The Good Note: Book of Positive Quotes

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never underestimate the power of positivity in life or business.

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About the Book

The Good Note is a book of quotes to inspire and motivate people to believe humanity can grow from words: connecting words, pictures, and moments to further encourage self-awareness and reflection.

“The Good Note Book of Quotes” is written with the idea that humanity can grow from words. This means that words can heal and hurt, destroy and build, inspire or discourage.

The author, Garry Ratliff Jr, along with a private team of contributors seeks to connect words, pictures and moments from his speeches, discussions and life experiences to help others grow, evolve and see the value of Healthy Quotes (Words of Affirmation) that lead to Healthy Relationships with yourself and others.

As an individual who has come from a line of hurtful and broken relationships in his personal life. Garry sought to find a way to help himself and others build Healthy Relationships that heal and endure.

“The Good Note Book of Quotes” unfolds into 4 sections: Happiness (A Healthy You), The BIG I.D.E.A². (Healthy Relationships), Inner-Leadership (Healthy Leaders) and Oh For Humanity! (A Healthy Us/World). Each section will have 10 quotes each matched with an original photograph or illustration to enhance the root meaning followed by a summation of how the quote came to life and an open canvas to write a reflection, thought, feeling or draw a reaction to the quote.

The Good Note: Book of Positive Quotes
Genre: Inspirational
Tag: Published
Publisher: Isabella Media Inc
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781735725635

List Price: 20.00
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About the Author
Garry Ratliff

Garry L. Ratliff Jr is an inspirational speaker, relational coach, small business consultant and author of The BIG I.D.E.A². The Cycle of All Relationships. He is the founder of GRelations, a BIG I.D.E.A². company, that helps individuals, small business owners, organizations, and groups to find relational ways to live healthy lives that maximize potential and profits by choosing to stop living with unhealthy practices that take away from their true identity.

For over two decades Garry Ratliff Jr. known by his friends and associates as, “The Connector”, has been at the helm of encouraging people through tough moments in their life, career, or spiritual journey. As a mentor Garry has helped countless youth and families get past the rough patch of transition and into a foundational truth that “love really conquers all, with a plan”. He hosts and facilitates workshops and one on one virtual coaching along with his weekly Small Business Tips, Good Note Quotes and talk show/podcast, Conversations and Revelations.

Garry is married to Melissa and has three children, Sade, Garry III and Grayson.

“Love who you are, what you do, and those who contribute to that effort!”

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