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  • Mother’s Emotions by Woo-ran Park explores the love-hate relationship between mothers and daughters

    Self-recovery guide offers clear strategies to help mothers reclaim their lives as an independent women and free their daughters from emotional wounds.

    LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 4, 2022 / -- Why do so many mothers turn more to their daughters than sons when feeling upset or distressed? Why do so many daughters feel guilt and resentment toward their mothers, along with gratitude? Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions by Woo-ran Park, and translated by Hyo-jin Kim, delves deeply into these questions and sheds light on the complex relationship between mothers and daughters, guiding readers on a path to greater understanding, healing, and freedom.

    Based on more than 10 years of research and over 10,000 psychotherapy and dream interpretation sessions, this ground-breaking examination of the psychology of mothers and daughters unlocks the secrets behind this complex, love-hate relationship. Through in-depth research, Park uncovers much of the reasoning that underlies many mothers’ obsession with their daughters as well as the inability of many daughters to break free from this hold.

    Park pays particular attention to the female tendency to attain self-realization by meeting the unmet needs of others and the blurring of the line between the emotions of mothers and their daughters, who often see themselves in the other. This deep psychological bond between mother and daughter starts to show cracks as they become older, if they have failed to create a healthy distance between themselves.

    The author walks readers through the main conduits through which the mother’s unconscious is passed onto the daughter and highlights how they can break this pattern reclaim their individuality, as women and human beings.

    “I wrote this book to teach mothers and daughters about the psychology that governs their relationships,” said author Woo-ran Park. “I want to help all women understand how they can walk a different path and recover themselves, overcoming feelings of guilt, resentment and gratitude,” “

    Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions is available as an eBook or in hardback and paperback print editions on Amazon, and other popular book sites.

    About the Woo-ran Park

    Woo-ran Park is a psychoanalytic therapy specialist. She earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology at Dongguk University and her PhD at Seoul University of Buddhism. Park has conducted more than 10,000 in-person psychoanalysis and dream interpretation sessions. She is the author of several books, including Break Away from Your Husband to Live as Yourself and The Power of Self-Confident Children (co-author).

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  • As Alaska Votes, New Alaska-centered political thriller dubbed a winner

    Political thriller of 2022

    Best new thriller

    Author Joe Rothstein

    A heart-pounding adrenaline ride of backroom politics and dangerous moves from a shadow cabal will keep readers on the edge of their seats.”
    — Pacific Book Reviews

    WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 29, 2022 / -- While Alaska is drawing intense national political interest focused on Sarah Palin's campaign for Congress, a political thriller with a fictional U.S. vice president from Alaska is drawing interest in the world of books.

    The novel is "The Moment of Menace," which the prestigious book review web site Pacific Reviews has named "the must-read political thriller of 2022."

    Written by Joe Rothstein, a former editor of the Anchorage Daily News, the novel features an Inupiat woman from Utqiagvik, (formerly Barrow) Alaska as U.S. vice president. Much of the action takes place in the Alaska Arctic's rugged North Slope area.

    This is Rothstein’s third work of fiction. His second book, The Salvation Project, was finalist for political thriller of the year.

    Joe Rothstein served on the staff of Alaska’s first governor, William A. Egan, and moved to Washington, DC to be chief of staff for Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. For 30 years he headed his own political agency, working in hundreds of political campaigns, including many in Alaska, including those for former Alaska Governors Steve Cowper and Tony Knowles.

    “I feel as if I’ve never really left Alaska,” said Rothstein. “I return often, my sons returned here to go to school, and some of my closest friends are here. I’ve always wanted to include Alaska in my writings. The state is so dramatic and unpredictable. It’s pure coincidence that a wild race for Congress is taking place just as I’m releasing a novel featuring a woman who is Alaska’s voice in Congress.”

    Moment of Menace is available through all on-line book sellers and most independent book stores.

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  • Melissa McDaniel Launches Debut Book Release ‘Loved Just As I Am’

    The book is a raw journey that processes her own childhood trauma while helping to alleviate the suffering of others.

    BELMONT, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- Melissa McDaniel is pleased to announce the release of her first-ever book, Loved Just As I Am.

