Five Habits of Successful Authors

As you may know, Isabella Media is based in Newport, RI. Newport is a coastal beach town with a rich history. Today, I’m writing this on Saturday, while I’m out with my family at Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly. Westerly has a history all its own but it hasn’t withstood the economic ebb and flow as Newport has. I have to think about why? They both have great beaches and are in the same climate – what’s the difference?

You can compare authors the same as you compare towns. Why is one author so wildly successful and another author is not? What is the difference? The answer really comes down to five behaviors.

Grow Your Author Platform

In an earlier article, we discussed the author platform – it’s basically your fan base. The total collection of people who support your work and follow you on social platforms.

Successful authors are continuously growing their author platform. We could talk about the various methods to grow your author platform but suffice to say that truly successful authors have this as a daily habit.

Build Attractive Content in A Central Location

More so than anything else successful authors build attractive content in a central location. This content is important because it attracts more readers, it generates interest and helps authors with one of their other daily habits – growing their author platform. Typically that’s on a website but I’ve also seen some authors do this with a Facebook page. In my mind, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms should be the spokes of your platform with your author website as your central hub. This approach lets you have a place for your content and uses social media to attract readers to your hub.

Interact with and Get to Know Your Readers

Now it would be great if you could get to know every single person that reads your material but that may be unrealistic once you have a large fan base. But, you should be as close as possible to your core base of fans. Getting to know your readers will put you in a position to better align your books and other content to the likes and tastes of your readers. And in the end that will attract more readers and grow your fan base.

Grow Your Email List

One of the most important assets that a successful author has is their email list. This is made up of people who read your paid (books) and unpaid content (blogs and short stories). Your core readers should be included in this list. There are many ways to grow your list – from giveaways and contests to just straight up writing attractive content. Your website should ask every visitor to join your list. If it doesn’t now you should implement this right now, today!

Stop Procrastinating, Work Daily

Successful authors don’t let grass grow under their feet. They’re not procrastinators. They work on their goals on a daily basis. A great habit in this regard is to make a task list. Put together the things you’ll do on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule and then do it.

Once you incorporate these habits into your daily author tasks you’ll be much happier and much more successful as an author.

Five Habits of Successful Authors
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Steve Guidetti

Steve Guidetti

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