8 May, with an expected 25 additional outlets being opened around the country within the first 24 months of trading,” Mr Shaw said.

“These outlets will carry all the Shawline brand of books exclusively, while still promoting the titles to other resellers around the country and globe.”

The Independent Bookstore will be selling exclusive titles published by small press publishing agencies which most other retail stores have no room or interest in supporting.

The Bookstore will also have a range of exclusive sustainable products to further support other independent producers who find challenges with distributing their new products to the market.

"This is an exciting time and given the exclusivity of our books and authors quality of works, we will be able to sell more books to more people who desire truly independent books to succeed in this country and across the globe,” Mr Shaw said.

You can find The Independent Bookstore on Facebook and the new website is coming soon at

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