Return to Peyton Place with the “The Seasons of Grace: The Unauthorized Backstory of Peyton Place”

Dave O Dodge Author - Seasons of Grace - New Book and Dec 14, 2021 event

Stories That No One Dared to Tell - Meet And Greet With Dave O. Dodge, Author

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2021 / -- “The Seasons of Grace” author Dave O. Dodge will host a free online meet and greet book discussion on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. EST. Dodge will discuss his book, “Seasons of Grace: The Unauthorized Backstory of Peyton Place” and the book “Peyton Place” by Grace Metalious. This meet and greet will allow guests to experience an authentic account of Metalious’ quest to write such a book according to Dodge’s research. Guests will also hear details of Dodge’s journey into writing about Metalious and the occurrences that followed the release of “Peyton Place.”

Dodge’s novel follows the life of Metalious, a New Hampshire native who wrote four novels during her successful career and short life. She is best known for her first book, “Peyton Place” which became an unprecedented blockbuster when it was first published in 1956. Metalious’ book was dubbed “the first dirty book” and sold 12.5 million copies, with only The Bible selling more copies during the 1950s. The book was also on the New York Times bestseller list for over a year while at the same time it was banned in a number of libraries and countries for its controversial content.
“Grace Metalious was a female writer who grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, and her novels were unprecedented for someone with her background and gender during that period in American literary history,” expressed Dave O. Dodge. “I wrote “The Seasons of Grace'' to bring deserved recognition to this legendary writer who changed the game for all female writers during her era. Metalious’ brand of storytelling challenged the myths of idyllic life in rural New England.”

The novel thoroughly peels back the curtain with this fictional story based on the life of Metalious and her desire to tell stories that no one dared to tell before that time. Her life, like her writings, was a whirlwind that created havoc and controversy with every strike of the typewriter key, with “Peyton Place” hitting on thought inducing and previously unspeakable subjects like rape, murder, incest, abortion, promiscuity, and adultery, all which Dodge weaves into a gripping story, which delves deeply throughout his book.

At his core, Dodge hails from New England blood and was raised in Franklin, New Hampshire. Like his protagonist, Grace Metalious who made her home in nearby Gilmanton, his hometown gave him the inspiration to write his first novel about the fellow great New Englander.

“The Seasons of Grace: The Unauthorized Backstory of Peyton Place” is currently available on Amazon and Kindle.

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About Dave O. Dodge:
Dave O. Dodge, born and raised in New Hampshire, is an experienced travel writer, international tour guide and natural story-teller. Dodge has turned his many talents into writing novels with his first book, “The Seasons of Grace”. For more information about Dave O. Dodge, please visit his website You can also follow “The Seasons of Grace”, on Facebook: The Seasons of Grace and Instagram: @the_seasons_of_grace.


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