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we’re privileged to assemble the passionate & exuberant writers of all categories (Novice, Intermediate & Professional) from all the corners of the World.

DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, December 22, 2021 / -- Profound Writers is an established writing community founded on 8th March 2020 by Mr Randhir Kumar, with a dream of providing a platform to the budding writers for improving their writing skills.

In the digital world where you can find profuse and diverse writing communities at your doorstep, Profound Writers Community provides every single thing a writer can ever dream of.

Profound Writers provides a platform for new and aspiring writers across the world to connect and grow synergistically. The operations here are currently remote and that helps the authors to achieve their dreams with freedom and flexibility. PW assembles the passionate and exuberant writers of all categories be they novice, intermediate or professional from all corners of the world.

It consists of skilful individuals at the top, those who judge the writing skills of writers not on the content but along the lines of literary, grammar, and linguistic comments to help the writers to express their notions through the art of writing. Here, the writers are encouraged to open their minds to new possibilities of writing.

The community also organizes several creative writing events like AIBA (All India Best Writing Awards), PPL (PW Penning Pearls Global Writing League), SWAT (Super-talented Writers Annual Tournament), MUSHAIRA, OMC (OPEN MIC CONTEST) in Hindi, OMC (OPEN MIC CONTEST) in English, SWIL (Super Writer Insta League) and many other notified from time to time which allows people to promote their reading and writing skills while having fun at the same time. The main intention behind these events is to help the writers explore how their thoughts can be developed into an interesting story, or how the words we use every day can be arranged into a rhyming poem.

Apart from regular contests, daily challenges test the writers of their prowess and build upon them. The winners of the daily challenges organized by the PW are uploaded on different social media sites regularly. It helps to promote not only the writers' thoughts but also the writers personally.

It provides a platform for writers and artists to show their skills in various languages in which they feel best comfortable. There are separate Whatsapp groups for different languages. For English, the groups are Crescent, Glorious, Spartans, Gleam, Bluz Knight, Thrive, Daily Quotes, Collab Hindi, Sandhyamini, Collab English, Hinglish, Jashn-E-Sukhan. Various groups are available in many other regional languages as well.

It is a platform not only for writers, as the name itself suggests, but it is an embodiment of writers, video editors, video actors, voice-over artists, compilers, designers as well. Moreover, Profound Creation is another branch of PW, created separately only for artists engaged in sketching, drawing, and painting.

Profound Writers have made it exciting for writers with their reachability on the podcast platform. It provides a bunch of other opportunities to writers where they can get their content converted to be a podcast and distributed all over the globe providing them with a universal and everlasting identity. The same is circulated on all the major podcasting platforms as "PW Melody Stars" including Spotify, Gaana, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, Radio Public, Pocketcast, Breaker to name some of them.

Like any other publishing community, PW also has its own publishing house "Profound Writers Publishing", the information is on PW's website, and the books published are also available on Amazon and Flipkart. The first published book is "Are All endings good?" By Mr, Saurabh Arora. PW has already published their first physical book in form of an anthology. Another anthology is underway to publish. Apart from it, it allows various individuals to compile books to show their creative skills by engaging themselves in various anthologies which in turn provides opportunities for writers to work as co-authors.

Also, it is the most proliferate and dynamic company that provides the best services to publish literary works. In other words, PW is a publishing program for writers serious enough in creating an impact through their writing skills. This gives the best platform to take a work of literature on the heights which one can dream of.
PW never fails to uphold the members of its community. It is available on many platforms like YouTube, Nojoto, Quora, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Apart from all the writing and associated opportunities, PW provides profile icons for its members and volunteers and also issue badges according to a set parameter. These collaterals from the organization help the members to get promoted according to their efforts and work which boosts them to do more and better.

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