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  • Mother’s Emotions by Woo-ran Park explores the love-hate relationship between mothers and daughters

    Self-recovery guide offers clear strategies to help mothers reclaim their lives as an independent women and free their daughters from emotional wounds.

    LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 4, 2022 / -- Why do so many mothers turn more to their daughters than sons when feeling upset or distressed? Why do so many daughters feel guilt and resentment toward their mothers, along with gratitude? Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions by Woo-ran Park, and translated by Hyo-jin Kim, delves deeply into these questions and sheds light on the complex relationship between mothers and daughters, guiding readers on a path to greater understanding, healing, and freedom.

    Based on more than 10 years of research and over 10,000 psychotherapy and dream interpretation sessions, this ground-breaking examination of the psychology of mothers and daughters unlocks the secrets behind this complex, love-hate relationship. Through in-depth research, Park uncovers much of the reasoning that underlies many mothers’ obsession with their daughters as well as the inability of many daughters to break free from this hold.

    Park pays particular attention to the female tendency to attain self-realization by meeting the unmet needs of others and the blurring of the line between the emotions of mothers and their daughters, who often see themselves in the other. This deep psychological bond between mother and daughter starts to show cracks as they become older, if they have failed to create a healthy distance between themselves.

    The author walks readers through the main conduits through which the mother’s unconscious is passed onto the daughter and highlights how they can break this pattern reclaim their individuality, as women and human beings.

    “I wrote this book to teach mothers and daughters about the psychology that governs their relationships,” said author Woo-ran Park. “I want to help all women understand how they can walk a different path and recover themselves, overcoming feelings of guilt, resentment and gratitude,” “

    Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions is available as an eBook or in hardback and paperback print editions on Amazon, and other popular book sites.

    About the Woo-ran Park

    Woo-ran Park is a psychoanalytic therapy specialist. She earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology at Dongguk University and her PhD at Seoul University of Buddhism. Park has conducted more than 10,000 in-person psychoanalysis and dream interpretation sessions. She is the author of several books, including Break Away from Your Husband to Live as Yourself and The Power of Self-Confident Children (co-author).

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  • Rock Your Life Conference for Entrepreneurs is coming to North Dallas, TX

    Keynote Speaker, Craig Duswalt

    Craig Duswalt speaking at the Genius Network

    Russell Hitchcock, lead singer of Air Supply, and Craig Duswalt on Craig's stage.

    Craig Duswalt's 3-day, live, in-person seminar, is where you will learn how to become known as a RockStar in your industry.

    People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    — Maya Angelou

    FRISCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Craig Duswalt, is taking his popular Rock Your Life 3-day seminar to the Dallas area for the first time on July 7 - 9, 2022. The event will take place at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco, TX.

    Craig has putting putting on this event in Los Angeles for the past 16 years, but recently moved to the North Dallas area, and he is excited to present his outside-the-box marketing secrets to a brand new audience.

    The seminar is called, Deliver Your Message Like a RockStar. Sessions taught by Craig include...
    — How to Discover your Most Effective Message, ensuring that it's the correct message for your specific audience!
    — Whether it's through videos, books, speaking on stages, webinars, blogs, e-mails, etc., how to Identify Your Most Effective Delivery Method.
    — Most importantly, learn the easiest way to Monetize Your Message.
    — How to Write a Book to Promote your Business, (no matter what industry you're in), and become a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author
    — How to Structure a 30-Minute, 60-Minute, and 90-Minute Talk so you gain a tons of fans, and kill it from the back of the room — MORE SALES!
    — How to Start and Monetize your Own Podcast, and ensure that people will actually listen to it!
    — How to Create and Maintain a Fun and Effective Blog, where you can load all your affiliate links to generate even more supplemental income!
    — How to "Look the Part" to ensure that you are at least "perceived" to be a Business RockStar!
    — And last, but not least, how to Think Outside-the-Box in everything you do, especially when it comes to your Marketing Plan... while not breaking the bank!

    Here are the dates and times of the event.

    Rock Your Life Conference for Entrepreneurs
    Embassy Suites Hotel, Frisco, TX
    Thursday, July 7, 2022 — 2:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    Friday, July 8, 2022 — 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Saturday, July 9, 2022 — 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Tickets are...
    $97 — General Admission
    $197 — VIP
    Please visit the event website to purchase your ticket.

    Craig’s background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant.

    Craig was also an award-winning copywriter, working as a Creative Director for a Los Angeles-based ad agency until opening up his own ad agency, Green Room Design & Advertising, which was named the 2002 Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

    Craig combined his backgrounds in both music and marketing, and is now a professional speaker and author, promoting his Rock Your Life Events all over the country, teaching Corporate America, entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based business and the self-employed how to "Deliver Their Message Like A RockStar.”

