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  • The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, The Origins of AIDS and Autism

    Author Shares About Living In A Natural Existence With Knowledge of Medical Insights

    Single-cell life exists as the microbe, but it is not fully classified due to the limitation of a microbe’s ability to learn. A microbe barely evolves, let alone learns anything.”
    — Ronald Besser

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Author Ronald L. Besser has published his book titled The Origins of AIDS and Autism. The book is a unique presentation of ideas and insights from a retired civil engineer that examines several diseases, their effects on humankind and the world, and potential treatments to eradicate them from society forever. Besser was asked what he wants the readers to take away from the book and said, “That human disease of this

    character is preventable in some measure, but curable when a better understanding of what causes them in the first place. We offer vaccine recipes to do some of that which pharmaceutical companies can prepare or even in an emergency some may be cooked in the kitchen when the medical profession cannot be found.”

    Within this easy-to-read text shared for the intelligent layman and those wishing to live a natural existence, Besser begins by exploring the start of AIDS, how it took millions of lives globally, and its treatments and then examines the definition of autism and how to work well. Included are his insights on a sure-fire treatment for Alzheimer’s disease which can be managed at home, how the brain colludes in the fetus to cause autism, and
    why all vaccines must have clinical trials before being distributed to the public. Ronald L. Besser is a retired executive administrator for civil engineering firms who graduated from York College. Today, he enjoys writing and studying history, both past, and present. Besser resides in Pennsylvania.

    The Origins of AIDS and Autism
    Written by: Ronald L. Besser
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  • The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, The Powerful Bully Elk

    Author Enlightens Human Beings on How Fearless If Someone Suffers Bullying and Becomes A Victim

    “The elk kicked poor Margaret and punched my friend Kevin. Pushed several kids down, which my count was eleven. The elk bullied us awful with his strength and power.”—”
    — William C. McLean.

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Author William C. McLean will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Los Angeles Festival of Books 2022 with his published book titled The Powerful Bully Elk. It is an illustrated children’s book about a boy who has an insane dream, in fact, a nightmare, about an elk that pursues him through different scenes and bullies him along the way. A story that awakens

    the techniques of bullying to be used in real life. It highlighted factors regarding bullying behavior and what other compromises it has. It will validate the trauma of children subjected to different kinds of bullying and common forms that result in stress-induced nightmares can take in victims of all ages.

    A book is a creative way to explore the more serious themes of bullying and imprint them in the minds of young readers. It is a social and universal problem.

    “This is a great book! We ordered it for our third grader to read and then ordered it as a baby gift because it has such a great message. We are from Wyoming and love how closely related it is to our area. Great book!” — Jared Nichols, Amazon Customer Review.

    William C. McLean is a Wyoming native and employed as a school counselor in his state. He worked as an educator for the past eighteen years. His hobbies include hiking, reading, golfing, fly fishing, cooking, and many others. Reading about different experiences, places, and situations can be a powerful tool to gain perspective on the world.

    The Powerful Bully Elk
    Written by: William C. McLean
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  • The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, Stolen Honours

    A Science Fiction Crafted with Suspense and Supernatural Powers

    “The silent tension built with each stroke of the paddles as they slid through the darkness closer to the city. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her shoulder as Mark, the young jittery man.”—”
    — Diane Lewis

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Author Diane Lewis will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Los Angeles Festival of Books 2022 with her published book titled STOLEN HONOURS. A science fiction book about time travel, history, and the dangers of disrupting the timeline. It entails the agents of the Time Bureau, who are working within the protection of the towering Px Dome, scour history for anomalies. They defend reality from the time shifts and paradox waves to

    prevent them from controlling or stealing from the past or rewriting history for their gain.

    An item was bought for investigation, and it was given to junior agent Ryan Hajjar. He is the youngest in the bureau and stepping into his first assignment
    without the oversight or guidance of his partner, senior agent Elizabeth Johnston. A case where the information is more important than protecting the
    paradox waves.

    “Fun, rollicking adventure of endearing characters traveling through time to some different and fascinating historical events. Kept me locked in since I’m
    a history guy, and while not a big science fiction buff, I could follow and appreciate the time travel concepts. You’ll like applying your mystery skills to
    the twists at the end! Enjoyable and involving reading!”
    — Robert Donahue, Amazon Customer Review.

    Diane Lewis is a native of Central Illinois and now living in Texas. She pursued degrees in Chemistry and Biology and became a scientist. Now, she unleashes
    her creativity with a story that connects history and, linked with science and creative fiction.

