Book Cover: Ryder the Biter
ISBN: 9781733041690
Size: 8.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 46

Ryder is learning how to use her teeth for eating, biting food, and talking. She seems to find it challenging with getting excited or upset in class resulting in biting her peers when she is overly-stimulated.

During the witty play of words, Ryder is exploring how to use her words. The catchy wordplay allows educators, parents, and school counselors to focus on the importance of the replacement of positive behaviors for supporting Ryder. She is learning how to work through her conflicts with her classmates.

This hilarious and descriptive setting of the preschool classroom has a turning point in the book with Ryder being able to reflect. Ryder the Biter has been written with the purpose of sharing the importance of social-emotional development and promoting the importance of family discussions in an appropriate tone with the correct terminology.

About the Author

Brandi Barnett is originally from Macon, Georgia and currently resides in Texas. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Child & Family Development & Masters of Education in School Counseling from American Military University. She has explored the different aspects of education through her military service as a veteran, a spouse, and civilian employee to the USAF. During her military career, she services assisting the military, military spouses, and military dependents with enrollment into their classes with the use of tuition assistance. After being stationed at Luke AFB, AZ her love for completing her degree as a school counselor was paramount to her success. Prior to her relocation to Texas, Mrs. Barnett serviced two elementary schools in Laveen Elementary School District with campuses ranging from Preschool to 8th-grade students.

Publisher: Isabella Media Inc

UPC / ISBN: 9780578689944

Publisher: Counselor Bee
Year Published: 2020
List price: 19.99
Author: Brandi Barnett

"Wishing on a Star" has insightfully, breathtaking images of vibrant characters within the African American family. Have you been able to see yourself? Your child? This is a memento for expecting families with replicas resembling premature babies, adoptive babies/children, guardianship families, rainbow babies, and families of multiples. Along with the harmonious touch, the book highlights the emotions of bringing life into the world. Sometimes resulting in creating a new life and/or creating an angelic being. The author's signature wit and humor combined with her usual influential use of her personal photos during motherhood have created this must-have book for growing families to come!


UPC / ISBN: 9781087891743

Publisher: Counselor Bee
Year Published: 2020
List price: 25.99
Author: Brandi Barnett

" I am chosen. I am loved. In His presence, I am free. I know the change starts with me!"- excerpt from AND YOU, NOAH

If there's one thing seven-year-old Noah knows, it's that a single decision can change the entire legacy of one's family. As he challenges himself to be better, being the change he wishes to see.

Recent protests and injustices leading to Noah feeling dismay until he seeks refuge in his physical father and makes peace with his spiritual Father. Noah finds himself able to see his present and future. He knows that people often laugh when they do not understand his destiny. Noah also understands that although he is young, age is only a number in salvation.

And You Noah, was written in one night after reflecting on the injustices and untimely deaths of several African Americans worldwide. It was meant to bring light to the nameless and give impact to the names accompanied by hashtags. We are more than just people of color, we have names, we have purpose, and we have a legacy to continue. In this short story, Noah foreshadows how he will become a court appointed official impacting lives that will be presented in his courtroom. Noah is the change.


Ryder the Biter