    Again, please visit the website, for more information and to purchase your tickets.

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  • “América 2.0”, nuevo libro de Rafael Marrero, se convierte en un bestseller de Amazon

    América 2.0

    "América 2.0": el libro

    Dr. Rafael Marrero

    Dr. Rafael Marrero

    Ranking en Amazon: Macroeconomía

    Ranking en Amazon: Macroeconomía

    América 2.0: el libro

    "América 2.0": la obligada lectura

    Bravo Zulu Publishers

    Bravo Zulu Publishers

    La nueva obra del distinguido economista aborda la tóxica dependencia de los Estados Unidos frente a China y la imperiosa necesidad de eliminarla cuanto antes.

    Ojalá que esta publicación sirva para concientizar a los estadounidenses acerca del gran peligro que representa el gigante asiático para nuestra nación.”
    — Dr. Rafael Marrero
    MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- El nuevo libro del Dr. Rafael Marrero, “América 2.0: la guerra de independencia de EE. UU. contra China”, se convirtió en un bestseller de Amazon al alcanzar los puestos 2 y 3 (tapa blanda y dura, respectivamente) en la categoría de Macroeconomía.

    «Que un libro con un tema como el que nos ocupa haya escalado tan rápido a esta inmejorable posición me confirma cuán urgente e importante es abordar este tema para romper de una vez y por todas con las cadenas que nos atan a la China comunista», dijo el reconocido empresario tras saber la buena noticia.

    Convencido acerca de que ha llegado el momento de ponerle un alto definitivo al régimen autocrático de Beijing, el Dr. Marrero también resaltó el principal fin de esta, su segunda obra, compuesta por 20 capítulos de puro análisis y sabias conclusiones sobre el diferendo Estados Unidos-China, y la primera en salir a la luz bajo su sello editorial, Bravo Zulu Publishers.

    «Ojalá que esta publicación sirva para concientizar a los estadounidenses acerca del gran peligro que representa el gigante asiático para nuestra nación. China no solo es nuestro principal competidor comercial: también es un rival en potencia en prácticamente todos los sectores, desde la economía y la tecnología hasta la mismísima seguridad nacional», subrayó.

    En este último sentido, remarcó que EE. UU. tiene que cambiar su accionar con respecto a Beijing en cuanto a prepararse mejor para no ceder a sus hegemónicos objetivos. «Sabemos muy bien lo que los chinos desean: primero, ganarnos la batalla económica; segundo, destronarnos como primera potencial global y tercero, encabezar el nuevo orden mundial. ¿Vamos a esperar a que pase todo eso para ponernos serios? Por supuesto que no».

    Comprometido con la causa de defender a su patria a como dé lugar, el también multipremiado hombre de negocios puntualizó en que «no podemos ni debemos permitir que la China comunista nos adelante en ningún aspecto, mucho menos, en los sectores tecnológico y militar, que son los que se entrelazan y determinan nuestra defensa nacional».

    Interrogado acerca del motivo que lo llevó a escribir este libro, el también autor del bestseller de Amazon “La salsa secreta del Tío Sam” explicó que decidió abordar este tema a raíz del virus del Partido Comunista Chino, el coronavirus, que, además de matar a más de un millón de estadounidenses y contagiar a otros 86 millones, también socavó gravemente a la economía.

    «El COVID-19 no solo ha sido una catástrofe sanitaria: también constituye un puntapié a nuestra economía, que pasó de estar en su mejor momento en la era de Donald Trump a una inflación que está por las nubes. Los chinos, en muy buena medida, son responsables de ese retroceso, por eso es tan crucial darles la pelea», enfatizó.

    Conscientes de la seria amenaza que representa China para los Estados Unidos, varias personalidades de gran prestigio ya han expresado su opinión sobre “América 2.0”. Enrique “Ric” Prado, exoficial condecorado de la CIA, dijo que este es uno de los mejores análisis que ha leído en sus más de 24 años de carrera en dicha agencia federal.

    La congresista por el distrito 27 de Florida, María Elvira Salazar, por su parte, señaló que “América 2.0” explica de manera hermosa, paciente y convincente el ciclo tóxico entre EE. UU. y China. Entretanto, la directora ejecutiva del Diario Las Américas, Iliana Lavastida, apuntó que solo un economista con poder de análisis político, como el Dr. Marrero, podía escribir un libro como este.

    La periodista y presentadora de TV Marian de la Fuente, prologuista de la obra, remarcó que hacía mucho tiempo que no caía en sus manos un libro con la agudeza crítica de “América 2.0”. Paralelamente, el editorialista y presentador Jorge Luis Sánchez Grass, recomendó leerlo porque alerta sobre los problemas más graves que enfrenta la humanidad.

