“The Adventures of Doc Holliday Hennings” Children’s Book Seeks to Help Children Cope With Loss and Value Family

Doc Holliday

The book-themed Doc Plush toy has just been launched as a tangible and supportive bonding doll for kids

QUEENS, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Teaching children the importance of family and helping them to cope with loss when a loved one passes away is a challenging task made easier by the juvenile fiction book "The Adventures of Doc Holliday Hennings". There is now a limited edition for the holiday season released on Amazon, at https://www.amazon.com/Adventures-Doc-Holliday-Hennings-ebook/dp/B08KYJMZ9L/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=adventures+of+doc+holliday+hennings&qid=1637684591&sr=8-1

“As a parent and storyteller, I always tried to teach my daughter the value of family while also making her understand that real-life families are often more complex and layered than popular culture would have kids believing,” said TK Bethea, the book’s author. Also inspired by memories of Doc Holliday, his childhood dog, Bethea created a tale that addresses issues such as blended families, stepparents, half-siblings, mixed cultural upbringings, and bullying.

In this novel, six-year-old Jeffrey Hennings is sad because his mother died not very long ago. Now it’s just him and his dad, Richard, and it has been difficult for them. One day, after Jeffrey has a fight with another boy at school, he and his dad are walking home when they encounter a small brown-and-black puppy. A cowboy is selling the dog, and Jeffrey and his dad adopt him and call him Doc Holliday. One day, after overhearing a conversation that makes him think Jeffrey and his dad don’t actually love him, Doc decides to run away and find his birth family. Out on the streets, he encounters a world of trouble, as Jeffrey and his dad make their best efforts to find Doc and let him know that he really is part of their family.

The author of the book has now also launched an accompanying bonding plush toy, Doc Plush, which is available on Etsy, at https://www.etsy.com/listing/1123073035/2021-limited-edition-doc-collectible. The toy embodies the energy of the character and helps define the various meanings of family, friendships, connections, and perseverance. “This so much more than a plush toy,” Mr. Tekea said. “This is actually a toy that is aimed at helping children cope with loss, find the strength to deal with bullying, and feel more supported as they experience the frequently conflicting emotions of growing in a non-conventional family,” the author commented.

With a fast-approaching holiday season, TK Bethea intends to offer parents a meaningful Christmas gift that children will enjoy: an engaging children’s story that will resonate with many, and a welcoming plush toy that they can bond with and turn to, finding the comfort and empowerment of a best friend that symbolizes the best that friendship has to offer.

“This Christmas, I wanted parents to have an available gift to offer to their children that isn’t just another toy or video game, and that is instead a book that stimulates reading and that is aided by a plush toy like no other, intended to help develop the emotional intelligence of children,” Bethea further noted.

The book and toy that help children rediscover the meaning of true family, including blended families and adopted families, as well as those forged by the bonding of friendship, can now be purchased on Amazon or Etsy.

TK Bethea can be reached at tywonbethea@gmail.com or on 646-591-5054. The project’s website can be visited at https://adventuresofdoc.com/.

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