Ryder the Biter

get calm like Ryder!

A delightfully entertaining social-emotional learning picture book.

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About the Book

Ryder is learning how to use her teeth for eating, biting food, and talking. She seems to find it challenging with getting excited or upset in class resulting in biting her peers when she is overly-stimulated.

During the witty play of words, Ryder is exploring how to use her words. The catchy wordplay allows educators, parents, and school counselors to focus on the importance of the replacement of positive behaviors for supporting Ryder. She is learning how to work through her conflicts with her classmates.

This hilarious and descriptive setting of the preschool classroom has a turning point in the book with Ryder being able to reflect. Ryder the Biter has been written with the purpose of sharing the importance of social-emotional development and promoting the importance of family discussions in an appropriate tone with the correct terminology.

Ryder the Biter
Genres: Children's Book, Picture Book (Fiction)
Tags: Black Author, New Releases, Published
Publisher: Isabella Media
Publication Year: 2020
Length: 46
ASIN: 1733041699
ISBN: 9781733041690
List Price: 15.99
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About the Author
Brandi Barnett

What’s buzzin
While you’re drinking your second cup of coffee, she’s has already started her day as an elementary school counselor, and mom of two! Try that on for size! Spare time? What’s free time? Writing and reading, reading and writing!

American Military University alumni, with both a Bachelors, in Child and Family Development and Masters, School Counseling, she has her plate full! “Ryder the Biter” was written during her practicum in the perspective of the students. Opting to give voice to those real life moments, real life experiences, and real oh-no mishaps, birthed her first project with Ryder! Ryder is easily overstimulated when she has big emotions! What can we learn from Ryder? Do we know a Ryder? Ryder, is literally love at her first bite!

Her intention is to educate the readers with wit, charm, and resources!

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