    Melissa McDaniel is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, life coach, and speaker who has spent nearly two decades helping people transform their lives. She began her career as a therapist for victims of sexual assault before transitioning to working with individuals who have committed sexual crimes to transform their behavior. Grief, anxiety, and depression are consistent issues she deals with from her private practice.

    In her most recent news, Melissa McDaniel has reached her goal of becoming a published author with, Loved Just As I Am. The book is a debut release for Melissa and is a recount of how her idyllic life in the south was changed forever when she was sexually assaulted at the age of eleven. In Loved Just As I Am, Melissa purposefully and painfully examines her past traumas and shares her realization of how she used denial or avoidance as a means of emotional protection until well into her thirties. She shares her raw journey of not only processing her childhood wounds but her struggles as a young woman dealing with a violent ex-boyfriend, racism within her family and community, motherhood, addiction, and infidelity. With her complete understanding of compassion, Melissa hopes her story will help to alleviate the suffering of others.

    “We don't get to pick the traumatic events that happen in our lives, but we do get to choose how we let them write our story,” Melissa says. “Through my own story, I discovered that through deep faith, love of family, and a firm belief that we are all enough, it was imperative for me to own my "crapola," while laying bare my feelings and actions, both good and bad. I hope that my fresh perspective and vulnerability create a roadmap of healing for others like her to rise above pain, shame, and doubt. I truly believe the result is a life guided by wisdom, freedom, and healing.”

    Loved Just As I Am can now be purchased on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format at

    For more information about Melissa McDaniel, please visit

    About the Author

    Melissa McDaniel is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor from Belmont, North Carolina. For the past two decades, Melissa has been working in her private practice as a psychotherapist and has extensive experience working with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, relationship difficulties, trauma, sexual abuse, and sexual deviancy. In her practice, Melissa offers individual and couples therapy for children, preteens, adolescents, and adults.

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  • Satellite Publishing reveals a new free service for writing and distributing stories about local business owners.

    Local Stories

    Local Stories

    Satellite Publishing reveals a new free service for writing and distributing stories about local business owners.

    Local Stories is an excellent way for business owners to share their stories with the world.”
    — said Sal Peer, founder of Satellite Publishing.
    ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- The company is looking for top stories about local businesses in specific areas to increase the inclusion, accessibility, and scalability of the online marketplace.

    It's known that customers will never arrive if they can't find the business on search engines and leave a site due to a lack of credibility.

    Satellite Publishing, a leading provider of cloud-based content creation services, announced a new free service for business owners that involved artificial intelligent copywriters and complete distribution.

    Satellite Publishing's mission is to help get business owners discovered by their required demographic. We can also get their story on NBC, FOX, CBS, and other media outlets. Which can boost conversions, build trust and gain relevance on search engines.

    Satellite Publishing's Local Stories allows chosen business owners to get a free, unique, and engaging story about their chosen business topic or person. The service is easy to use and requires no experience.

    Business owners can quickly get their story written on their topic by filling in a simple form. Then, artificial intelligence will create a story based on that topic, and once approved, Satellite Publishing will publish the story to hundreds of websites and social media platforms at once.

    "Local Stories" is an excellent way for business owners to share their stories with the world," said Sal Peer, founder of Satellite Publishing.

    A few examples of how businesses could use Local Stories include:

    – A blog post about a local person
    – An article about a company that offers a specific product
    – A profile of a business owner
    – A review of a product
    – A listicle about a specific subject

    Once a story is created, business owners can approve, edit or decline the generation. Then the Satellite Writer team will get the company's approval and distribute the story through preferred channels.

    Learn More About Free

    This is a great way to help the community gain more visibility. Satellite Publishing also provides an excellent way for business owners to get publicity through premium offers for press releases and other content creation and distribution services.

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  • Anthony Lambert shows readers "The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives"

    Christian Book Describes Sense of Fulfillment From Faith

    AUSTRALIA, June 29, 2022 / -- Author Anthony Lambert invites readers to partake in an infusion of spiritual inspiration with his book that immerses them in "The Hope & Joy That Discovering God Gives Our Lives." In its pages he will reveal to them the answers to questions such as one's purpose in the world, life's meaning and what comes after.