    Para adquirir una copia de “América 2.0” ahora mismo, simplemente, haga clic aquí.

    Acerca del Dr. Rafael Marrero

    El Dr. Rafael Marrero es un reconocido experto a nivel nacional en contratación federal, emprendimiento de empresas pequeñas y medianas, y gestión de proyectos. Graduado de las prestigiosas universidades de Stanford y Cornell, también es un distinguido economista y orador invitado a importantes eventos, como la Convención Anual y la Cumbre Legislativa de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de los Estados Unidos.

    El fundador y CEO de la firma de gestión y consultoría empresarial Rafael Marrero & Company, igualmente es autor del best-seller de Amazon “La salsa secreta del Tío Sam”, primer texto en español sobre contratación y emprendimiento en el sector federal, especialmente escrito para la comunidad hispana.

    A través de sus charlas, seminarios y webinars, el prominente asesor financiero también pone sus amplios conocimientos teóricos y prácticos en manos de los latinos, considerados como el sector poblacional de mayor crecimiento e impacto en la economía del país.

    Paralelamente, escribe para importantes medios de prensa, y es un asiduo invitado a programas de radio y televisión, plataformas desde las cuales transmite su vasta experiencia y actualiza al público acerca de relevantes temáticas de interés nacional.

    Por su brillante trayectoria de tres décadas en su sector, y el fruto de su arduo trabajo como emprendedor al máximo nivel, su firma ha sido reconocida en dos ocasiones por la prestigiosa revista Inc. como una de las 500 empresas privadas de mayor crecimiento de los Estados Unidos y también como una de las 50 mejores compañías del país en términos de cultura empresarial.

    A tan relevantes distinciones también se añaden el máximo galardón recibido en 2016 por parte del Concilio Nacional del Desarrollo para Empresas Minoritarias; el premio Sunshine en la categoría de Small Business del año, obtenido en 2019 por parte de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida, y la inclusión en el círculo íntimo de Inc. Masters en 2021, reconocimiento conferido por Inc. magazine a fundadores y directores ejecutivos de las empresas privadas con un mayor crecimiento en EE. UU.

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  • Anthony Lambert shows readers "The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives"

    Christian Book Describes Sense of Fulfillment From Faith

    AUSTRALIA, June 29, 2022 / -- Author Anthony Lambert invites readers to partake in an infusion of spiritual inspiration with his book that immerses them in "The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives." In its pages he will reveal to them the answers to questions such as one's purpose in the world, life's meaning and what comes after.

    His book is a guide to God (the existence of the divine) and God's promise to believers and faithful people. He explains the relationship between God and believers in God, the purpose of their lives, and the hope that stems from God's plan for their lives. Additionally, he equips his readers with the wisdom to know what is evil and fight it. These realizations are drawn from his own life, which had many large challenges - including 3 and a half years as a prisoner of war under the Japanese, a profoundly handicapped child and many others. The wisdom he gained he shares with his readers to help them in their own life journeys, as they encounter their own challenges and obstacles.

    He asks you "Have you stopped to wonder what your life is all about, why you're here, and where you're going as your life is timing out? You can claim you're far too busy trying hard to reach your goal. Now is the time to stop, reflect, and think about your soul."

    His book was written to thank God for the constant help and guidance He gave the author and to share the fact that this profound help is available to each and every one of us, if we ask for God’s help

    About the Author
    Anthony Lambert has endured much in his life, struggling through difficult circumstances and reflecting upon the lessons he has learned from them, in order to find meaning and purpose. These ordeals include being a former prisoner of war, endured being interned by the Japanese for three and a half years. He is a father of six children , a mechanical engineer and practical realist. Lambert has been featured in a radio interview at the Daily Spark program with Dr. Angela Chester.

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  • Red Winter Journey is Here, Will Baird Sits Down with Established Australian Author Paul Rushworth-Brown

    We all know how famous the Bronte sisters are but I am sure Paul Rushworth-Brown – the 21st-century author ­– might soon be joining these literary giants."  A must-read novel too for anyone visiting Haworth.  John Ackroyd, Haworth

    RED WINTER JOURNEY By Paul Rushworth-Brown

    "Throughout the book, I kept thinking that this author has a very uniquely talented writing style."

    A dark and dramatic prose of love, family and war that brings the realism of history to your imagination with little effort…a great read!

    Paul Rushworth-Brown's novel Skulduggery, nominated for the best Indie Book Award

    US National Times

    'Red Winter Journey', is now available. Paul Rushworth-Brown is fast becoming one of the world's established new authors.

