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  • Mother’s Emotions by Woo-ran Park explores the love-hate relationship between mothers and daughters

    Self-recovery guide offers clear strategies to help mothers reclaim their lives as an independent women and free their daughters from emotional wounds.

    LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 4, 2022 / -- Why do so many mothers turn more to their daughters than sons when feeling upset or distressed? Why do so many daughters feel guilt and resentment toward their mothers, along with gratitude? Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions by Woo-ran Park, and translated by Hyo-jin Kim, delves deeply into these questions and sheds light on the complex relationship between mothers and daughters, guiding readers on a path to greater understanding, healing, and freedom.

    Based on more than 10 years of research and over 10,000 psychotherapy and dream interpretation sessions, this ground-breaking examination of the psychology of mothers and daughters unlocks the secrets behind this complex, love-hate relationship. Through in-depth research, Park uncovers much of the reasoning that underlies many mothers’ obsession with their daughters as well as the inability of many daughters to break free from this hold.

    Park pays particular attention to the female tendency to attain self-realization by meeting the unmet needs of others and the blurring of the line between the emotions of mothers and their daughters, who often see themselves in the other. This deep psychological bond between mother and daughter starts to show cracks as they become older, if they have failed to create a healthy distance between themselves.

    The author walks readers through the main conduits through which the mother’s unconscious is passed onto the daughter and highlights how they can break this pattern reclaim their individuality, as women and human beings.

    “I wrote this book to teach mothers and daughters about the psychology that governs their relationships,” said author Woo-ran Park. “I want to help all women understand how they can walk a different path and recover themselves, overcoming feelings of guilt, resentment and gratitude,” “

    Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions is available as an eBook or in hardback and paperback print editions on Amazon, and other popular book sites.

    About the Woo-ran Park

    Woo-ran Park is a psychoanalytic therapy specialist. She earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology at Dongguk University and her PhD at Seoul University of Buddhism. Park has conducted more than 10,000 in-person psychoanalysis and dream interpretation sessions. She is the author of several books, including Break Away from Your Husband to Live as Yourself and The Power of Self-Confident Children (co-author).

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  • World-renowned Serial Entrepreneur Announces Lavish "QUEENS BIG HAT LUNCH & LEARN" at Exclusive Atlanta Location

    Queens Big Hat Lunch and Learn

    Empowered Women Empower

    A Lunch & Learn where entrepreneurs can mix, mingle and learn from some of Atlanta’s elite and best in various business industries.

    Without a network of knowledgeable individuals, it would be impossible to navigate the ever-changing business landscape. It takes a village; no one does it alone.”
    — Diana Richardson Phillipus

    ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2022 / -- World-renowned serial entrepreneur, author, and Bronze GLO Beauty founder, Diana Richardson Phillipus announces her signature QUEENS BIG HAT LUNCH & LEARN, which will be hosted at an exclusive location in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 30. The luxury event will include a lavish lunch and spirits by Professional Charlise Johnson, owner of In My Fillings, whose creations have been featured on Food Network, Bravo, and VHI.

    On the heels of her sold-out Summer GLO pop-up shop on July 23rd, Diana Richardson Phillipus is not slowing down on helping women build and grow their businesses as a community. Building a community of like-minded businesswomen fosters growth, creativity, and success. This luxury Lunch & Learn is the perfect opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to mix, mingle, and network. Featuring local vendors and special guest speakers, Raneisha Ms. Classy Toombs, Credit Guru, and Celebrity Financial Advisor; and Media Branding Strategist, World-Renowned Author, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Pamela Gurley, and others, attendees will receive insights on how to create a successful and sustainable business and a variety of business-related topics.

    "By building a community of businesswomen, we can create a powerful network that encourages growth and success. We can share resources, advice, and opportunities and work together to break down barriers," says Diana. Whether you’re just starting a business or a seasoned entrepreneur, this event will undoubtedly provide valuable information and useful connections. Come Dressed in your Big Hats and Dresses For The Ultimate Royal Experience!

