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The company known for helping clients learn financial strategies has surpassed multiple milestones and developments in their transition to a corporate entity

Our first live event performed beyond expectations and our other departments are showing solid improvements. We are very excited and look forward to what we will achieve by the end of the year”
— Michael Lush, CEO of Replace Your University
BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2022 / -- Replace Your University, one of the leading brands in the financial education industry, has transitioned from a startup to corporate juggernaut and rebranded their culture to match. The transitioning process has been followed by the rapid growth of the company, increased revenue, and refined company systems. Consequently, they have made remarkable progress, exceeding all expectations in the financial education sector.

Replace Your University started in 2014 when Michael Lush used an ingenious strategy to accelerate the payoff of his mortgage in 3.5 years, resulting in eventually sharing the strategy with others. Since then, the company has grown exponentially largely due to the incredible success clients consistently achieve. With most clients being referrals, it is clear the strategy is effective. Recently, the company was recognized as the #3 mover and shaker in the financial education industry.

Replace Your University has accomplished positive improvements in every aspect of the company. This can be seen in the growth of revenue, reforms in the company culture, and the overall growth and expansion of the company. The marketing and sales team has reported an increase in leads and an improved sales conversion rate, and a reduction in the customer acquisition cost. The executive team has reformed the workplace culture, company values, and policies to ensure it matches with the next stage of growth and where this company is quickly moving towards.

Michael Lush, the Chief Executive Officer, recently had this to say about the progress and growth within the company, “We have expanded our program offerings from one to five and have more in the works. While the new programs are young, they are already generating great results for our clients. In addition, our first live event performed beyond expectations and our other departments are showing solid improvements to our KPIs. We are very excited with how the company is rapidly growing and look forward to what we will achieve by the end of the year!”

The team at Replace Your University is excited to continue moving forward and are looking forward to changing more lives in meaningful ways. With each of the executives believing deeply in Christian principles, charity, and service to the community, they have found this to be one way to take their expertise and help thousands of people move forward in their financial lives. Their vision is to ultimately enable more families to have more financial resources, so they can help serve their communities as well.

Replace Your University has built a solid foundation in the financial education industry. The evolution from a startup to an established company has further helped them make significant improvements in every part of the company. This recent development is expected to take the company to a greater height in the financial education sector.


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