We believe that authors deserve to be well-educated, well-trained, and well-supported. Because of this, we will help you develop a marketing and promotion plan that is specific to you, your unique skills, and your genre or niche.

To help you increase your income and influence, we’re constantly testing new marketing strategies and sharing best practices with our authors. In order to avoid wasting your time and money on marketing that doesn’t work, we’ll help you identify where you should invest your time and money.

Here are some of the ways we provide additional marketing support to our authors (at no cost):

  • Book Web Page
    On the Isabella Media website, each title has its own web page. Included are the cover, description, author bio and photo, an excerpt, as well as purchasing and other optional information. You will also be added to our author page.
  • The Author’s Questionnaire
    This document asks the author for information about their title, the cover, marketing plans, description, and comparative titles. Ingram’s Title Management System (TMS) is built on this information.
  • Social Media
    In our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we feature monthly new releases, vote-the-cover campaigns, pre-sale book information, book covers and descriptions, author headshots and bios, and best sellers.
  • Tip Sheets
    The tip sheets are comprehensive single-page documents that are based on the author’s questionnaire. For authors, tip sheets are invaluable to send along with Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) for endorsement quotes and reviews, and they can also be useful when visiting booksellers. Your book’s sales information, publication date, ISBN, etc. are included, along with the Ingram logo. As a distributor, Ingram has credibility. Tip sheets should always be included! They are extremely useful and invaluable.
  • Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)
    As soon as the book has been approved for distribution, authors receive at least twenty ARCs. We recommend that authors use them for soliciting endorsement quotes and reviews as well as for their own enjoyment. Each is a completed work. Additionally, the author will receive a digital ARC, which is the entire book saved in a .pdf file with the front and back covers attached. Our authors find these extremely useful, and they are accepted by many reviewers and endorsers.
  • Awards Assistance
    If the author sends proof of signing up for a book awards program such as the one shown on our website, we’ll send them 10 softcovers, 5 hard covers.
  • Overdrive
    With Overdrive, libraries can review and purchase Ebooks and Audiobooks directly from publishers. Overdrive, which has over 30,000 libraries enrolled, is a great way for Isabella Media to reach libraries without having to go through distributors.
  • Ingram iPage Catalog Inclusion
    All Isabella Media titles appear in one or more of Ingram’s catalogs, both printed and online. One of the most popular online catalogs is iPage.
  • Marketing Coaching and Training
    The authors will learn how to promote their titles using guerrilla marketing techniques. As you build a good brand for your book and for yourself as an author, Isabella Media coaches you on your website, social media, book events, and publicity.