    About Diana Richardson Phillipus

    Diana Richardson Phillipus is a Beauty enthusiast, motivational speaker, and author. Born in Philadelphia and has lived in multiple places across the world trying to find herself and escape the realities of life, Diana is no stranger to hardship and trauma. She prided herself on being on a life journey of self-improvement and development and decided to use her experiences to help other women. She created the Empowered Women Empower™, which helps women move beyond their past trauma, obstacles, and self-doubt to step into their greatness, purpose and become whole. She hosts women's events, speaking engagements, and virtual coaching for women in all facets of life.

    Through her own trials and tribulations, Diana began to recognize her own power and beauty within and wanted to act on her desire to continue to be a vessel to women. Armed with ambition and an entrepreneurial mindset, Diana launched Bronzed Glo Beauty, a first-of-its-kind luxury organic cosmetics brand already in multiple beauty retailers, inspired and eternally motivated by her late grandmother, Gloria (Glo) Johnson. The brand's mission is to elevate, enable and empower confidence in people worldwide through products that empower both inward and external beauty. Always one to give back, Diana is releasing her first book, "Transformation: Finding Greater Purpose with Self-Knowledge," which gives you the tools to assist you in moving beyond your past pains, traumas, self-doubt, and sabotage and step into your true purpose.

    Diana has a Bachelor of Communications from Cheyney University and a Master of Business Administration from AlU University. She resides in
    Atlanta, GA, with her wonderful husband and her four awesome dogs.

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  • Ted Baxter, Renowned Author & Stroke/Aphasia Survivor, Wins Best of Los Angeles Award - “Best Motivational Book - 2022”

    Ted Baxter

    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Ted Baxter, renowned author & stroke/aphasia survivor, and his memoir, Relentless: How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better, wins the Best of Los Angeles Award - “Best Motivational Book - 2022”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

    The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed eight years ago and consists of over 7,600 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

    “The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. "We're honored to include Ted Baxter and his memoir into our BoLAA family."

    Relentless is a 2019 Bronze IPPY Award winner in Autobiography/MemoirAmazon Best Seller in Biographies & Memoirs and is an incredible journey of determination and recovery.

    In 2005, Ted W. Baxter was at the top of his game. He was a successful, globe-trotting businessman with a resume that would impress the best of the best. In peak physical condition, Ted worked out nearly every day of the week. And then, on April 21, 2005, all that came to an end. He had a massive ischemic stroke. Doctors feared he wouldn't make it, or if he did make it, he would be in a vegetative state in a hospital bed for the rest of his life.

    But miraculously, that's not what happened. In Relentless, Ted W. Baxter describes his remarkable recovery. Not only did he live, but he is walking and talking again. He moves through life almost as easily as he did before the stroke; only now, his life is better. He's learned that having a successful career is maybe not the most important thing. He's learned to appreciate life more. He's learned that he wants to help people--and that's what he does. He gives back, volunteering his time and effort to help other stroke victims.

    Relentless is a wonderful resource for stroke survivors, caregivers, and their loved ones, but it is also an inspiring and motivating read for anyone who is facing struggles in their own life.


    Ted W. Baxter

    Ted W. Baxter was born and grew up on Long Island in New York. He received his bachelor of business administration degree in three years at Hofstra University in 1984 where he majored in public accountancy. He took a job working for Price Waterhouse as an auditor and he passed all four parts of the CPA exam on the first shot. He then became a management consultant soon thereafter, focusing on financial industry clients. While he was working as a senior manager, he attended the Executive Masters Business Administration program at Wharton on the weekends, where he got his MBA, concentrating on finance and strategy.

    Ted built a financial services consulting practice in Tokyo for Price Waterhouse and rose to partner in record time. For the next six years (1995–2001), he lived in Tokyo and Hong Kong, traveling almost constantly between ten Asia-Pacific countries, first for Price Waterhouse and then as a Credit Suisse First Boston managing director. He left Credit Suisse First Boston, eventually landing the global finance post as a managing director at a premiere hedge fund and investment institution, Citadel Investment Group, based in Chicago.