    His book is a guide to God (the existence of the divine) and God's promise to believers and faithful people. He explains the relationship between God and believers in God, the purpose of their lives, and the hope that stems from God's plan for their lives. Additionally, he equips his readers with the wisdom to know what is evil and fight it. These realizations are drawn from his own life, which had many large challenges - including 3 and a half years as a prisoner of war under the Japanese, a profoundly handicapped child and many others. The wisdom he gained he shares with his readers to help them in their own life journeys, as they encounter their own challenges and obstacles.

    He asks you "Have you stopped to wonder what your life is all about, why you're here, and where you're going as your life is timing out? You can claim you're far too busy trying hard to reach your goal. Now is the time to stop, reflect, and think about your soul."

    His book was written to thank God for the constant help and guidance He gave the author and to share the fact that this profound help is available to each and every one of us, if we ask for God’s help

    About the Author
    Anthony Lambert has endured much in his life, struggling through difficult circumstances and reflecting upon the lessons he has learned from them, in order to find meaning and purpose. These ordeals include being a former prisoner of war, endured being interned by the Japanese for three and a half years. He is a father of six children , a mechanical engineer and practical realist. Lambert has been featured in a radio interview at the Daily Spark program with Dr. Angela Chester.

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  • Dj Wynter Onlyrapperheardworldwide Cokeboy and the transition to Cokeboys Artist

    The art of making nothing into something.

    The version of me in your mind is not my responsibility.”
    — Karim Kharbouch
    COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2022 / -- Joachim Saunders, who goes by the stage name Dj Wynter Onlyrapperheardworldwide Cokeboy is an American rapper who has solidified his place in the music industry by broadcasting music worldwide for French Montana Cokeboys. Unlike most musical artists, Dj Wynter Onlyrapperheardworldwide Cokeboy has a talent that no other person in the world has, and that is his ability to broadcast sound naturally and entertain billions. We're not trying to shorten anything about this musical legend besides his name Dj Wynter Onlyrapperheardworldwide Cokeboy has been at the forefront of making music and dropping his latest album Turboplug, which features French Montana on the track "X," as if he hadn't already made his mark in the music industry. The EP Turboplug shook up the streets of many Cokeboy fans and gained the attention of GT Beatz and Lil B The BaseGod. The album Turboplug, in a nutshell is truly street rap, getting straight to the point of recording over trap, drill, and hardcore instrumentals, nevertheless giving the album Turboplug a Bronx-Ohio southern kind of feel for the listeners and leaving the audience ready for another dose of Cokeboys music.
    Therefore, creating another worthy artist for Cokeboys with the backing of Dame Grease, Red McFly, Cokeboy Brock, Boo Citi, Ed Rice, Cokeboy Droop Pop, Cheese Dior, & Cokeboy Yemen. It now appears that there is nothing stopping the Cokeboys or the arsenal of French Montana artists from trying to reach the top of the music industry.

    Joachim Saunders
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  • The Pineapple Theory presents: Float your pineapple boat

    The Pineapple Theory books

    The Pineapple Theory books

    The Pineapple Theory - Discover your life & leadership philosophy

    The Pineapple Theory - Discover your life & leadership philosophy

    The Pineapple Theory - The original 3 in 1

    The Pineapple Theory - The original 3 in 1

    One of Mr. Pineapple's several daily inspiration.

    When you're inspired, you become inspiring”
    — Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu
    MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 26, 2022 / -- Quoted by The Pineapple Theory: What was still is…

    Throughout Earth timeline, several Methodologies took birth and still lives today. Methodologies providing perspectives to understand life and humans emotionally better. Remove the illusions of their storytelling and the raw concept can be seen. Their raw concept is their purpose: Assist humans to live happily, together. To live happily together starts within each one of us because when we experience positive emotions, we become positive with others.

    What ever floats your boat?

    What if life was like a river? To onboard the journey, you need a boat, and you need to be the captain. Sadly, the river cannot flow smoothly all the time. Various levels of storms are to expect. Storms influence by nature, yourself, and others. When they do happen, does your boat float? Do you remain the captain of your boat?

    Because The Pineapple Theory views that theoretically, everything is like a pineapple, let us reapproach the above with a philosophy of the theory.

