The Venn Playbook: How to Win the Startup Game

A practical step guide to achieving your full potential in business.

The Venn Playbook is a deep dive into the principles that have led him and successful entrepreneurs to start, grow, and sell a successful business. Using the book as a guide, readers will be able to gain actionable information to move from a purpose-driven startup, through the valley of death and on to profit and security.

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About the Book

Many people desire to start and operate their own business, although most people do not know how to do this right.

Why? They don’t have the experience or knowledge of “how” to start a business to create success rather than failure. Some think they can just “give it a try”; or “use their gut”; or “just figure it out”; however, most will likely join the over 75% who the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates fail.

Today we are learning that there is now even a larger fail rate the BLS statistics. This is due to the Covid-19 crisis. No-one planned for this – well, almost no one. If you follow the principles in the Venn Playbook you will have a much greater propensity for success because you didn’t “just wing it” you planned for success.

You will win the startup game with my playbook.

The Venn Playbook: How to Win the Startup Game
Genres: Business, Entrepreneurship
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Publisher: Isabella Media Inc
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Format: Paperback
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About the Author
Bill Rader

Bill Rader is a life-long entrepreneur who sold his first company at age 18. To date he has launched five ventures, including his most recent Efferent Labs, Inc., and orchestrated multiple M&A’s. In Oct. 2014, Efferent was a winner in the worlds largest business contest 43North.

Bill started Efferent Labs after inventing the medical infusion device RxFusion in 2009. Since mid 2011, he has created alliances with major universities, merged a university sponsored startup into the company, and now hold patents to many promising technologies. Information available at

Bill writes the column "Leadership & Viewpoints" for Inc. and is a paid columnist for Forbes Media.  He has had more than 1,500,000 people read his stories.  In the past, Bill was a contributing editor to Triple D Publishing's Home Theater Magazine.

In 2015 Bill had a successful exit from the company he founded in 1998, Raland Technologies, LLC, a consulting and products company. He grew the company organically as well as through M&A. The company grew substantially during his leadership, landing it on the Inc. 500|5000 list with worldwide clients and operations.

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