    After spending twenty-two years in the financial industry, he retired as a global finance executive with expertise such as international banks and securities, risk management, financial products, controllership, team-building, change management, strategic planning, and information technology systems.

    Ted experienced a massive ischemic stroke in April 2005. Ted is now an advocate, ambassador, author, and speaker for stroke education and prevention, and tools and techniques for aphasia. Ted is the Founder of Speech Recovery Pathways (, formed November 2020, a nonprofit speech organization, which provides ongoing communication practice to its members, build confidence and gets survivors connected. He is also involved at the University of California at Irvine Health and St. Judes’ Hospital in Fullerton.

    Ted lives in Orange County, California, with his wife, Michelle, and their dog, Zorro.

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  • The 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books presents Memoire Memes

    Heartfelt Memoir Involving Author’s Life from Childhood to Adolescence Provides Motivation and Inspiration For All

    Sharing these life reflections and experiences can inspire many people to be motivated that you are not alone and, collectively you can reach your dreams, plans, and aspirations in life.”
    — Authors Press Representative

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Author Dr. Henrietta Abbey was one of the featured authors at the Los Angeles Festival of Books 2022 with her published book titled Memoire Memes. The book is an autobiography of the gripping life of the author. It narrates her life history, school, and the institution she attended in her childhood until she grew up to adolescence. It shares a section where she migrated to the United States and experienced marriage and motherhood that did not last long. In this event, she pauses and questions why such things and events happened to her life.

    In the last part of the book, she reflects on the lessons that she received and moves forward with positivity in mind. Sharing these life reflections and experiences can inspire many people to be motivated that you are not alone and, collectively you can reach your dreams, plans, and aspirations in life.

    Dr. Henrietta Abbey originated from Accra, Ghana. After she graduated from her secondary education, she started working for the Statistical Service in Ghana and joined a drama group, wrote, and recited poems at her local church. In 1995, Dr. Abbey migrated to the United States and resided in the Bronx. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood and started working for the Police Department in Manhattan and the Bronx. She received awards for her work and her church.

    Memoire Memes
    Written by: Dr. Henrietta Abbey
    Kindle |
    Paperback |

    Book copies are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book resellers.

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  • The 2021 Guadalajara Book Fair Presents Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp

    The Adventure at the Camping Site and the Unfolding of the Man Behind the Shadows

    She knew she sometimes could get somewhat testy with her girls, but she remembers her dad being harsh with her. She wanted to forget the beatings he doled out to her and her brothers, which was often.”
    — Excerpt from Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp

    GUADALAJARA, MEXICO, June 29, 2022 / -- Author Sherry Walraven was one of the featured authors at the Guadalajara International Book Fair 2021 with her published book title, Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp. The intriguing book is about a competition of teenage swimmers in Texas. They practiced hard and had great instincts about their chances of winning this school year. All of them are excited about their upcoming camp. The activities were all worth it, and they couldn’t wait for it. During the camp, the teens found a cave, then men started chasing them. As they were running, they found help from an aged woman, who signaled for them to follow her. What they saw was very astonishing. The camp became frightened as people they thought were their close friends were not meant to be.

    “Walraven does a good job including interesting characters, especially the woodswoman Izzy with her bizarre menagerie of animals that she keeps and calls her babies. These unique side characters offer a break from the tension and are used in interesting ways as the plot unwinds.”
    — Mark Heisey, US Review of Books.

    Sherry Walraven served as a middle school language, art teacher, and elementary school principal. She loves to read and spend time with her four grandchildren. She is now retired and, currently living in Calhoun, Georgia, where she has been a lifelong resident.

    Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp
    Written by: Sherry Walraven
    Kindle |
    Paperback |
    Hardcover |

    Book copies are available at Authors Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book resellers.