    What if life was like a river? To onboard the journey, you need a boat, and you need to be the captain. Your boat can be a pineapple sliced in half. Perfect curve, awesome shell, and a positively authentic bow. Your sweet pineapple boat is your foundation, and it keeps you above the water. Inside the boat, the inner sweetness, define as you. You are the captain of your pineapple boat, the leader, and its engineer. To remain above water, your pineapple boat will require maintenance, improvement, and passengers of your choosing because sadly, the river cannot flow smoothly all the time. Various levels of storms are to expect. Storms influence by nature, yourself, and others. Have you engineered a pineapple boat that floats when there are storms? Your pineapple boat, are you able to navigate it when there are storms? Following each storm, no matter their intensity, will require you to maintain and improve your pineapple boat to keep it floating on the river of life. Because life always flows forward, it does not plato. Therefore, you should always be moving forward with it. What is passed is now behind you.

    The journey will make you learn everyday, become a problem solver, and become positively curious with various tools to assist you to keep your pineapple boat floating, keeping you sweet, and make it a positive experience for the passengers onboard.

    The pineapple fruit is an inspiration and symbol because theoretically, everything is like a pineapple! Following your reading of The Pineapple Theory books, you will never look at a pineapple the same way again. Because Pineapple : Human, what if following your reading, you’ll never look at yourself the same way again? Discover the pineapple that you are!

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  • Red Winter Journey is Here, Will Baird Sits Down with Established Australian Author Paul Rushworth-Brown

    We all know how famous the Bronte sisters are but I am sure Paul Rushworth-Brown – the 21st-century author ­– might soon be joining these literary giants."  A must-read novel too for anyone visiting Haworth.  John Ackroyd, Haworth

    RED WINTER JOURNEY By Paul Rushworth-Brown

    "Throughout the book, I kept thinking that this author has a very uniquely talented writing style."

    A dark and dramatic prose of love, family and war that brings the realism of history to your imagination with little effort…a great read!

    Paul Rushworth-Brown's novel Skulduggery, nominated for the best Indie Book Award

    US National Times

    'Red Winter Journey', is now available. Paul Rushworth-Brown is fast becoming one of the world's established new authors.

    Modern writers usually don't know what it was like to live in the past but Rushworth-Brown has done this with great skill in this accomplished, atmospheric and thoughtful novel”
    — US National Times

    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2022 / -- Thomas placed a penny on the bar, “Ales, barkeep.” He turned around, shocked by the wrinkled face that was bent over before him, her whispery white hair poking through the sides of her wimple. Deep wrinkles in her face spread like a roadmap, her left eye almost moonlike with its colour and sadness. A reminder of the poor wretches in the world.

    He had felt the pangs of hunger and would not wish it on any other, “Here, take this and be off with you, feed yer bairns or more likely yer ‘usband that has no more work left in him.”

    She lifted her trembling hand, which was wrapped in a dirty, small woollen mitten with the fingers cut at the knuckles. Thomas placed two pennies in her palm.

    “Would I or any man do less for a mother? For it is a wicked man that spurns an old woman.” Then he thought about his own mother, and it saddened him. William, never the brightest of the two brothers, looked puzzled, “Why’d ya’ do that, Thomas?”

    Thomas smiled, “There’s some in the world far worse off than we, brother, and one good turn deserves another.”
    One good turn deserves another.’ Thomas would one day be haunted by those words.

    Beautiful winter backdrops and compelling action will play out before you as you are transported back in time. You will laugh, cry, and be in awe of the twists and turns, saying to yourself, “I didn’t see that coming". The writing is very descriptive, the hooks are very bold, and told in a way that places the reader in the time and place. So, turn the page and step back in time to follow the Rushworths on their journey of love, adventure and survival in this bittersweet historical saga. All is not as it seems!

    RED WINTER JOURNEY is the tale that follows the journey of 16-year-old Tommy Rushworth and his battle for survival after being kidnapped into the Parliamentary Army to fight against King Charles and the Royalist Army. The brutal winter, sickness, the battle against the Cavaliers and his endeavour to escape from their spies all add to Tommy’s misfortunes.

    His father Thomas Rushworth, and his larrikin grandfather, John Hargreaves, race against time to find and save him from a war they wanted no part of. In Bradford, they fear for their lives until a mysterious stranger enlists their help.

    Back in Haworth, William and Lucy, have their love story tested to the limit by the persecution of social class as Lucy’s father tries to prevent their marriage in the corrupt court of the times.

