Book Cover: The Thyroid Encyclopedia: An Everyday Thyroid Disease Reference Book
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ISBN: 9781733041607
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The Thyroid Encyclopaedia is one big reference book that takes you on a Mind, Body & Soul journey through the Thyroid world to empower people with thyroid disease to know what is going on with their own health and to encourage them to play a bigger part in the management of their disease.

Not only can readers find information on knowing if they are Th1 or Th2 dominant, but also which crystals are said to help thyroid disease, what herbs can help with what symptoms, what foods help and what foods don’t, plus mindfulness exercises and affirmations for when the thyroid brain fog creeps in and anxiety takes over. When a thyroid sufferer understands their disease, it gives them a voice. The Thyroid Encyclopaedia gives the sufferer that voice.

When we can speak the language of where we are, we can do amazing things. With easy to understand snippets of all the science, interlaced with all the latest theories from the natural world, picking up this reference book is not just empowering, it is hope.

About the Author

There is an art to creating a life you love and embracing all that you are. Kylie Wolfig has done just that.

With a firsthand understanding of living with Thyroid disease, Kylie’s path to becoming a Naturopath was born out of her deep desire to understand her own health. Over time, Kylie realized that she was most focussed on her own wellbeing when she was working in her business on Thyroid health for others. This realization highlighted the capacity to naturally attain balance in life and from there, the desire to assist others find that balance in their own lives was born.

Working with clients in her membership platform Kylie is known for offering solutions that are easy. Talking in language that makes sense, keeping things simple and positive are Kylie’s strengths. In her joyful manner, she will take a problem and break it down into achievable, bite-sized steps leaving you feeling empowered and with a clear path forward. Kylie is most passionate about people changing their story as a whole, so with loving kindness, she naturally adopts a no-nonsense approach and won’t allow our ‘stories’ to impede us or distract us from living our best life.

Information on Thyroid health can be confusing and overwhelming, it was this understanding that led Kylie to create Thyroid School an online format where information is distilled and shared with love.

Far from being competitive, Kylie is generous with her knowledge and is an ideas girl. She knows there is an ever-growing need for others to work in the arena of Thyroid health in their own, unique way and their own unique niche.

The winner of an award for Excellence in the Academic Understanding and Clinical Application of Naturopathy, Kylie is well placed to provide practical guidance in her field. Through Thyroid School, Kylie provides support, direction and a clear step-by-step process to designing your ideal Thyroid Life.

When we change ourselves, the world around us changes – Kylie believes this deeply and her desire is for others to not only feel empowered but to be gifted with the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for themselves. “I want people to understand that having thyroid disease can be a gift if they choose to accept it. A gift that allows them to help others while helping themselves.”

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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Year Published: 2015
List price: 18.99
Author: Kylie Wolfig

What if you could jump out of bed early in the morning ready to go? What if your brain could think clearly and remember where the keys were? What if thinking about your weight didn't ruin the rest of your day? What if your Thyroid Disease was under control and you felt Awesome? This book is a collection of Habits Kylie has learned along the way that has helped her reduce her medication by more than half and lose 20kg. But more importantly, these habits have allowed Kylie to regain her energy and joy for life. No longer is it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning, nor does she cry at television commercials anymore or get half way down the freeway and wonder if she left the iron or oven turned on! In Thyroid Habits, Kylie shares 50 different ways that have improved her life, how they are related to Thyroid Disease and why they help her to continue be a wife, mother, study and run a business. Kylie also shares how she fits all of these Habits into her daily life with a peak into one of her days. Don't keep waiting for someone else to "fix" you! Start the process for yourself with simple easy to follow ideas that make a huge impact. Many of these Habits are FREE so you can get started today! In fact, there are at last 5 Habits you can do immediately. So Let's Go! You can do this! You can change your Thyroid Story.


The Thyroid Encyclopedia: An Everyday Thyroid Disease Reference Book