    About Authors Press

    Authors Press is an online publishing company and book reseller catering to the needs of both experienced and aspiring authors as well as readers. They offer the best publishing solutions for full-time and independent authors. The company’s team of proofreaders, editors, designers and publishing professionals are committed to achieving industry standards for their client’s work to be published, marketed, and sold.

    Please visit for more information.

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  • As Alaska Votes, New Alaska-centered political thriller dubbed a winner

    Political thriller of 2022

    Best new thriller

    Author Joe Rothstein

    A heart-pounding adrenaline ride of backroom politics and dangerous moves from a shadow cabal will keep readers on the edge of their seats.”
    — Pacific Book Reviews

    WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 29, 2022 / -- While Alaska is drawing intense national political interest focused on Sarah Palin's campaign for Congress, a political thriller with a fictional U.S. vice president from Alaska is drawing interest in the world of books.

    The novel is "The Moment of Menace," which the prestigious book review web site Pacific Reviews has named "the must-read political thriller of 2022."

    Written by Joe Rothstein, a former editor of the Anchorage Daily News, the novel features an Inupiat woman from Utqiagvik, (formerly Barrow) Alaska as U.S. vice president. Much of the action takes place in the Alaska Arctic's rugged North Slope area.

    This is Rothstein’s third work of fiction. His second book, The Salvation Project, was finalist for political thriller of the year.

    Joe Rothstein served on the staff of Alaska’s first governor, William A. Egan, and moved to Washington, DC to be chief of staff for Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. For 30 years he headed his own political agency, working in hundreds of political campaigns, including many in Alaska, including those for former Alaska Governors Steve Cowper and Tony Knowles.

    “I feel as if I’ve never really left Alaska,” said Rothstein. “I return often, my sons returned here to go to school, and some of my closest friends are here. I’ve always wanted to include Alaska in my writings. The state is so dramatic and unpredictable. It’s pure coincidence that a wild race for Congress is taking place just as I’m releasing a novel featuring a woman who is Alaska’s voice in Congress.”

    Moment of Menace is available through all on-line book sellers and most independent book stores.

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  • Melissa McDaniel Launches Debut Book Release ‘Loved Just As I Am’

    The book is a raw journey that processes her own childhood trauma while helping to alleviate the suffering of others.

    BELMONT, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- Melissa McDaniel is pleased to announce the release of her first-ever book, Loved Just As I Am.

    Melissa McDaniel is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, life coach, and speaker who has spent nearly two decades helping people transform their lives. She began her career as a therapist for victims of sexual assault before transitioning to working with individuals who have committed sexual crimes to transform their behavior. Grief, anxiety, and depression are consistent issues she deals with from her private practice.

    In her most recent news, Melissa McDaniel has reached her goal of becoming a published author with, Loved Just As I Am. The book is a debut release for Melissa and is a recount of how her idyllic life in the south was changed forever when she was sexually assaulted at the age of eleven. In Loved Just As I Am, Melissa purposefully and painfully examines her past traumas and shares her realization of how she used denial or avoidance as a means of emotional protection until well into her thirties. She shares her raw journey of not only processing her childhood wounds but her struggles as a young woman dealing with a violent ex-boyfriend, racism within her family and community, motherhood, addiction, and infidelity. With her complete understanding of compassion, Melissa hopes her story will help to alleviate the suffering of others.

    “We don't get to pick the traumatic events that happen in our lives, but we do get to choose how we let them write our story,” Melissa says. “Through my own story, I discovered that through deep faith, love of family, and a firm belief that we are all enough, it was imperative for me to own my "crapola," while laying bare my feelings and actions, both good and bad. I hope that my fresh perspective and vulnerability create a roadmap of healing for others like her to rise above pain, shame, and doubt. I truly believe the result is a life guided by wisdom, freedom, and healing.”

    Loved Just As I Am can now be purchased on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format at

    For more information about Melissa McDaniel, please visit

    About the Author

    Melissa McDaniel is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor from Belmont, North Carolina. For the past two decades, Melissa has been working in her private practice as a psychotherapist and has extensive experience working with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, relationship difficulties, trauma, sexual abuse, and sexual deviancy. In her practice, Melissa offers individual and couples therapy for children, preteens, adolescents, and adults.