    Set against the backdrop of the English Civil War of 1642 one can immerse themselves within the tale and discover the more colourful, candid details of what it was like to live in this rebellious time. Will Tommy make it home? Will Lucy and William’s love endure? What is the old beggar lady's part in all this? There are no straight lines only twists, turns and intrigue until the very end.

    The bloody hell of war and the saga of family tribulations drive this period drama with exceptional narrative and factual accuracy of the talented author who penned SKULDUGGERY and is becoming one of Australia’s established new authors.

    Will Baird from Shawline Publishing sat down with Author Paul Rushworth-Brown to discuss Red Winter Journey.



    "The history of these people is rarely thought of and even less rarely written about because there are few records as most would have been illiterate. There is much written about the lords and ladies but what about the common people." Paul Rushworth-Brown - January 2019


    I believe my characters in ‘Red Winter Journey’ are well developed. I believe it is easier for readers to empathise with them. Some readers have said they couldn’t wait to find out if Tommy makes it home after all the trials and tribulations he went through. Then for the story to end like it did, well who saw that coming?

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  • Retired Journalist Pivots to Poetry for His Second Book

    "Dark Fruit" is Jim Lamb's new poetry book.

    Cover of Jim Lamb's new poetry book.

    Journalist Jim Lamb

    Jim Lamb is the author of "Orange Socks & Other Colorful Tales."

    The official logo go for JSL Stories

    JSL Stories Logo

    Jim Lamb’s first book “Orange Socks” was a series of stories about his time in the Navy. His new book “Dark Fruit” pivots to poetry and is available on Amazon.

    One of the things I love about poets is their ability to say much in few words. That same skill is invaluable as a headline writer. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.”
    — Jim Lamb
    TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, June 24, 2022 / -- When Jim Lamb retired as a journalist, he wrote a humorous book called “Orange Socks & Other Colorful Tales” about his time in the Navy. Now he’s launched a book of poems titled “Dark Fruit,” which is available on Amazon at

    Lamb was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a steel town; grew up in Windber, a coal town; and went away to school in Shippensburg, a college town. He says that "Dark Fruit" answers the question: "What kind of poetry would a ditch-digger write if a ditch-digger could write poetry. "

    As a kid, Lamb carried around a pocket-sized book of poetry. In some families that might have been seen as a positive trait, but in a family of construction workers and coal miners, it was merely tolerated. It might be dubbed the “Zoolander” effect.

    “Zoolander” is an American comedy film starring Ben Stiller as a fashion model named Derek whose coal miner father, played by Jon Voight, isn’t exactly proud of his son’s career choice.

    Lamb’s interest in poetry bubbled under the surface until the mid-1970s when he pursued a degree in Mass Communication. A class he took in creative writing featured the book “Three Genres: The Writing of Poetry, Fiction, and Drama” by Stephen Minot. Later, as a copy desk editor at The Tampa Tribune, he’d regularly re-read the poetry portion of Minot’s book as a way to hone his headline-writing skills.

    “One of the things I love about poets is their ability to say much in few words,” said Lamb, who is retired. “That same skill is invaluable as a headline writer. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

    After finishing his first book, “Orange Socks,” Lamb spent several years writing poems. The result: “They were terrible,” he said. “It made me ill to read them.’’

    After deleting each and every poem he’d written, Lamb re-read and studied the works of poets he admired, including Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas, Seamus Heaney, Ogden Nash, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Bly, and Sylvia Plath. Then he went back to writing. The result: “Dark Fruit,” which taps into a range of sentiments, from the sad to the silly; from the light to the dark.

    Here’s an example:

    “Toxic Talk”
    by j.s. lamb
    poisons the well
    so nobody
    can enjoy
    the water.

    Here’s another:

    “Who’s for Dinner?”
    by j.s. lamb
    In some cultures,
    they love their neighbors.
    In others, they might eat ’em.
    If you’re not sure
    which is which,
    be careful how
    you treat ’em.

    Though “Dark Fruit” (ASIN: ‎B0B4GPD3VM) is currently available only at Amazon in digital form, a paperback version will be launched later in the year in time for Christmas. “Dark Fruit” can be found by going to the Amazon website and typing in j.s. lamb.

