James and the Fire Works

boy does James love those fireworks!

James is full of energy and starts off the day with a dream of seeing fireworks.

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About the Book

James is full of energy and starts off the day with a dream of seeing fireworks. Though he pleads with his mother, she explains that it’s not possible—the family car is broken. Throughout the day, his mother distracts James with playtime and fun activities—but James doesn’t forget that there are fireworks and he wants to see them! Little does James know that even though the car is broken, he will get to see a big surprise at the end of the day. Fireworks from his own backyard while he snuggles with his mother!

James and the Fire Works
Genres: Children's Book, Picture Book (Fiction)
Tags: Black Author, Books In Process, Female Author, Upcoming Releases
Publisher: Isabella Media Inc
Publication Year: 2021
List Price: 20.00
Natasha Morgan is an inspiring new author who is debuting her first children’s picture book titled ‘James and the Fireworks’ coming spring of 2021. This is a touching story of a little boy who is captivated by fireworks. Little James loves everything from the bright beautiful colors to the loud boom noises that fireworks create. The story begins with James dreaming about fireworks, to him imploring his mother every chance he gets to take him to the park to watch the fireworks that evening. Unfortunately, his mother’s car is not working and they are not able to go. James has a doting mother who distracts him with fun actives and plays with him throughout the day. At the end of the evening, she cleverly brings two lawn chairs out onto the yard, and low and behold, fireworks in the sky. The author did a wonderful job portraying the unconditional love that all parents have for their children, and even though we have challenges in life, there is always a solution. Well done Natasha. I highly recommend this book for young readers.
– Medea Kalantar ~ Award-Winning Author of the Honeycake Books Series
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About the Author
Natasha Morgan

Natasha Morgan is a mother of two and an author.

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