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  • Rock Your Life Conference for Entrepreneurs is coming to North Dallas, TX

    Keynote Speaker, Craig Duswalt

    Craig Duswalt speaking at the Genius Network

    Russell Hitchcock, lead singer of Air Supply, and Craig Duswalt on Craig's stage.

    Craig Duswalt's 3-day, live, in-person seminar, is where you will learn how to become known as a RockStar in your industry.

    People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    — Maya Angelou

    FRISCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Craig Duswalt, is taking his popular Rock Your Life 3-day seminar to the Dallas area for the first time on July 7 - 9, 2022. The event will take place at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco, TX.

    Craig has putting putting on this event in Los Angeles for the past 16 years, but recently moved to the North Dallas area, and he is excited to present his outside-the-box marketing secrets to a brand new audience.

    The seminar is called, Deliver Your Message Like a RockStar. Sessions taught by Craig include...
    — How to Discover your Most Effective Message, ensuring that it's the correct message for your specific audience!
    — Whether it's through videos, books, speaking on stages, webinars, blogs, e-mails, etc., how to Identify Your Most Effective Delivery Method.
    — Most importantly, learn the easiest way to Monetize Your Message.
    — How to Write a Book to Promote your Business, (no matter what industry you're in), and become a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author
    — How to Structure a 30-Minute, 60-Minute, and 90-Minute Talk so you gain a tons of fans, and kill it from the back of the room — MORE SALES!
    — How to Start and Monetize your Own Podcast, and ensure that people will actually listen to it!
    — How to Create and Maintain a Fun and Effective Blog, where you can load all your affiliate links to generate even more supplemental income!
    — How to "Look the Part" to ensure that you are at least "perceived" to be a Business RockStar!
    — And last, but not least, how to Think Outside-the-Box in everything you do, especially when it comes to your Marketing Plan... while not breaking the bank!

    Here are the dates and times of the event.

    Rock Your Life Conference for Entrepreneurs
    Embassy Suites Hotel, Frisco, TX
    Thursday, July 7, 2022 — 2:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    Friday, July 8, 2022 — 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Saturday, July 9, 2022 — 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Tickets are...
    $97 — General Admission
    $197 — VIP
    Please visit the event website to purchase your ticket.

    Craig’s background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant.

    Craig was also an award-winning copywriter, working as a Creative Director for a Los Angeles-based ad agency until opening up his own ad agency, Green Room Design & Advertising, which was named the 2002 Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

    Craig combined his backgrounds in both music and marketing, and is now a professional speaker and author, promoting his Rock Your Life Events all over the country, teaching Corporate America, entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based business and the self-employed how to "Deliver Their Message Like A RockStar.”

    Again, please visit the website, for more information and to purchase your tickets.

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  • “América 2.0”, nuevo libro de Rafael Marrero, se convierte en un bestseller de Amazon

    América 2.0

    "América 2.0": el libro

    Dr. Rafael Marrero

    Dr. Rafael Marrero

    Ranking en Amazon: Macroeconomía

    Ranking en Amazon: Macroeconomía

    América 2.0: el libro

    "América 2.0": la obligada lectura

    Bravo Zulu Publishers

    Bravo Zulu Publishers

    La nueva obra del distinguido economista aborda la tóxica dependencia de los Estados Unidos frente a China y la imperiosa necesidad de eliminarla cuanto antes.

    Ojalá que esta publicación sirva para concientizar a los estadounidenses acerca del gran peligro que representa el gigante asiático para nuestra nación.”
    — Dr. Rafael Marrero
    MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- El nuevo libro del Dr. Rafael Marrero, “América 2.0: la guerra de independencia de EE. UU. contra China”, se convirtió en un bestseller de Amazon al alcanzar los puestos 2 y 3 (tapa blanda y dura, respectivamente) en la categoría de Macroeconomía.

