The Book Barn
Address: 41 West Main Street
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We have an ever-changing collection of over 500,000 books spread out between our three locations, all of which can be found within one mile of each other, bordering the ocean, in beautiful, seaside Niantic. Whether you want to come to browse our stacks of books, spend some quality time with our cats, or just relax with a picnic in our beautiful gardens, Book Barn Niantic is the destination for you.

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Business Phone Number: 860-739-5715
Books-A-Million, Inc
Address: 402 Industrial Ln
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Books-A-Million, Inc., also known as BAM!, owns and operates the second-largest bookstore chain in the United States, operating 260 stores in 32 states. Stores range in size from 4,000 to 30,000 square feet and sell books, magazines, collectibles, toys, technology, and gifts. Most Books-A-Million stores feature “Joe Muggs” cafés, a coffee and espresso bar.

Stores operate under the names Books-A-Million, Bookland, Books & Company, and 2nd & Charles.

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Business Phone Number: (205) 942-3737
City: Birmingham
State or Province: AL
Country: USA
Barnes & Noble
Address: 122 5th Avenue #2
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Barnes & Noble, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company, is the bookseller with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States and a retailer of content, digital media, and educational products. As of March 7, 2019, the company operates 627 retail stores in all 50 U.S. states.

Barnes & Noble operates mainly through its Barnes & Noble Booksellers chain of bookstores. The company’s headquarters are at 122 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

After a series of mergers and bankruptcies in the American bookstore industry since the 1990s, Barnes & Noble stands alone as the United States’ largest national bookstore chain. Previously, Barnes & Noble operated the chain of small B. Dalton Bookseller stores in malls until they announced the liquidation of the chain. The company was also one of the nation’s largest manager of college textbook stores located on or near many college campuses when that division was spun off as a separate public company called Barnes & Noble Education in 2015.

The company is known for large retail outlets, many of which contain a café serving Starbucks coffee and other consumables. Most stores sell books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, graphic novels, gifts, games, toys, music, and Nook e‑readers and tablets.

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Business Phone Number: (800) 843-2665
City: New York
State or Province: NY
Country: USA
Thrift Books
Address: 2337 Centerline Industrial Dr.
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ThriftBooks, headquartered in Tukwila, Washington, is a large web-based used bookseller. Thrift Books sells new and used books, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, video games, and audio cassettes. ThriftBooks’ business model “is based on achieving economies of scale through automation”.

Selling nearly 12 million books a year, ThriftBooks is one of the largest sellers of used books in the U.S. Headquartered near Seattle, Washington, it has ten warehouses across the United States.

ThriftBooks was founded in the summer of 2003 by Daryl Butcher and Jason Meyer. The two created software that allowed them to organize and list thousands of book titles per day. ThriftBooks also operates a number of subsidiaries including the Atlanta Book Company, Blue Cloud Books, Books Squared, Free State Books, Gray Sky Books, Green Duck Books, Green Earth Books, Green Grass Books, Motor City Books, Peach Land Books, Purple Mountain Books, Red Crab Books, Red Sand Books  Second City books, Sierra Nevada Books, Silver Arch Books, White Stag Books, Yankee Clipper Books, and Yellow Rose Books.

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Business Phone Number: 1-888-979-1408
City: St Louis
State or Province: MO
Country: USA
Address: PO Box 3453
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Launched in 2000, is a popular ebook retailer with a reputation for innovation, integrity, and independence. We sell ebooks direct to millions of consumers around the world, with five local sales portals in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia.

You can read our ebooks online, or download them to a vast array of devices, using our Ebook Reader apps. is privately held and run by its founders, life-long booksellers Stephen and Trudy Cole. It is the only independent ebook retailer that sells into every country in the world and the International Space Station.

We have our own publisher licenses, delivery platforms, reader apps and repository of titles. Ebook Reader, our mobile app, is one of the most popular apps in the ebook market, with millions of installs. hosts over a million unique ebook titles and has millions of members.
In addition to our direct-to-consumer business, we provide services to book publishers. Digital Comps is a system that enables publishers to send secure ebooks to reviewers and instructors, called “complementary copies”. Ebook Engine is a system that enables publishers to sell ebooks direct to consumers from their own website.

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Business Phone Number: 800-301-6090
City: Nedlands
State or Province: WA
Country: Australia
Address: 2 Copper Queen Plaza
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A local gem, featuring a wide variety of local interest, regional, fiction, young adult and children’s books, as well as music supplies, instruments, art supplies and gifts.

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Business Phone Number: 6304523293
City: Bisbee
State or Province: AZ
Country: USA
Blue Willow Bookshop
Address: 14532 Memorial Dr.
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A neighborhood bookshop for West Houston and beyond. Our family invites your family to stop in and talk about great books with other readers. Stay for our programs or to play a lively round of our latest favorite game. Located in the Energy Corridor, we are the American gateway for our international customers. Welcome!

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Business Phone Number: (281) 497-8675
City: Houston
State or Province: TX
Country: USA