Reviews rank MindStir Media the best self-publishing company of 2021

MindStir Media is the choice for you if you want to self-publish but don’t want to handle it all yourself. When you publish through MindStir Media you’ll have a complete team supporting you…”
— California Herald
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2021 / --
Over 12 popular websites and blogs reviewed and ranked MindStir Media as the top self-publishing company in 2021. The prominent review websites include Niche Pursuits, Vents Magazine, Penny Matters, California Herald, Kivo Daily, Influencive, Kev’s Best, and Monetize Pros, among others.

Niche Pursuits gave MindStir Media a 95% rating overall. They raved: “From book editing, printing, and design, to book PR, marketing, sales, and distribution, [MindStir Media] does it all. They have the expert team on hand to support you through it all, if necessary, or just through the aspects you don’t want to navigate on your own.”

California Herald didn’t hold back its praise for MindStir Media either: “MindStir Media is the choice for you if you want to self-publish but don’t want to handle it all yourself. When you publish through MindStir Media you’ll have a complete team supporting you, including bestselling author J.J. Hebert as your mentor along the way. MindStir can also help your previously published book reach new heights through their renowned book publicity campaigns.”

Influencive, a leading business publication, put MindStir Media atop their list of 5 best self-publishing companies. MindStir beat out four other top self-publishing companies. The review article focused on MindStir’s partnership with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. Influencive also touched on MindStir’s ability to get celebrity endorsements for its author clients, along with helping authors land on best-seller lists.

The Penny Matters chose MindStir Media to lead its lists of 14 best self-publishing websites to publish your book in 2021. The review noted MindStir’s strong book distribution presence and leadership from bestselling author J.J. Hebert.

Kev’s Best’s favorable review of MindStir Media centered on the company’s presence in Los Angeles. “They have the whole gamut for authors, from publishing, mentoring, PR, advertising, illustration, design, and even financing to ensure that each release and contracted creator has the opportunity to thrive in a crowded market,” Kev’s Best wrote.

2021 also included a positive review for MindStir Media from celebrity Tom Arnold: “A lot of great people are using it. It’s a quality company. They’ve won awards, I’m not even kidding. And they can expertly produce an eye-catching, high-quality book and market it …MindStir Media, these are quality people. You get a good-looking book …” he added, flashing a copy of his book at the camera in the video posted on YouTube. “It will change your life, I can promise you that. Check out MindStir Media,” he concluded.


MindStir Media is an award-winning self-publishing company partnered with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and Mariel Hemingway and founded by J.J. Hebert, USA Today bestselling author. MindStir Media provides authors with a full-suite of services such as book design, editing, publishing, distribution, marketing and publicity. The company has offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Portsmouth, NH.

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