Each project is unique but in general our book projects follow the path below starting with the proposal.

Formulate Your Proposal

  • Complete our proposal form. Our team wants to meet you and discover your book.
  • Share your manuscript or sample if you have it. If it’s not ready, that’s okay. A manuscript is not mandatory.
  • Allow us a couple of days to read it and to get back to you! Please be patient, remember there are many other authors just like you waiting for their publishing opportunity.

Prepare Your Campaign

  • Schedule a call with Dawn, our Head of Crowdfunding or Steve, our Publisher. Either will talk to you about your book and define your campaign steps.
  • Receive training on editorial marketing and communication.
  • Define a campaign strategy with our crowdfunding team. Our goal is to generate all necessary content and promote your campaign to reach your goal.

Launch Your Campaign

  • Share the campaign with your community for 30 days.
  • Receive weekly advice from your campaign coordinator.
  • Participate in workshops with other authors from the community.
  • Achieve your campaign goal to finance your book.

Work with Our Team

  • Work on your manuscript to deliver it within 2-3 months.
  • You’ll work with professionals specialized in proofreading, layout, and design.
  • You’ll work on a marketing plan with a sales goal at the book launch. No worries, we’ll help!
  • Discover the result before publishing your book for the final touches.

Your Book in the Market

  • Your contributors from the crowdfunding campaign will receive their pre-ordered copies.
  • Your book is finally published!
  • Reach new readers and nourish your community.
  • Track your sales.
  • Earn money with your book and leverage your business.

Ready to Pitch Your Book?