Think Like A Molecule: Seeking Inspiration In The Structures Of Thought

Can Molecules Think in this Vast Space Called Earth?

“I contend that it’s useful to picture ourselves as elements or functioning pieces in the world. Like molecules, we are endowed with energy and innate capabilities unique to each of us.””
— Chuck Champlin

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2022 / -- Tucson, AZ — Can molecules think? That’s what Chuck Champlin writes about in his book Think
Like a Molecule: Finding Inspiration in Connection and Collaboration. The author seeks insight
via deep imaginative journeys into the infinitely vast and invisibly tiny realms of the cosmos in
this small book with a big message. In noticing molecular assemblies, we can see that physical
matter came together, possibly all on its own, to create life and thinking minds. To ponder like a
molecule is to be aware of the physical foundations in matter that have given rise to our thoughts
-- and from there, it’s onward into the realms of pure imagination and the twinkling stars of our
endless potential.

“I should confess that I’m not sure I’m smart enough to read this book, let alone review it. In
answer to my wife’s question, “What is it about?” The best answer is everything; it’s about
thought, life and living, faith and knowledge, and one man’s suggestions on what to do about it.”
— Amazon customer review.

Chuck Champlin is a writer and journalist in the worlds of entertainment, film, and science. As a
corporate communications executive for the Walt Disney Company, he helped stage a worldwide
Children’s Summit at Disneyland Paris. Before that, he was a bicycle inventor, rock musician,
singer, songwriter, and leader of Toastmasters and Optimist clubs. He is married and has four
grown children and believes that every human has creative contributions to making peace in the

Think Like a Molecule: Finding Inspiration in Connection and Collaboration
Written by: Chuck Champlin
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