More Effective Than a Business Card!

Think about it. What’s more effective– giving a prospect a business card or giving them a book you wrote and offering to sign it for them? Nothing can build your credibility faster than writing and publishing your own book. It can open doors for you that were previously shut. It establishes you as an expert and there’s even a certain celebrity that goes along with becoming an author. Just ask Charles Payne who’s using his book, Unstoppable Prosperity to make himself millions of dollars.

We’re on a mission to discover unique, talented business men and women with a story to tell that will inspire, entertain, teach or just make the reader think. Our primary focus is on you as the businessmen (or woman) and how a book can market your business.

When you become part of the exclusive Isabella Media family, here are a few things you can expect:

  • Beautiful custom cover designs created specifically for your book.
  • Professional editing and text layout in Adobe inDesign, registered ISBN, and author copyright also provided.
  • Book is set up for nationwide distribution with the largest distributor in the world, Ingram.
  • Author is assigned to our team of expert marketers, who follow a marketing plan for every book which includes sending press releases, book signing requests to bookstores, and monitoring availability of the book at all times, as well as assisting with speaking engagements and public appearances. The marketing representative is the author’s personal contact for any marketing requests and needs on-going. (Our marketing staff remains at your service for the life of the book, and a book is forever!).
  • Book can be produced in paper format, audio book format and eBook format. eBooks are quickly gaining popularity as technology now allows you to read books on your smartphone, tablet, computer or a stand-alone eBook reader.
  • The option to have a custom website design. Our staff can create and host a website for the life of the book where you can update the content whenever you need.
  • The highest royalty earnings. Authors receive royalty from all direct sales while also benefiting from an up to 60 percent discount on their own personal book purchases—unbeatable in the industry! We also beat the usual 8 percent industry standard for distribution sales by offering our authors up to 15 percent.
  • Our Authors are partners for success in this exciting, unique and fulfilling Isabella Media venture and we work hand in glove to make every book a success.
  • Book is available for sales on, and many other websites.

Book featured in press release by Isabella Media generating perpetual press and spot light on your business.

About Us

Isabella Media Inc is a Rhode Island-based, family-owned, mainline publishing organization with a mission to discover unknown authors. We combine unknown authors’ undiscovered potential with Isabella Media Inc’s unique approach to publishing and provide them with the highest quality books and the most inclusive benefits package available. Isabella Media Inc was formed to serve you, the author, as a traditional, mainline royalty publishing company and provide a platform for unknown authors. We listen to your feedback and create a collaborative atmosphere with our authors in the belief that you’ll come back to us with your next book.