    Modern writers usually don't know what it was like to live in the past but Rushworth-Brown has done this with great skill in this accomplished, atmospheric and thoughtful novel”
    — US National Times

    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2022 / -- Thomas placed a penny on the bar, “Ales, barkeep.” He turned around, shocked by the wrinkled face that was bent over before him, her whispery white hair poking through the sides of her wimple. Deep wrinkles in her face spread like a roadmap, her left eye almost moonlike with its colour and sadness. A reminder of the poor wretches in the world.

    He had felt the pangs of hunger and would not wish it on any other, “Here, take this and be off with you, feed yer bairns or more likely yer ‘usband that has no more work left in him.”

    She lifted her trembling hand, which was wrapped in a dirty, small woollen mitten with the fingers cut at the knuckles. Thomas placed two pennies in her palm.

    “Would I or any man do less for a mother? For it is a wicked man that spurns an old woman.” Then he thought about his own mother, and it saddened him. William, never the brightest of the two brothers, looked puzzled, “Why’d ya’ do that, Thomas?”

    Thomas smiled, “There’s some in the world far worse off than we, brother, and one good turn deserves another.”
    One good turn deserves another.’ Thomas would one day be haunted by those words.

    Beautiful winter backdrops and compelling action will play out before you as you are transported back in time. You will laugh, cry, and be in awe of the twists and turns, saying to yourself, “I didn’t see that coming". The writing is very descriptive, the hooks are very bold, and told in a way that places the reader in the time and place. So, turn the page and step back in time to follow the Rushworths on their journey of love, adventure and survival in this bittersweet historical saga. All is not as it seems!

    RED WINTER JOURNEY is the tale that follows the journey of 16-year-old Tommy Rushworth and his battle for survival after being kidnapped into the Parliamentary Army to fight against King Charles and the Royalist Army. The brutal winter, sickness, the battle against the Cavaliers and his endeavour to escape from their spies all add to Tommy’s misfortunes.

    His father Thomas Rushworth, and his larrikin grandfather, John Hargreaves, race against time to find and save him from a war they wanted no part of. In Bradford, they fear for their lives until a mysterious stranger enlists their help.

    Back in Haworth, William and Lucy, have their love story tested to the limit by the persecution of social class as Lucy’s father tries to prevent their marriage in the corrupt court of the times.

    Set against the backdrop of the English Civil War of 1642 one can immerse themselves within the tale and discover the more colourful, candid details of what it was like to live in this rebellious time. Will Tommy make it home? Will Lucy and William’s love endure? What is the old beggar lady's part in all this? There are no straight lines only twists, turns and intrigue until the very end.

    The bloody hell of war and the saga of family tribulations drive this period drama with exceptional narrative and factual accuracy of the talented author who penned SKULDUGGERY and is becoming one of Australia’s established new authors.

    Will Baird from Shawline Publishing sat down with Author Paul Rushworth-Brown to discuss Red Winter Journey.



    "The history of these people is rarely thought of and even less rarely written about because there are few records as most would have been illiterate. There is much written about the lords and ladies but what about the common people." Paul Rushworth-Brown - January 2019


    I believe my characters in ‘Red Winter Journey’ are well developed. I believe it is easier for readers to empathise with them. Some readers have said they couldn’t wait to find out if Tommy makes it home after all the trials and tribulations he went through. Then for the story to end like it did, well who saw that coming?

    Bradley Shaw
    Shawline Publishing
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  • Olan Mills II recognized with School Photographers of America 2022 Chairman’s Award

    Presented by Claudia Dencer of Leonard's and Gene Harrell of APS

    SPOA's 2022 Chairman's Award - Olan Mills II

    SPOA's 2022 Chairman's Award Recipient - Olan Mills II

    Olan Mills pioneered many of the marketing practices, like marking photos with a copyright logo and telemarketing, that are taken for granted today.”
    — David Crandall
    GREENSBORO, NC, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2022 / -- Greensboro, NC - The national trade association for school photography and yearbooks, School Photographers of America (SPOA) recognized Olan Mills II with the first Chairman’s Award of Innovation at the International Conference on School Photography & Yearbooks. The SPOA Chairman's Award of Innovation recognizes an inventor or an innovator who has revolutionized the school photography and yearbook industry.

    The son of founder Olan Mills, Olan Mills II went to work for the family business after graduating from Princeton University in 1952. With his younger brother, Charles, they assumed complete control of the business in 1972. At that time, the $20 million company was poised for growth. In the ensuing years, the company began an impressive national expansion and embraced technological innovation that grew the company 20x in 20 years.

    Accepting on behalf of Mills was Gene Harrell, Advanced Photographic Solutions, Cleveland, TN. The award was presented the award Friday, June 10, at during the association’s awards banquet and celebration at the Westin Galleria, Houston, Texas.

