The Book "Finding the Path of Me" is a Guide and Roadmap Back to the Soul

"Finding the Path of Me" is the guidebook to help reconnect people with their soul. It is the lighthouse in stormy seas returning the reader to the authentic self.  A reminder that we are not here to "win" at life, but to master ourselves through our human experience.

"Finding the Path of me" Awakening to Remembering Who I am and Why I'm Here is a book designed to assist people on their spiritual journey. It provides higher perspective and answers to life's bigger questions.

"When the world is in chaos, we must find the still point, the space of neutrality to carry oneself forward with Grace and higher perspective." Wendy Hutchinson

Author Wendy Hutchinson offers spiritual seekers a guide to self mastery and inner peace

This is a book that encourages people to look at the Family of Origin story and understand the childhood programs creating current life circumstance. Shedding light on what to let go of to become the highest version of Self.

"Finding the Path of Me" helps the reader reclaim their power as a sovereign being and release fear.

This book is a guide for healing, helping the reader to understand family of origin stories, how to break unhealthy patterns, and heal emotional wounds.

Everyone is here for soul evolution through the human experience. Personal choice and alignment determine the level to which one will create flow, ease and abundance in life.”
— Wendy Hutchinson,

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021 / -- After years of working on creating a better life, Wendy Hutchinson found herself on a spiritual ascension path. What she thought was merely a choice to create her best life turned out to be a full spiritual awakening. Navigating over a decade of personal experience to find her way back to her authentic self, she discovered common patterns shared with other lightworkers. Based on this knowledge, she wrote her book “Finding The Path of Me” which offers the reader a step-by-step guide to reconnect to the Soul. This is a story of awakening to remembering one's life purpose, how to break ancestral patterns, embrace human intuition, and finding the courage to stand in one's authentic power. This is a story of how to shed and release everything that does not uplift and support one's journey back to their Soul. It's a guide to understand energy and frequency and how it relates to the Human experience and manifesting an incredible life. Anyone finding themselves feeling lost, disconnected, or unhappy will benefit from the journal prompts at the end of each chapter which offer personal reflection around the topics in each chapter.

“Finding the Path of Me” is a guide for spiritual ascension and evolution. Most seekers are consciously looking for answers but ultimately are seeking themselves. This is a story of the eternal journey to fully come to a place of self love. Whether traveling the path consciously or unconsciously, this book is a roadmap to finding the courage to take off all the masks society requires, to embrace the truth and step forward at this time to fulfill the soul contracts all have agreed to play. It is an offering to assist those stuck in destructive cycles, wash rinse repeating the same unhealthy patterns. The book covers the family of origin story, the deep programming creating unhealthy mental and emotional patterning, and how to break those programs to live authentically. There are tools to assist in letting go of everything that is not aligned with the Soul. It explains how to fully embrace and make sense of this human experience.

“I wanted to pass on the spiritual wisdom I learned through my own experience to assist others finding their own path. I walked my path alone and felt guided to offer this ascension guide to anyone who feels lost or out of alignment with their soul.” Journal prompts at the end of every chapter help the reader go deeper relating my experience to their own to further explore emotional patterns and feelings. Tools to assist with and support the deep sacred work of healing emotional wounds are also provided.

“Finding the Path of Me” has received many positive reviews on Amazon. One reader shared, “Wendy's new book is a treasure for your soul. She offers deeply insightful guidance about illuminating and carving your own path to true sovereignty and personal empowerment in life, (and she weaves in her own life stories as examples of how our inevitable painful life events and daily challenges can be recognized as opportunity and then faced with grace, balance, and courage). It is a tool for lasting and genuine transformation that left me resonating with the joy and power of who I am!”

Wendy Hutchinson is an Author, an Ascension Coach, Podcast Host, and creator of her interview series “The Path of Me” on YouTube. Her role is to be a beacon of light for those who are navigating troubled waters, to offer higher perspective in unsettled times. She is a lightworker, healer, and frequency holder for all those seeking higher ascension and inner peace on their journey to becoming whole and complete.

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