    «Que un libro con un tema como el que nos ocupa haya escalado tan rápido a esta inmejorable posición me confirma cuán urgente e importante es abordar este tema para romper de una vez y por todas con las cadenas que nos atan a la China comunista», dijo el reconocido empresario tras saber la buena noticia.

    Convencido acerca de que ha llegado el momento de ponerle un alto definitivo al régimen autocrático de Beijing, el Dr. Marrero también resaltó el principal fin de esta, su segunda obra, compuesta por 20 capítulos de puro análisis y sabias conclusiones sobre el diferendo Estados Unidos-China, y la primera en salir a la luz bajo su sello editorial, Bravo Zulu Publishers.

    «Ojalá que esta publicación sirva para concientizar a los estadounidenses acerca del gran peligro que representa el gigante asiático para nuestra nación. China no solo es nuestro principal competidor comercial: también es un rival en potencia en prácticamente todos los sectores, desde la economía y la tecnología hasta la mismísima seguridad nacional», subrayó.

    En este último sentido, remarcó que EE. UU. tiene que cambiar su accionar con respecto a Beijing en cuanto a prepararse mejor para no ceder a sus hegemónicos objetivos. «Sabemos muy bien lo que los chinos desean: primero, ganarnos la batalla económica; segundo, destronarnos como primera potencial global y tercero, encabezar el nuevo orden mundial. ¿Vamos a esperar a que pase todo eso para ponernos serios? Por supuesto que no».

    Comprometido con la causa de defender a su patria a como dé lugar, el también multipremiado hombre de negocios puntualizó en que «no podemos ni debemos permitir que la China comunista nos adelante en ningún aspecto, mucho menos, en los sectores tecnológico y militar, que son los que se entrelazan y determinan nuestra defensa nacional».

    Interrogado acerca del motivo que lo llevó a escribir este libro, el también autor del bestseller de Amazon “La salsa secreta del Tío Sam” explicó que decidió abordar este tema a raíz del virus del Partido Comunista Chino, el coronavirus, que, además de matar a más de un millón de estadounidenses y contagiar a otros 86 millones, también socavó gravemente a la economía.

    «El COVID-19 no solo ha sido una catástrofe sanitaria: también constituye un puntapié a nuestra economía, que pasó de estar en su mejor momento en la era de Donald Trump a una inflación que está por las nubes. Los chinos, en muy buena medida, son responsables de ese retroceso, por eso es tan crucial darles la pelea», enfatizó.

    Conscientes de la seria amenaza que representa China para los Estados Unidos, varias personalidades de gran prestigio ya han expresado su opinión sobre “América 2.0”. Enrique “Ric” Prado, exoficial condecorado de la CIA, dijo que este es uno de los mejores análisis que ha leído en sus más de 24 años de carrera en dicha agencia federal.

    La congresista por el distrito 27 de Florida, María Elvira Salazar, por su parte, señaló que “América 2.0” explica de manera hermosa, paciente y convincente el ciclo tóxico entre EE. UU. y China. Entretanto, la directora ejecutiva del Diario Las Américas, Iliana Lavastida, apuntó que solo un economista con poder de análisis político, como el Dr. Marrero, podía escribir un libro como este.

    La periodista y presentadora de TV Marian de la Fuente, prologuista de la obra, remarcó que hacía mucho tiempo que no caía en sus manos un libro con la agudeza crítica de “América 2.0”. Paralelamente, el editorialista y presentador Jorge Luis Sánchez Grass, recomendó leerlo porque alerta sobre los problemas más graves que enfrenta la humanidad.

    Para adquirir una copia de “América 2.0” ahora mismo, simplemente, haga clic aquí.

    Acerca del Dr. Rafael Marrero

    El Dr. Rafael Marrero es un reconocido experto a nivel nacional en contratación federal, emprendimiento de empresas pequeñas y medianas, y gestión de proyectos. Graduado de las prestigiosas universidades de Stanford y Cornell, también es un distinguido economista y orador invitado a importantes eventos, como la Convención Anual y la Cumbre Legislativa de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de los Estados Unidos.