    “Olan Mills II is truly a worthwhile recipient of the first Chairman’s Award of Innovation,” said David Crandall, executive director, SPOA. “Olan Mills pioneered many of the marketing practices, like marking photos with a copyright logo and telemarketing, that are taken for granted today. He also spearheaded much of the technology still in use today.”

    School Photographers of America (SPOA) was formed in 2020 on behalf of school portrait studios to advocate for and to protect their copyrights, as well as establish and govern healthy standards and best practices for the school photography industry. This will ensure school photography remains a rich tradition in schools across North America.

    To learn more about SPOA, visit or email David Crandall at

    David Crandall
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  • Tapping into the Unknown to Reveal and Heal a Perceived Reality

    Fuel Your Ideas and Make It Happen!

    Fuel Your Ideas and Make It Happen!

    The Becoming by Jackie Coultas

    Very enjoyable and inspirational”
    — Amazon Book Review

    RED DEER, ALBERTA, CANADA, June 22, 2022 / -- This book is about the abilities some of us have. Everyone have powers we may or may not be aware of, and Jackie Coultas’ power is to heal animals as well as people of their past karma.

    During her early childhood years, Coultas was blessed with the power of clairaudience, the ability to hear things that others may not be able to.

    But as she grew into her teens she lost touch with those powers. It was as if they became drowned in the routine of everyday life. Almost forgetting she had them in the first place, Coultas moved on, becoming an adult, getting a job, then becoming a wife, a mother, and a homemaker.

    In her words, it seems she “forgot about her soul contract with God from her formative years”.

    Later in her forties, she developed clairsentience (the perception of what isn’t normally perceptible) and clairvoyance (the ability to observe things that will happen in the future). The latter gift allowed her to receive messages that started coming in more and more frequently until she realized she was not meant to live the life she had now.

    There was only one thing to do; leave the life she had and live the life she was meant to. To do so she had to reconnect with her guides.

    In life everything happens for a reason, even those things that make absolutely no sense or seem downright unjust or unfair. This is called the law of karma. Depending on what is done in this life or even in a previous one, everyone might have an accumulation of the good or bad karma.

    Everyone can do something about the bad karma, as shown how by Jackie's book.

    “I've sat reading it for the past two evenings and thoroughly enjoyed it, I've just finished it and I'm sat feeling slightly emotionally (not sure why). It is very inspirational and has reminded me of why we are here,” one reader says about this book.

    This book as well as other titles will be featured in the Toronto Book Festival on June 11 and 12 this year.

    About the Author

    To say Jackie Coultas is just an author would be an injustice. Aside from writing, she has studied physiology, metaphysics, religious studies and philosophy, and even healing arts such as aromatherapy, Swedish massage, and acupressure.

    A horse lover since she was a young girl after seeing her first horse show in the United Kingdom, she also attends clinics in horse breeding, nutrition, and riding. She also works as a horse transporter and trainer.

    Aside from writing she also regularly gives talks to the Yorkshire Federation of Complimentary Therapies, the Conservative club, the Liberal club, and has also been featured in local newspapers and magazines.

    Brian Shelby
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  • "Creative minds transform the world"—Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Nurtures Innovation and Invention

    Innovative Patents - Glimpse from the PMU's Patent Center

    Prince Mohammad Bind Fahd University

    The Patent Center and PMU are contributing to Vision 2030, a unique transformative economic and social reform blueprint that is opening KSA up to the world.

    At PMU, we are taking important measures to ensure we increase our patent productivity and increase the worldwide impact of the inventions created by our university researchers”
    — Dr. Issa Alansari (President)
    AL-KHOBAR, EASTERN PROVINCE, SAUDI ARABIA, June 22, 2022 / -- A major element of human progress is invention—the creation of novel, innovative ways to harness reality's potential in delivering better solutions for challenges both mundane and extraordinary.

    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) has fully embraced the power of invention. For starters, the university has established a Patent Center under the Deanship of Research. The Patent Center supports the protection of creative scholarly activities, innovation, and discoveries involving faculty, staff, students, and others participating in PMU programs.

    Following through on this mission, the Patent Center recently announced the opening of the first Local Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) in the Middle East. A United States-based non-profit organization, NAI has over 4000 individual inventor members affiliated with more than 250 institutions around the world, including 30 institutions and universities outside of the United States. NAI broadly helps in recognizing and promulgating the inventions made by its members for the benefit of global society.

    As a sign of the inventive spirit at PMU, the university also recently announced that its members have more than doubled their number of patents registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to 23. This number represents a tremendous increase of 15 additional patents since just 2020. The patents cover a rich range of scientific fields including energy and artificial intelligence, as well as electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering.