    Written by: Diane Lewis
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  • Ted Baxter, Renowned Author & Stroke/Aphasia Survivor, Wins Best of Los Angeles Award - “Best Motivational Book - 2022”

    Ted Baxter

    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Ted Baxter, renowned author & stroke/aphasia survivor, and his memoir, Relentless: How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better, wins the Best of Los Angeles Award - “Best Motivational Book - 2022”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

    The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed eight years ago and consists of over 7,600 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

    “The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. "We're honored to include Ted Baxter and his memoir into our BoLAA family."

    Relentless is a 2019 Bronze IPPY Award winner in Autobiography/MemoirAmazon Best Seller in Biographies & Memoirs and is an incredible journey of determination and recovery.

    In 2005, Ted W. Baxter was at the top of his game. He was a successful, globe-trotting businessman with a resume that would impress the best of the best. In peak physical condition, Ted worked out nearly every day of the week. And then, on April 21, 2005, all that came to an end. He had a massive ischemic stroke. Doctors feared he wouldn't make it, or if he did make it, he would be in a vegetative state in a hospital bed for the rest of his life.

    But miraculously, that's not what happened. In Relentless, Ted W. Baxter describes his remarkable recovery. Not only did he live, but he is walking and talking again. He moves through life almost as easily as he did before the stroke; only now, his life is better. He's learned that having a successful career is maybe not the most important thing. He's learned to appreciate life more. He's learned that he wants to help people--and that's what he does. He gives back, volunteering his time and effort to help other stroke victims.

    Relentless is a wonderful resource for stroke survivors, caregivers, and their loved ones, but it is also an inspiring and motivating read for anyone who is facing struggles in their own life.


    Ted W. Baxter

    Ted W. Baxter was born and grew up on Long Island in New York. He received his bachelor of business administration degree in three years at Hofstra University in 1984 where he majored in public accountancy. He took a job working for Price Waterhouse as an auditor and he passed all four parts of the CPA exam on the first shot. He then became a management consultant soon thereafter, focusing on financial industry clients. While he was working as a senior manager, he attended the Executive Masters Business Administration program at Wharton on the weekends, where he got his MBA, concentrating on finance and strategy.

    Ted built a financial services consulting practice in Tokyo for Price Waterhouse and rose to partner in record time. For the next six years (1995–2001), he lived in Tokyo and Hong Kong, traveling almost constantly between ten Asia-Pacific countries, first for Price Waterhouse and then as a Credit Suisse First Boston managing director. He left Credit Suisse First Boston, eventually landing the global finance post as a managing director at a premiere hedge fund and investment institution, Citadel Investment Group, based in Chicago.

    After spending twenty-two years in the financial industry, he retired as a global finance executive with expertise such as international banks and securities, risk management, financial products, controllership, team-building, change management, strategic planning, and information technology systems.

    Ted experienced a massive ischemic stroke in April 2005. Ted is now an advocate, ambassador, author, and speaker for stroke education and prevention, and tools and techniques for aphasia. Ted is the Founder of Speech Recovery Pathways (, formed November 2020, a nonprofit speech organization, which provides ongoing communication practice to its members, build confidence and gets survivors connected. He is also involved at the University of California at Irvine Health and St. Judes’ Hospital in Fullerton.

    Ted lives in Orange County, California, with his wife, Michelle, and their dog, Zorro.

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  • The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, I Am A Sheep?!?!

    The Shepherd of God, How To Embrace The Love and Care

    “The most effective, calming influence on sheep is the shepherd. Out in the pastures and fields with the sheep, I began to learn firsthand what it means to be a sheep and how awesome and comforting”
    — Debbie Cole

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Author Debbie L. Cole will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Los Angeles Festival of Books 2022 with her published book titled I Am A Sheep?!?!. A religious book about being a faithful believer of God. The author learned that she was one of the sheep during a period of struggle in her life. It narrates how God showed her the need for

    her to follow Jesus as a sheep that he cares for. A journey of faith that entails that she is a child of God, a sheep of the Good Shepherd, Jesus. There are also questions at each chapter’s end to inspire thought on the topics shared. Sheep may be seen by some as unwilling to follow their shepherd but it proves following after Jesus is following the one that loves and cares for them the most.

