Unlikely Heroes Strive to Save Nation Through Faith

Over Power

Over Power

Jesus Christ Savior, Lord and Friend

Beverly Nickles' latest book

Beverly Nickles

Beverly Nickles

Beverly Nickles' "Over Power" shows how belief can heal divided country

OHIO , UNITED STATES, December 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Alarmed by the problems besetting America, such as high unemployment, food scarcity and widespread disease, author Beverly Nickles penned a novel that depicts how these issues can be addressed by having faith in God's plan and spreading the Good News. In "Over Power" readers will follow protagonists who are ordinary people who rekindle their faith during trying times and use their reinvigorated dedication to God to help one another and tackle the nation's problems.

Josh Victor is an MIT Graduate who once believed but lapsed, until the deteriorating conditions of the country and personal events lead him to find God once again. Thanks to fate, he is now on an adventure to help a woman who he has never met. He goes to Joan Darcy, a woman who is in a low point in her life, who considers herself a failure, but surrenders herself to the Lord and follows God's direction. A connection forms between Josh and Joan as they share their personal stories, and together they embark on a mission from God. They lead a band of faithful believers to face the evil around them and show people the light.

Joan’s spiritual insights and Josh's technical knowhow complement one another and synergize, creating a potent force that has the potential to positively change the country. They are able to leverage modern high-tech solutions as well as good old fashioned human ties, the latter becoming increasingly rare as communities dissolve. Ultimately, beyond their skills and their capabilities, it is their drive that draws from their faith in God and each other that lets them have such an impact. But it is not an easy path, for the forces of evil are dead set on stopping them from achieving their goal. Their faith must be a light in the darkness around them, and they must keep that flame nourished lest it be extinguished.

With "Over Power" Nickles treats her readers to an inspirational story that shows how ordinary people can make a difference even in what seems to be hopeless times.

About the Author
Beverly Nickles has a degree in journalism from Ohio State University. And a master of divinity in cross-cultural ministry with counselling from Columbia Biblical Seminary. Since 1992 she has spent most of her time in Moscow, Russia. She has been interviewed in America Tonight Radio with Kate Delaney and Daily Spark with Dr. Angela Chester.

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