    "At PMU, we are taking important measures to ensure we increase our patent productivity and increase the worldwide impact of the inventions created by our university researchers," said Dr. Issa Al Ansari, President of PMU. "As we say at PMU, 'creative minds transform the world'."

    "Beyond opening of the very first Local Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors in our region," Dr. Al Ansari continued, "we currently have operational plans to turn our patents into realistic projects and products that will deliver innovative solutions for a number of issues at local, regional, and even global levels."

    Encouraging Invention

    The inauguration of the Local Chapter of the NAI was held in May 2022.

    PMU originally joined NAI as a sustaining member in 2020. The new Local Chapter will be open to all members of the PMU community including faculty, students, alumni, and affiliates who have obtained an issued patent from the USPTO.

    The Local Chapter will work closely with PMU's Patent Center, which has become a hub on campus for innovators, a crucial resource for preparing a patent application and, as a prime task, supporting the protection of creative scholarly activities, innovation, and discovery at PMU.

    The Patent Center enables researchers at PMU to effectively file for patent applications. As a starting point, the Patent Center allows researchers to search the patent literature for existing and pending patents. Further assistance comes in the form of the Patent Center reviewing application information and examining the material legalistically, with staff offering tips along the way and making sure the patent application is complete.

    "The Patent Center has been and will continue to be a tremendous resource for the PMU community," said Dr. Al Ansari. "The success of the Patent Center is evident in the surge of patents that have recently been awarded to PMU community members in the past couple of years, and overall reflects our strategy focused on developing and disseminating scientific research."

    Further representing the scope of research at PMU, university members currently have more than 400 academic journal papers catalogued in Scopus, including two papers in the prestigious Nature journals.

    Achieving Vision and Mission

    Across all of these efforts, the Patent Center reflects the vision of PMU. This vision is to be a higher education institution that has a transformative impact on society through sustainable innovation in education, research, and creativity.

    The work of the Patent Center also further advances the mission of PMU. Part of this mission is to sustain world-class excellence in education, research, and service by advancing the state of discovery, development, and application of knowledge. The securing of patents, which incentivize and promote the generation of key new inventions to aid humanity, is in exact alignment with this mission aspect.

    The alignment between the Patent Center's objectives and PMU's mission extends to global connectedness and engagement infused with a 21st century futuristic outlook. The interconnectedness of modern global society means that new inventions developed in Saudi Arabia or in any other country can ultimately help our species prosper together planetwide.

    In these ways and more, the Patent Center and PMU are contributing to Vision 2030, a unique transformative economic and social reform blueprint that is opening Saudi Arabia up to the world. Formed in 2016, Vision 2030 is based on the three pillars of an Ambitious Nation, a Thriving Economy, and a Vibrant Society.

    Striving for impactful new inventions that can bring about economic success and fulfilling, healthy livelihoods—both for the inventors and more importantly the recipients of their breakthroughs—is at the heart of the creative activities bolstered by the Patent Center.

    "The Patent Center is here to help not only the PMU community, but the community of inventors nationally in Saudi Arabia and the world, along with all the nations of the world in advancing together through the power of invention," said Dr. Al Ansari.

    Ankit S. Bhosale
    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
    +966 13849 9346
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  • Susan Broussard–Joins 2022 ALA Annual Diversity Publishing Showcase–Exposes Narcissistic Relationship in First Book

    We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

    We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

    It’s Not Love by Susan Broussard Available on Amazon

    It’s Not Love by Susan Broussard Available on Barnes & Nobles

    It’s Not Love by Susan Broussard Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

    Susan Broussard–Joins 2022 ALA Annual Diversity Publishing Showcase–Exposes Narcissistic Relationship in First Book

    LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- In her first book, It’s Not Love, author Susan Broussard gets real about the nature of the narcissistic relationship by uncovering the truth of an emotionally abusive relationship.

    The book, which is available on Amazon, will be on display for the public at the 2022 American Library Association Annual Conference from June 24th to June 27th, 2022. This four-day book showcase event will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and is participated by various excellent authors from across the country.

    The author Susan Broussard is an active Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been working in the field for 15 years. She began working with children but realized that most childhood issues carry into adulthood. This prompted her to delve into the study of the correlation between trauma and growing up as an adult and check whether untreated wounds in the past can adversely affect an adult’s behavior in a relationship.

    Many of her clients were sharing similar stories of toxic or abusive relationships, and she realized that she had to tell these stories and her story to help others. As a result, she developed a framework and began helping victims who cannot access traditional therapy champion their battles.

    From these experiences, she crafted the book It’s Not Love wherein readers like you are given a detailed step-by-step guide to take their leap to safety and healthy relationship.

    The book is divided into three main parts that individually explain her three-phase approach to detecting and escaping toxic relationships.