    “I AM A Sheep?!?! '' is a convincing testimony of an irrevocable truth that for centuries the Bible has been bleating—humans too must be shepherds! The timeliness of I AM A Sheep?!?! is eternal, because no matter what turmoil is happening within us and/or in our world, once we realize and accept that our self-will gets us into ruts, the compassionate Good Shepherd is forever willing to guide us back to trusted pastures.” — Amazon Customer Review.

    Debbie Cole is married, a mother, and a grandmother. She drew from her experience as a
    shepherd when she became a devoted Christian to shed light on how our relationship with
    Jesus parallels. She is a skilled sign language interpreter and has taught many classes and
    lectures on deaf and hearing audiences.

    I Am A Sheep?!?!
    Written by: Debbie L. Cole
    Kindle |
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    Audiobook |

    Book copies are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book resellers.

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  • The 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books presents Memoire Memes

    Heartfelt Memoir Involving Author’s Life from Childhood to Adolescence Provides Motivation and Inspiration For All

    Sharing these life reflections and experiences can inspire many people to be motivated that you are not alone and, collectively you can reach your dreams, plans, and aspirations in life.”
    — Authors Press Representative

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Author Dr. Henrietta Abbey was one of the featured authors at the Los Angeles Festival of Books 2022 with her published book titled Memoire Memes. The book is an autobiography of the gripping life of the author. It narrates her life history, school, and the institution she attended in her childhood until she grew up to adolescence. It shares a section where she migrated to the United States and experienced marriage and motherhood that did not last long. In this event, she pauses and questions why such things and events happened to her life.

    In the last part of the book, she reflects on the lessons that she received and moves forward with positivity in mind. Sharing these life reflections and experiences can inspire many people to be motivated that you are not alone and, collectively you can reach your dreams, plans, and aspirations in life.

    Dr. Henrietta Abbey originated from Accra, Ghana. After she graduated from her secondary education, she started working for the Statistical Service in Ghana and joined a drama group, wrote, and recited poems at her local church. In 1995, Dr. Abbey migrated to the United States and resided in the Bronx. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood and started working for the Police Department in Manhattan and the Bronx. She received awards for her work and her church.

    Memoire Memes
    Written by: Dr. Henrietta Abbey
    Kindle |
    Paperback |

    Book copies are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book resellers.

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  • The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, My Life Including Prison

    Do you ever wonder what it would be like working in a prison?

    Go ask the caseworker”
    — Eileen Pruett

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Divorced and a mother of eight beautiful kids, Eileen Pruett, tours readers in a place full of deceit, wickedness, and where unexpected loyalty lies in her

    knee jerking book My Life Including Prison. The book features Eileen’s voyage while working in prison and her various first times in different fields of life.

    The book introduces Eileen as a young girl who later got married and bore eight children. However, her marriage did not work out and got divorced sometime later. Then came a job in prison. Her first caseload was a man who claimed he was innocent of the crimes he was in prison for. Eileen did not know how to help him but did not give up. She unexpectedly finds herself locked in a prison cell with a male inmate.

    The other inmates were always glad to tell Eileen how prison things worked, but she was not always sure if she could believe the things they were telling her. She did not know who to believe and who to not believe because asking different caseworkers gave her different answers. Fed up with the rising amount of unanswered questions, Eileen decided to quit asking questions and did what she wanted to do.

    This book allows readers to look back on the things that they did while growing up. The making of french toast for breakfast for the children who liked it and then adding flour to make pancakes for others who liked breakfast that way evokes a motherly and featherlight feeling that will feel like a warm breeze to readers. Although the book was short, it is an interesting and great book for people who are looking for a semi-light read. Eileen Pruett graduated from college with home-study and night classes, earning a minor in Math. Taking care of eight children takes most of her time besides going to church and a trek to the grocery store. She mostly spends her free time doing genealogy, crochet, knitting, and jigsaw puzzles.

    My Life Including Prison
    Written by: Eileen Pruett
    Paperback |
    Hardcover |
    Kindle |
    Book copies are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book resellers.

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  • The 2021 Guadalajara Book Fair Presents Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp

    The Adventure at the Camping Site and the Unfolding of the Man Behind the Shadows

    She knew she sometimes could get somewhat testy with her girls, but she remembers her dad being harsh with her. She wanted to forget the beatings he doled out to her and her brothers, which was often.”
    — Excerpt from Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp

    GUADALAJARA, MEXICO, June 29, 2022 / -- Author Sherry Walraven was one of the featured authors at the Guadalajara International Book Fair 2021 with her published book title, Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp. The intriguing book is about a competition of teenage swimmers in Texas. They practiced hard and had great instincts about their chances of winning this school year. All of them are excited about their upcoming camp. The activities were all worth it, and they couldn’t wait for it. During the camp, the teens found a cave, then men started chasing them. As they were running, they found help from an aged woman, who signaled for them to follow her. What they saw was very astonishing. The camp became frightened as people they thought were their close friends were not meant to be.