    El fundador y CEO de la firma de gestión y consultoría empresarial Rafael Marrero & Company, igualmente es autor del best-seller de Amazon “La salsa secreta del Tío Sam”, primer texto en español sobre contratación y emprendimiento en el sector federal, especialmente escrito para la comunidad hispana.

    A través de sus charlas, seminarios y webinars, el prominente asesor financiero también pone sus amplios conocimientos teóricos y prácticos en manos de los latinos, considerados como el sector poblacional de mayor crecimiento e impacto en la economía del país.

    Paralelamente, escribe para importantes medios de prensa, y es un asiduo invitado a programas de radio y televisión, plataformas desde las cuales transmite su vasta experiencia y actualiza al público acerca de relevantes temáticas de interés nacional.

    Por su brillante trayectoria de tres décadas en su sector, y el fruto de su arduo trabajo como emprendedor al máximo nivel, su firma ha sido reconocida en dos ocasiones por la prestigiosa revista Inc. como una de las 500 empresas privadas de mayor crecimiento de los Estados Unidos y también como una de las 50 mejores compañías del país en términos de cultura empresarial.

    A tan relevantes distinciones también se añaden el máximo galardón recibido en 2016 por parte del Concilio Nacional del Desarrollo para Empresas Minoritarias; el premio Sunshine en la categoría de Small Business del año, obtenido en 2019 por parte de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida, y la inclusión en el círculo íntimo de Inc. Masters en 2021, reconocimiento conferido por Inc. magazine a fundadores y directores ejecutivos de las empresas privadas con un mayor crecimiento en EE. UU.

    Migdalis Pérez
    Rafael Marrero & Company
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  • Satellite Publishing reveals a new free service for writing and distributing stories about local business owners.

    Local Stories

    Local Stories

    Satellite Publishing reveals a new free service for writing and distributing stories about local business owners.

    Local Stories is an excellent way for business owners to share their stories with the world.”
    — said Sal Peer, founder of Satellite Publishing.
    ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- The company is looking for top stories about local businesses in specific areas to increase the inclusion, accessibility, and scalability of the online marketplace.

    It's known that customers will never arrive if they can't find the business on search engines and leave a site due to a lack of credibility.

    Satellite Publishing, a leading provider of cloud-based content creation services, announced a new free service for business owners that involved artificial intelligent copywriters and complete distribution.

    Satellite Publishing's mission is to help get business owners discovered by their required demographic. We can also get their story on NBC, FOX, CBS, and other media outlets. Which can boost conversions, build trust and gain relevance on search engines.

    Satellite Publishing's Local Stories allows chosen business owners to get a free, unique, and engaging story about their chosen business topic or person. The service is easy to use and requires no experience.

    Business owners can quickly get their story written on their topic by filling in a simple form. Then, artificial intelligence will create a story based on that topic, and once approved, Satellite Publishing will publish the story to hundreds of websites and social media platforms at once.

    "Local Stories" is an excellent way for business owners to share their stories with the world," said Sal Peer, founder of Satellite Publishing.

    A few examples of how businesses could use Local Stories include:

    – A blog post about a local person
    – An article about a company that offers a specific product
    – A profile of a business owner
    – A review of a product
    – A listicle about a specific subject

    Once a story is created, business owners can approve, edit or decline the generation. Then the Satellite Writer team will get the company's approval and distribute the story through preferred channels.

    Learn More About Free

    This is a great way to help the community gain more visibility. Satellite Publishing also provides an excellent way for business owners to get publicity through premium offers for press releases and other content creation and distribution services.

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  • Anthony Lambert shows readers "The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives"

    Christian Book Describes Sense of Fulfillment From Faith

    AUSTRALIA, June 29, 2022 / -- Author Anthony Lambert invites readers to partake in an infusion of spiritual inspiration with his book that immerses them in "The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives." In its pages he will reveal to them the answers to questions such as one's purpose in the world, life's meaning and what comes after.