    The first part includes a detailed discussion of the nature of narcissism and who narcissists are using The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-V).

    The second part focuses on narcissistic personality disorder vis-à-vis romantic relationships. According to her, toxic symptoms can range from subtle to overt, depending on the nature of the relationship. Additionally, this section lists the different red flags among narcissists especially those that were believed to be innocent acts that can turn out to be manipulative.

    The third and the last part talks about self-care and undoing the damage the toxic relationship has caused a person. This part is equally important since as a person, self-love is a must. This will also define the type of life a person will live moving forward after getting caught in an abusive relationship.

    The power of this book is in the pieces of information written on each page. You do not have to be a victim to read this. Shed wisdom by sharing your takeaways from this book.

    Grab a copy now via Amazon and Barnes & Noble through the links below:¬issistic-Relationship/dp/1640855025

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  • Judge James P. Gray (Ret.) is Featuring Two Political Books at the 2022 American Library Association Annual Conference

    We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

    We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

    2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: Practical, Effective, Responsible, Libertarian by Judge James P. Gray Available on Amazon

    All Rise!: The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray by Judge James P. Gray Available on Amazon

    2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: Practical, Effective, Responsible, Libertarian by Judge James P. Gray Available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

    Judge James P. Gray (Ret.) is Featuring Two Political Books at the 2022 American Library Association Annual Conference

    LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- The author Judge James P. Gray, often called Judge Jim Gray, is a man of principle raised in the Los Angeles area by his parents, Elizabeth Gray and U.S. District Judge William P. Gray. He graduated from John Muir High School in Pasadena in 1962, received his undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1966, and earned his Law degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1971. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, he worked as a Physical Education Professor in Palmar Norte, Costa Rica, from 1966 to 1968, where he specialized in teaching Physical Education, Recreation, and Health. He was also a Criminal Defense Attorney in the Navy JAG Corps and a Federal Prosecutor in Los Angeles. Then Jim served as a trial court judge in Orange County, California for 25 years, and was awarded the Orange County Bar Association's highest Lifetime Achievement award. Aside from his many achievements and credentials, Judge Gray is happily married to his wife, Dr. Grace Walker Gray, DPT, DOT, and they have four children and two grandchildren.

    In his first featured book, 2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: Practical, Effective, Responsible, Libertarian Solutions, Judge Gray emphasizes the significance of Liberty in all aspects. But in doing this, Judge Gray is fact-based and non-ideological, consistently promoting practicality and common sense. In particular, people enjoy his practical advice and wisdom on resolving America's drug crisis and over-incarceration. In summation, there isn't a single topic on which Judge Gray's perspective fails to inform and encourage serious thought in his audience and consistently provides vital insights for readers interested in moving beyond the stereotypes of modern political debate. As proof, his book has received a great deal of positive feedback. Here is just one out of many: "A quick, easy read to understand Libertarianism, why it's just, and why it works. Jim Gray's sincere passion and concern for humankind are evident in the passages of this book. He shows liberty and free markets for what they are: the best and most humane way to treat people. And it's always good to have an easy-to-read format rather than a dry one. But on 99% of the issues, I totally agree and appreciate his fresh approach. I highly recommend this book to new libertarians and those who simply want to understand what Libertarianism and Liberty are all about." - Carla Howell, Former Director of the National Libertarian Committee.

    This review speaks volumes about the book's audience value and its overflowing knowledge and discernment transmitted to readers.

    As for the second book, entitled All Rise!: The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray, the theme is the government's failure to handle economies throughout history. It continues to do so under stress today, leaving a debt legacy for our children and grandchildren. This book also provides us with an inside look at Judge Gray's ideological transformation, giving a clear overview of Libertarianism, its values for America, and how it stands to unite us – precisely what we need in these divisive and frustrating times. He answers these questions directly! What distinguishes Libertarians from other political parties? How do libertarian ideas, techniques, and principles lead to more effective "pursuits of happiness" than other political parties' approaches? How does Judge Jim Gray dare to claim that the Libertarian Party is today's only political party in the mainstream of American political thought? All of these and more will be answered in “All Rise!: The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray” to the complete delight of the readers.