    “Walraven does a good job including interesting characters, especially the woodswoman Izzy with her bizarre menagerie of animals that she keeps and calls her babies. These unique side characters offer a break from the tension and are used in interesting ways as the plot unwinds.”
    — Mark Heisey, US Review of Books.

    Sherry Walraven served as a middle school language, art teacher, and elementary school principal. She loves to read and spend time with her four grandchildren. She is now retired and, currently living in Calhoun, Georgia, where she has been a lifelong resident.

    Intriguing Escapade at Swim Camp
    Written by: Sherry Walraven
    Kindle |
    Paperback |
    Hardcover |

    Book copies are available at Authors Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book resellers.

    About Authors Press

    Authors Press is an online publishing company and book reseller catering to the needs of both experienced and aspiring authors as well as readers. They offer the best publishing solutions for full-time and independent authors. The company’s team of proofreaders, editors, designers and publishing professionals are committed to achieving industry standards for their client’s work to be published, marketed, and sold.

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  • As Alaska Votes, New Alaska-centered political thriller dubbed a winner

    Political thriller of 2022

    Best new thriller

    Author Joe Rothstein

    A heart-pounding adrenaline ride of backroom politics and dangerous moves from a shadow cabal will keep readers on the edge of their seats.”
    — Pacific Book Reviews

    WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 29, 2022 / -- While Alaska is drawing intense national political interest focused on Sarah Palin's campaign for Congress, a political thriller with a fictional U.S. vice president from Alaska is drawing interest in the world of books.

    The novel is "The Moment of Menace," which the prestigious book review web site Pacific Reviews has named "the must-read political thriller of 2022."

    Written by Joe Rothstein, a former editor of the Anchorage Daily News, the novel features an Inupiat woman from Utqiagvik, (formerly Barrow) Alaska as U.S. vice president. Much of the action takes place in the Alaska Arctic's rugged North Slope area.

    This is Rothstein’s third work of fiction. His second book, The Salvation Project, was finalist for political thriller of the year.

    Joe Rothstein served on the staff of Alaska’s first governor, William A. Egan, and moved to Washington, DC to be chief of staff for Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. For 30 years he headed his own political agency, working in hundreds of political campaigns, including many in Alaska, including those for former Alaska Governors Steve Cowper and Tony Knowles.

    “I feel as if I’ve never really left Alaska,” said Rothstein. “I return often, my sons returned here to go to school, and some of my closest friends are here. I’ve always wanted to include Alaska in my writings. The state is so dramatic and unpredictable. It’s pure coincidence that a wild race for Congress is taking place just as I’m releasing a novel featuring a woman who is Alaska’s voice in Congress.”

    Moment of Menace is available through all on-line book sellers and most independent book stores.

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  • Melissa McDaniel Launches Debut Book Release ‘Loved Just As I Am’

    The book is a raw journey that processes her own childhood trauma while helping to alleviate the suffering of others.

    BELMONT, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- Melissa McDaniel is pleased to announce the release of her first-ever book, Loved Just As I Am.

    Melissa McDaniel is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, life coach, and speaker who has spent nearly two decades helping people transform their lives. She began her career as a therapist for victims of sexual assault before transitioning to working with individuals who have committed sexual crimes to transform their behavior. Grief, anxiety, and depression are consistent issues she deals with from her private practice.

    In her most recent news, Melissa McDaniel has reached her goal of becoming a published author with, Loved Just As I Am. The book is a debut release for Melissa and is a recount of how her idyllic life in the south was changed forever when she was sexually assaulted at the age of eleven. In Loved Just As I Am, Melissa purposefully and painfully examines her past traumas and shares her realization of how she used denial or avoidance as a means of emotional protection until well into her thirties. She shares her raw journey of not only processing her childhood wounds but her struggles as a young woman dealing with a violent ex-boyfriend, racism within her family and community, motherhood, addiction, and infidelity. With her complete understanding of compassion, Melissa hopes her story will help to alleviate the suffering of others.

