a virus, a field mouse and his human friend... can they save the world?

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About the Book

Marlowe, a brown, Virginia, field mouse, moves out of his ground-burrow and into eleven-year-old Cole’s family farmhouse. There, Cole teaches Marlowe to speak and wear clothes and introduces Marlowe to the rest of his family. Suddenly, a hungry virus invades the country and goes on a global killing spree forcing Marlowe, Cole and their new friend, Corrie Anne, to journey across the country to California to find a vaccine that will cure their family members and then—face the daunting task of finding their way home through a war-torn countryside, riddled with thieves and killers. Marlowe, Cole and Corrie Anne arrive back at the farm compound just in time to save Cole’s father but not Corrie Anne’s parents. With the vaccine, the entire compound leaves for a small island off the coast of Virginia where the few hundred men, women, and animals build a giant, castle-style wall against the oncoming army of “Sleepers,” people who carry the virus and claim victory in the most important fight for survival.

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About the Author
Mark Mc Quown

Mark Mc Quown, as a screenwriter and playwright, has written an award winning film, PJ starring John Heard, Vincent Pastore, Robert Picardo and Hallie Kate Eisenberg. This film is available on Netflix. Along with a long list of plays, many produced or contest winners, Mr. Mc Quown’s screenplays have been looked at by major producers including Steve Waterman Productions (Producer of Stuart Little) from the Internet Screenwriting site,, which lists Mark’s musical screenplay, Dragula, based on Mr. Mc Quown’s award-winning stage musical comedy, Dragula.

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