NextGen Radical Success: How to Become a Living Legend

Success is only half the equation...

NextGen leaders feel driven to become legends by living a life that guarantees both personal and societal positive change. No model on how to achieve that exists......until now.

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About the Book

There is no success book that exists in the market that provides a specific, let alone a new world reality, the definition of success. Especially, one that appeals to the diverse pool of NextGen leaders of the World who are compelled to participate in something larger than themselves. Millennials want to use their lives as a platform, not just making money, but for making a legendary contribution to the World. The conventional definition of success is vague at best, providing no clue to what success really is or how to attain it. Nor do the classic success books provide a Holistic model of success to follow that promises to deliver a balanced achievement of wealth and well-being through consistently living the Truth of one’s grace inspired values. It takes courage, selflessness, fearlessness to be contrarian, and courage to question existing societal norms to become a living legend. …and Millennials have these traits. They are best positioned to lead and unite our World into wellness. And, this book, like no other in the market, guarantees them the legendary success they feel compelled to achieve.

This book provides is that it makes crystal clear the true, Universal definition of success, provides a holistic model of success which fully develops all aspects of the whole person: Mental, Physical, Financial, Spiritual, and Service. It provides a specific, yet individualized roadmap, taking the reader through a thought-provoking journey to uncover and discover their innate, internal core driver, core values and Truth and reality of who they inherently are, to necessitate and optimize their ability to stay true to themselves, no matter what the challenge, and to stay the course for the attainment of legendary success.

My Radical Success model is a faith-centric model with 41% of Millennials stating that faith is very important in their lives makes me an ideal voice for them to listen to ( Secondly, Millennials having grown up in the great recession, feel pressure of an uncertain economic future, can relate to my experience coming from a poor family having no privilege at all, and through great personal and professional challenges, became a self-made multimillionaire, Invitation only Forbes Coaches Council Member, medaled athlete, coach to drug-addicts, alcoholics, bulimics, self-cutters, counsel to suicide prevention and recipient of Certificate of Courage and Determination by City of Los Angeles dubbed “The Angel in our City of Angels”. I’ve counseled men, women, young adults from main street to wall street (including a gang leader and Olympic Athlete,), and my first book being accepted into the California prison system as a model of recovery for inmates. Thus, my wide breadth of socio-economic experience means I can relate, demonstrate and educate how anyone, no matter what their circumstances, can overcome and achieve legendary success.

NextGen Radical Success: How to Become a Living Legend
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About the Author
Linda Zander

At 10 years old the truth of my life path revealed itself to me. There was no big life event that triggered the realization. I was an empathic child who couldn’t ignore the glaring truth—people were “living” lives of not-so-quiet desperation. Fear was the driver of their existence. Emotional pain was the lifestyle du jour. I wanted to transform that lifestyle of pain into one of joy and fulfillment.

I embarked on a career as a Marriage and Family Counselor. Through that journey I provided “therapy” to people from all walks of life experiencing a host of “ailments” such as anorexia, obesity, drug addiction, self-debtors, and self-mutilators. They were young adults, housewives, psychologists, high-level business professionals and even one gang member. They were the poor, the middle-class and the wealthy. I quickly discovered that “conventional” modalities of psychology failed to provide a quickened path to self-worth, healing, joy and fulfillment, but rather served to re-traumatize old wounds keeping them in pain and dysfunction for protracted periods of time.

Then, the “AHA” moment came. Moving people off the “couch” out of talking about the past and into daily action was the key to moving them out of pain into healing, self-love, self-reliance and fulfillment. We can’t change the past, but we can certainly achieve healing power over it by taking charge over how we live each day in front of us.

Through these experiences with my clients and my own life – I developed a more liberating and quickened holistic approach to healing: Live each day taking “esteemable” action and watch the past heal itself and miracles flow into your life. For every self-esteem step taken we unpin ourselves from the past. We liberate ourselves from fear and insecurity into courage and confidence and we realize that we are the makers of our own destiny. Thus, the Zander holistic success model was born and built upon living ones own personal values as the easier softer way to self-esteem and personal power. If we give up our values, we give up ourselves and our power.

Through relentlessly living my own model, I’ve had many miracles happen. I became a self-made multi-millionaire before the age of 40, overcame a fatal breast cancer diagnosis and gained an international presence as an adept advisor on the topic of sustainable wealth and well-being.

As Founder and CEO of Maxar Real Estate Investments, Maxar Pictures, LLC, LindaZander.Com and as a Member of National Speakers Association, I earned the privilege to work with iconic people and institutions such as Sony Pictures, Relativity Media, ESPN, Academy Award winning actors and producers, Olympic athletes, the City of Glasgow (preparing for the 2014 London Games), Sir Reo Stakis heirs ( built the largest hotel chain in the United Kingdom which later became known as Hilton Hotels) and the Board of Trustees for the Revitalization of one of the most iconic private Social Club in the World located in the Wall Street district of New York City. And, formerly, as Founder and CEO of House of Healing, I was an advisor on alternative wellness offering products and services to over 13 million people through elite clients such as Blue Cross of California, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, UniCare and Jenny Craig.

Yet, I feel my personal achievements highlight my credibility as a qualified expert on how to create success in all areas of one’s life. When diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, I utilized my own Holistic Success model to design my surgery and recovery program. It was challenging as it went against established “medical standard of care” offered in the Country. However, I was able to achieve my goals after affectively motivating a team of doctors to courageously act out side of the box, dig deep into their “healer within” and become the visionaries and leaders of change. The successful surgery is now an option for women who risk forever losing their self-esteem or lives.

A jogger since 18 years old, I ran with people from all walks of life and became motivated by the runners around me. My running family inspired me to become an award winning marathon runner who successfully qualified for the elite Boston and New York Marathons. We’ve run many marathons together including Los Angeles, Maui, Long Beach and St. George. I was honored to be invited to become a mentor to new runners in achieving their personal dream of finishing a marathon.

Through the Zander model I’ve achieved both professional and personal fulfillment amidst life-threatening circumstances and have proven that everyone can successfully achieve wealth and well-being in the midst of every condition, whether economic, emotional or physical.

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