Tommy & Stewart’s Unordinary Extraordinary Friendship

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The author is offering everyone that buys a copy of this book a free eBook copy of her book Shapes are Everywhere. In addition, the first 25 buyers will receive a signed copy of the book and have their names printed in the back as a thank you. The next 25 buyers will receive a signed copy of the book.

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About the Book

Tommy and Stewart’s Unordinary Extraordinary friendship about two farm animals that befriend one another and teach the other farm animals that its ok to be friends with someone that doesn’t look like you. 2nd book is shapes are everywhere to teach young people that they can find shapes throughout their every day adventures.

Tommy & Stewart’s Unordinary Extraordinary Friendship
Genres: Children's Book, Picture Book (Farm)
Tags: Black Author, Female Author, Front Page, Pre-Order, Upcoming Releases
Publisher: Isabella Media Inc
Publication Year: 2022
List Price: 20.00
eBook Price: 10.00
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About the Author
Deirdre Berry

Deirdre Berry, who originally began as a self-published author ( is a 45+-year-old phenomenal woman, wife, and mother of a blended family who first embarked on writing at a young age. That journey became never-ending. Her love for working with young people continues to shine as she works with people of all ages to help them find, sustain and prioritize their place in this world of non-stop change. Deirdre, the dedicated wife of William Berry loves her role as a woman of God, a wife, a mother to Shane Bridges, Asya Bridges, Ren (Ervin) Berry (Step-son), Madyson Berry, Willow Berry and Prince Monroe (Step-son) and a professional. As the mother of a blended family, she prides herself on being creative, patient, resilient and unconditionally loving. She takes pride in a quote from her son, Shane Bridges..... Failures are mere stepping stones to success. And for that reason, she thrives in her desire to always grow, learn, love and find beauty in the world.

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