    To learn more about “Dark Fruit,” visit

    ABOUT: Jim Lamb is a retired journalist. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a double-major in Mass Communication and Political Science. Later he worked as a copy desk editor at The Tampa Tribune and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. His website is

    Jo-Lynn Lamb
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    Teaser for The Desecrated cover

    Pre-Order Now, Book Release 7/12/22

    Atmospheric picture of an autopsy room from the floor up

    Cover Reveal - John Gray's Debut Novel

    John Gray with chin on hand

    Photo Credit: Melissa Jo Peltier

    Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Link for THE DESECRATED by John Gray, creator of the Hit TV Series, GHOST WHISPERER

    Surgically precise suspense, breakneck pacing, and a brilliant narrative arc that gets under the reader's skin.”
    NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2022 / -- The eagerly anticipated debut novel, THE DESECRATED by writer, director John Gray will be released on July 12, 2022 by Ellysian Press.

    A sneak peek of the cover is now available as well as a Pre-Order Link for Amazon. The page-turning horror novel, which centers around an ancient curse, a haunted morgue and mysterious murders, has already received advance praise by such acclaimed authors as Jay Bonansinga, James P. Blaylock, Harlan Coben and Lisa Gardner. THE DESECRATED will be available in paperback and e-book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as major online booksellers.

    About The Desecrated

    Hauntings. Disappearing corpses. A terrifying curse.

    None of those are in Jennifer Shelby’s job description when she joins the night shift at the NYC Morgue. She just wants a quiet place to regroup after dropping out of college.

    She also hadn’t planned on babysitting a British superstar.

    Trevor Pryce has been sentenced to community service at the morgue. His charm and love for macabre, practical jokes irritate Jennifer equally. And put him at the top of her list of suspects when things turn deadly serious.

    Jennifer doubts her own sanity when she starts to see the impossible. Corpses move. They sit up. They try to speak. The visions plaguing Jennifer begin to manifest outside the morgue as well. She feels like there’s nowhere to hide as the murders and mutilated bodies pile up. But she finds an unlikely ally.

    As the hauntings become more shocking, Jennifer and Trevor join forces to uncover the truth. What they find is dark and malignant. And the trap they fall into threatens to close over them forever.

    Praise for The Desecrated by John Gray

    “John Gray announces himself as a major voice in modern literary horror with his debut novel The Desecrated. Surgically precise suspense, breakneck pacing, and a brilliant narrative arc that gets under the reader's skin are all in full force here. At the heart of this tale, though, is a taboo that spans generations and asks big questions about death, life, good, evil, and all the scary stuff in between. A remarkable debut, and highly recommended.”
    —Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling author of THE WALKING DEAD: THE RISE of the GOVERNOR

    “John Gray's The Desecrated is a spine tingling page turner.”
    —Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

    “This is a hell of a book. I was dragged in on the first page and couldn’t get out again. The writing is both spare and rich – a character-driven horror/crime thriller, set in a Gothically-authentic New York City.”
    —James P. Blaylock, World Fantasy Award-Winning Author, Co-Founder of the Modern Steampunk Genre

    “Suspense and horror fans will love this deeply atmospheric thriller that twists and turns its way to a shocking end!”
    —Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of ONE STEP TOO FAR

    “A realistic look at the darker side of human nature . . . a compelling horror story.”
    —Kirkus Reviews

    About John Gray

    Brooklyn born John Gray is an award-winning writer-director-producer of films and television, and the creator of the long-running TV series, GHOST WHISPERER. He has written and directed many feature films and movies for television, including WHITE IRISH DRINKERS, starring Stephen Lang and Karen Allen, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival; MARTIN AND LEWIS, starring Sean Hayes and Jeremy Northam; the Emmy® nominated A PLACE FOR ANNIE, with Sissy Spacek; the Emmy® nominated mini-series HAVEN with Natasha Richardson and Anne Bancroft; HELTER SKELTER, and many others.

    Gray has directed dozens of episodes of broadcast and cable series, including multiple episodes of the NBC series GRIMM, and was also the producing director of the CBS series RECKLESS. Gray’s acclaimed short films have played and are currently playing in film festivals all over the world including FRENCH KISS, which has also notched 6.3 million views to date on YouTube.