    So Judge Gray shows how Liberty is ingrained in our country's DNA, all the way back to the first landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock. All Rise! unfolds alongside Judge Gray's childhood and upbringing, examining the events that fueled his quest for independence. Exclusive interviews give a rare and nuanced glimpse at Judge Gray at various stages of his life, revealing the voices of those closest to him. In under 13 seconds, how did Judge Gray, a former Congressional candidate and member of the Republican Party of Orange County's Finance Committee, swing toward Libertarianism? Peek how he has remained an active and committed member of the Libertarian Party since that important decision. Follow him through his campaigns as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate in 2004, Vice President in 2012, and President in 2020. This book shares Judge Gray's mission to mainstream the word Libertarian – not simply the word, but the party's values, approaches, and principles. Direct and frontal attacks on our freedoms and liberties are unacceptable, and Judge Gray's platform offers an antidote to the continual trespassing of an overzealous government on its citizens. It also illustrates how libertarian reforms can be implemented to enhance people's lives significantly and includes a foreword by Tom Campbell, former Member of Congress from California (1989-1993; 1995-2001). Moreover, All Rise! has thoroughly examined many of today's problems and demonstrates that their solutions are not insurmountable. More importantly, it is an appeal to defend the highest attribute of the human being: individual Liberty.

    Maximizing the virtue of Liberty distinguishes our modern civilization from all that has come before it and vindicates what has made America a leader among nations today. We are the most approachable people on the planet. Judge Gray has previously aided our country in achieving that reality, and his ideas will lead us to do so in the future. The books 2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty and All Rise! The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray will be on display at the 2022 American Library Association Annual Conference from June 23-28, 2022, in Washington, D.C. Readers are invited to participate in the event's thought-provoking activities to make it even more purposeful and worthwhile.

    To learn more about Judge Gray and his books, please visit his website at or read the paperbacks at

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  • Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones' Best-selling Book on Battling Mental Illness will be Featured at the 2022 ALA Annual Conference

    We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

    We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

    Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician's Struggle with Mental Illness Available on Amazon _1

    Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician's Struggle with Mental Illness Available on Barnes & Noble

    Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician's Struggle with Mental Illness Available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

    Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones' Best-selling Book on Battling Mental Illness will be Featured at the 2022 ALA Annual Conference

    This is an eye-opening memoir about mental illness and the medical profession delivered in a well-written, interesting, and engaging style.”
    — Sublime Book Review
    LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician's Struggle with Mental Illness by Dr. Jones is a depiction written by a medical doctor about his experience living with anxiety and depression amid grueling medical training. It portrays the everyday realities of the profession and how mental illness can affect anyone, even those that are in the medical field.

    This best-selling and award-winning book conveys people’s fallibility regardless of profession. It is about how mental sickness can take hold of anyone, including those that work in the field of medicine and medical technology, and ravage their passion for serving patients who badly need their help. Jones's story is an eye-opener for individuals who have mental illnesses or know anybody else in the community that has it. In a nutshell, this story is helpful for all of us.

    Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones shares his mental struggle journey before and during his career as a physician. As you go through the pages of this book, you will learn about the least-known fact of how many medical professionals struggle with mental illness while burdened with caring for others. It also provides an inside look at a system that, in many circumstances, puts one's health at risk.

    The book talks about the stigma attached to mental illnesses and the need to increase awareness of the problem. Also, Dr. Jones demonstrates courage and determination as he bares his soul and speaks about his personal experiences.

    Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician's Struggle with Mental Illness will be presented at the American Library Association (ALA) 2022 Annual Conference & Exhibition from June 24 to 28, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and surrounding hotels in Washington, D.C. And yes, Bookworms are all invited to participate in the event to have a glimpse of Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones' engrossing and newsworthy book, along with many others.

    For additional information on Dr. Jones’ book, you may visit his website at or get a copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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  • Maru.Derm Cosmetics Makes a Fast Entry into the U.S. Market

    SARIYER, ISTANBUL, TURKEY, June 19, 2022 / -- Maru.Derm has recently released it's 2022 launch. The brand which launched on Gratis and Trendyol, one of the most well-known platforms in Turkey, has attracted great attention. The brand, who signed an important distributorship agreement in the United States in April, will soon have products take their place in the American market.

    After the "Save Ralph" video which was popular in 2021, the dimensions of animal testing were seen. Following the video which caused public reactions, cosmetic brands were examined closely by customers, and cruelty-free brands became a preference.

    This was exactly the starting point of the Maru.Derm brand. Thanks to the products produced with completely natural ingredients, it has taken its place in the market as a vegan and cruelty-free brand.

    "Maru.Derm's philosophy is based on producing products that are natural, safe, and offer long-term benefits. They are produced from plants grown without the involvement of dangerous chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides. This means they don't contain any hard chemicals, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, or any animal ingredients. This is what makes our product range incredibly effective, safe, and powerful." - MaruDerm Founder, Altug Aynur

    Despite the fact that the brand has just recently emerged, it has started to grow in a short time thanks to this philosophy. Founder of the brand, Altuğ Aynur who believes that beauty should always come from the natural, stated: "In recent years, people have desired to reach beauty through natural ways. At Maru.Derm, we wanted to meet these expectations."

    Maru.Derm PR
    MaruDerm Cosmetics
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