    His book is a guide to God (the existence of the divine) and God's promise to believers and faithful people. He explains the relationship between God and believers in God, the purpose of their lives, and the hope that stems from God's plan for their lives. Additionally, he equips his readers with the wisdom to know what is evil and fight it. These realizations are drawn from his own life, which had many large challenges - including 3 and a half years as a prisoner of war under the Japanese, a profoundly handicapped child and many others. The wisdom he gained he shares with his readers to help them in their own life journeys, as they encounter their own challenges and obstacles.

    He asks you "Have you stopped to wonder what your life is all about, why you're here, and where you're going as your life is timing out? You can claim you're far too busy trying hard to reach your goal. Now is the time to stop, reflect, and think about your soul."

    His book was written to thank God for the constant help and guidance He gave the author and to share the fact that this profound help is available to each and every one of us, if we ask for God’s help

    About the Author
    Anthony Lambert has endured much in his life, struggling through difficult circumstances and reflecting upon the lessons he has learned from them, in order to find meaning and purpose. These ordeals include being a former prisoner of war, endured being interned by the Japanese for three and a half years. He is a father of six children , a mechanical engineer and practical realist. Lambert has been featured in a radio interview at the Daily Spark program with Dr. Angela Chester.

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  • Latest Book from Bestselling Author Becca Seymour Now Available

    Rules, Schmules! by Becca Seymour

    Author Becca Seymour

    Pride Romance that Challenges Bigotry and Celebrates Love is Love. Gay Romance "Rules, Schmules!" Releases June 29, 2022.

    So much more than a sweet gay romance.”
    — Becca Seymour
    QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, June 29, 2022 / -- Author of the bestselling True Blue series, Becca Seymour, launches a new book titled “Rules, Schmules!,” releasing June 29th, 2022, wrapping up Pride Month. This title is now available for purchase on Amazon.

    Published under the banner of Rainbow Tree Publishing, the new book promises a sweet and witty gay romance between two college students--one who is fabulously out and proud, the other a closeted basketball player with aspirations of going pro. “Since meeting Kieran, my first, second, and admittedly third impressions of him have changed radically. Not surprising, since he was a prize D during at least two of those encounters. What I should be doing is running from the college basketball star who checks so many of my dream-guy boxes. But do you know how hard it is to find a hot guy who’s as smart as he is talented?” Fans of LGBTQ+ romances will undoubtedly be eager for the romantic escapism and the tease of the popular “opposites attract” trope.

    "Having embraced my twink identity when I was sixteen, and with hours of practice turning insults into a part of me that I embrace and love, I’m no stranger to hostility or acting up or out. Not that it can’t be exhausting. Heck, it’s the reason I didn’t pursue drama. Putting on a performance in everyday life was a drain, so studying it as well would have pushed me over the edge. " – from "Rules, Schmules!"

    This full-length novel is set in small-town Georgia and features a feisty twink and a closeted basketball player as they tackle challenging stereotypes. However, the drama will also lead to some sweet moments between the two men which will surely tug at any reader’s heartstrings.

    But this story is much more than a sweet romance. It delves into the harsh realities of dealing with homophobia and the fear of coming out for professional athletes in America.

    “The notion of 'compulsory heterosexuality' for professional athletes is rife and debilitating,” said Becca Seymour, author of “Thicker Than Water.” “I wanted to write an upbeat, fun romance that not only challenges systematic homophobia but also creates an 'ideal" world of athletes who empower and support their friends,” she added.

    "When their paths cross at a college party and sparks fly, it looks as though all the best-laid plans and rules mean absolutely nothing. You will love Rules, Schmules! if you crave opposites attract, hidden relationships, and steamy chemistry," said bookstagrammar Bookish.jka

    “Rules, Schmules!” is now available for order on Amazon at

    Visit Becca Seymour’s website to learn more about the author and explore her backlist here

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