Flatulent Poltergeist

What's that smell?

A flatulent poltergeist haunts Thomas Jeramiah Brown. It causes all types of trouble for him. Thomas learns that his gas is a superpower similar to spiderman's.

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About the Book

When Thomas Jeremiah Brown eats and drinks Albert Archimedes’ experimental growth formula, the candida in his system is genetically modified. Similar to Peter Parker’s radioactive spider, the candida gives Thomas has a superpower. But what superpower does GMO candida give him? Super fart powers. In the first book, The Flatulent Poltergeist, Thomas is haunted by his future and past selves who zipped to the present in order to save him from Doctors Santiago. They want to separate the formula from Thomas’ blood for their own, evil plans.

Thomas, with the unexpected help of a school bully, Eugene Williams, his best friend Amani and Albert with his friends Einstein and Rapunzel with a Mohawk take a dimensional portal to fairytale land, where Albert had harvested he ingredients for his formula, and to hide from the Santiagos. The Santiagos follow them in an attempt to catch Thomas and extract the formula so the Santiagos can make their own anti-fart formula and prevent all humans and animals from ever passing gas again. It’s Thomas’ super farts that save the day.

Flatulent Poltergeist
Series: Thomas and Amani Series, Book 1
Genre: Other
Tag: Upcoming Releases
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About the Author
Tekeyla Friday

Tekeyla Friday – lives in a rural hamlet in Saskatchewan where she can see sunrises and sunsets. She is an artist and a writer. She started writing stories at eight-years-old. She enjoys crafting stories, poetry and scripts for young readers. She works for the Chinook Regional Library as the Children’s Program Coordinator. She loves writing puppet shows and creating puppet characters. She is currently the president of the Prairie Quills Writers’ Group.

Tekeyla has three diplomas in writing for children and teens through the Institute of Children’s Literature. Her first short stories were published by R.E.A.L. Canadian Kids’ Magazine. She released her first picture book, Bothers, Powers of the Archangel Michael, in 2014. She has a digital early chapter book series, The Sloth Prince, published by Tiny Readers Press.

For more information about her, you can check out her website: www.tekeylafriday.com

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