    He is married to writer-filmmaker Melissa Jo Peltier, and they make their home in New York and Cape Cod MA.

    THE DESECRATED is his debut novel.

    Follow him on Twitter @JThomasGray, or Instagram @bayrdge and visit

    Maer Wilson
    Ellysian Press
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  • Antoine Dante Logan Releasing His First Ever Novel “Stain”

    Stain By A.D. Logan.

    Stain By A.D. Logan.

    An exciting tale of witchcraft, suspense, and thriller that’s making a killing with the readers.

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2022 / -- A.D. Logan makes his debut with 'Stain,' a mystery-thriller novel about the life of Carolyn, an innocent woman who is now a demonic creature. The story of Carolyn is that of an ordinary girl, living a normal life except that she was bullied and wronged by many till she met her soulmate. When they move to a new house, a series of events lead up to the recent story where 12 individuals are trapped inside the house, and Carolyn decides to take vengeance upon them unless they confess their sins. Whether all the gruesome killings are justified to avenge what happened to her is a question worth exploring. The story is thrilling, exciting, and part 1 of an entire series.

    The story isn't just about hacking and slashing or killing blindly. It's about vengeance and revenge, but to what extent is worth exploring. The novel is a great attraction to those who love mystery, thriller, gore, suspense, and supernatural. Stain is not just a book where fantasies are mere words but the realization of dark imaginations.

    Logan is currently working on a sequel which will soon be coming out.

    About The Author

    Born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, A.D has spent most of his life serving in the U.S. Armed forces, where he has experienced many facets of life, something that bleeds in his career as a writer. When he isn’t working, he is writing. And he writes about many things: love, the inner workings of his mind, and the terror and beauty of the world he sees. He draws inspiration from his long and solitary life in the military, from all his energies, from strangers on the road, and his family. His hobbies range from reading to personal growth and from relaxing with his friends to pondering about the paradoxes of life. He writes almost every day on the numerous subjects that interest him, be it personal, political, or the in-betweens. Through the love and support of his family and friends guiding him, he has come to see the shining light at the end of the road that tells him that he is supposed to write. Not for himself but for everyone around him. And he follows.

    Antoine Logan
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  • Gayle Deguzman, ‘’After All These Years’’ Illustrates Love, Heartbreak, And All The Struggles In Fixing A Broken Heart



    CAMPBELL RIVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA , CANADA , June 22, 2022 / -- . Gayle Deguzman makes her debut in the writing world with “After All These Years.” The book follows the story of Belle, a young maiden madly in love with Brad, her college sweetheart. Due to family circumstances, Brad leaves, leaving young Belle heartbroken and emotionally disturbed. Belle then continues her life, making her name in her chosen field, and encounters some interesting guys along the way, all romantically inclined toward her. But because of her past trauma, Belle keeps everyone at bay. Then one day, she sees Brad on television, and her life goes into a new spiral. However, what happens after that day is a good guess for anyone.

    Gayle has always been into romantic stories and wishes to share her magic with words with everyone. She says,

    “I love writing. It is my passion, and I want to entertain, inspire, and affect readers worldwide.”

    Though this is her debut, Gayle has composed “After All These Years” like a seasoned professional. While reading, the readers are transported into the world where the characters are living and witness the scenes unfold as if it’s happening right then and there.

    About The Author

    Gayle Deguzman is a woman who has done a lot and has many different interests, experiences, and jobs. She was determined and strong in her pursuit of success because she kept going and cared about other people. She went to medical school for three years and got an Associate of Arts degree. After that, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has worked as a banker, a real estate agent, a data quality control supervisor, a programmer, a nurse assistant, a home health care provider, an occupational health and safety consultant, an estate administrator, and now as a fiction writer.

    She has been sailing for 13 years and has sailed a 36-foot MacGregor catamaran by herself with her Chinese Shar Pei dog while the Captain slept. Her love for writing led her to write stories about love in many forms. Her work experience gave her the edges she needed to write about a wide range of topics. Writing is a way for her to get where she wants to go, experience and live everything her mind can think of, and express how she feels.

    She now lives on Vancouver Island, where the environment is rich and clean. She has written more love stories and is ready to share her passion for life by getting them published. She hopes that everyone who reads will enjoy it.

    Gayle Deguzman
    Gayle Deguzman
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