    “We don't get to pick the traumatic events that happen in our lives, but we do get to choose how we let them write our story,” Melissa says. “Through my own story, I discovered that through deep faith, love of family, and a firm belief that we are all enough, it was imperative for me to own my "crapola," while laying bare my feelings and actions, both good and bad. I hope that my fresh perspective and vulnerability create a roadmap of healing for others like her to rise above pain, shame, and doubt. I truly believe the result is a life guided by wisdom, freedom, and healing.”

    Loved Just As I Am can now be purchased on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format at

    For more information about Melissa McDaniel, please visit

    About the Author

    Melissa McDaniel is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor from Belmont, North Carolina. For the past two decades, Melissa has been working in her private practice as a psychotherapist and has extensive experience working with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, relationship difficulties, trauma, sexual abuse, and sexual deviancy. In her practice, Melissa offers individual and couples therapy for children, preteens, adolescents, and adults.

    Melissa McDaniel
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  • Rock Your Life Conference for Entrepreneurs is coming to North Dallas, TX

    Keynote Speaker, Craig Duswalt

    Craig Duswalt speaking at the Genius Network

    Russell Hitchcock, lead singer of Air Supply, and Craig Duswalt on Craig's stage.

    Craig Duswalt's 3-day, live, in-person seminar, is where you will learn how to become known as a RockStar in your industry.

    People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    — Maya Angelou

    FRISCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Craig Duswalt, is taking his popular Rock Your Life 3-day seminar to the Dallas area for the first time on July 7 - 9, 2022. The event will take place at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco, TX.

    Craig has putting putting on this event in Los Angeles for the past 16 years, but recently moved to the North Dallas area, and he is excited to present his outside-the-box marketing secrets to a brand new audience.

    The seminar is called, Deliver Your Message Like a RockStar. Sessions taught by Craig include...
    — How to Discover your Most Effective Message, ensuring that it's the correct message for your specific audience!
    — Whether it's through videos, books, speaking on stages, webinars, blogs, e-mails, etc., how to Identify Your Most Effective Delivery Method.
    — Most importantly, learn the easiest way to Monetize Your Message.
    — How to Write a Book to Promote your Business, (no matter what industry you're in), and become a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author
    — How to Structure a 30-Minute, 60-Minute, and 90-Minute Talk so you gain a tons of fans, and kill it from the back of the room — MORE SALES!
    — How to Start and Monetize your Own Podcast, and ensure that people will actually listen to it!
    — How to Create and Maintain a Fun and Effective Blog, where you can load all your affiliate links to generate even more supplemental income!
    — How to "Look the Part" to ensure that you are at least "perceived" to be a Business RockStar!
    — And last, but not least, how to Think Outside-the-Box in everything you do, especially when it comes to your Marketing Plan... while not breaking the bank!

    Here are the dates and times of the event.

    Rock Your Life Conference for Entrepreneurs
    Embassy Suites Hotel, Frisco, TX
    Thursday, July 7, 2022 — 2:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    Friday, July 8, 2022 — 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Saturday, July 9, 2022 — 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Tickets are...
    $97 — General Admission
    $197 — VIP
    Please visit the event website to purchase your ticket.

    Craig’s background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant.

    Craig was also an award-winning copywriter, working as a Creative Director for a Los Angeles-based ad agency until opening up his own ad agency, Green Room Design & Advertising, which was named the 2002 Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

    Craig combined his backgrounds in both music and marketing, and is now a professional speaker and author, promoting his Rock Your Life Events all over the country, teaching Corporate America, entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based business and the self-employed how to "Deliver Their Message Like A RockStar.”

    Again, please visit the website, for more information and to purchase your tickets.

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  • The Lost Child Of World War II by "Leonida Clarete Watson"

    Leonida Watson - the author of "The Lost Child in World War II"

    A Book About A Child In World War II

    WINCHESTER, OREGON, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2022 / -- Leonida Watsons lived in the Philippines until her teenage life. She had a challenging experience while she was growing up. She witnessed how her family was killed. Over the years she has never forgotten that unfortunate experience. Despite how broken she was, she persevered and became successful in her career and family.

    Once she was settled, she decided to start sharing her experiences with people which inspired her to write a book. Then she remembered the promise she made to her late father before he passed. She promised him that she will let the world know about the heroic deeds her father has done for the country (the Philippines).

    Leonida is very proud of what her father did for the country so the book "The Lost Child Of World War II" was born.

    The book is now available at Barnes and Noble. Please click the link to purchase the book.

    Leonida Watson
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