Publishing a book is only the first step in your journey!
The next step is promoting it!

What good is it publishing a book if no one ever sees it or buys it.  Most authors don’t fail because their story is bad – most fail because their marketing is bad. Being an author is like any other business. You need to be able to attract customers (aka buyers) to buy your product – The Book. If you can’t do that you might as well not write it. But I’m here to tell you there is hope! Marketing can be learned. We’ve partnered with some incredibly talented book marketing specialists who have been there just like you.

Our experts can teach you:

1. How to run ads on Amazon successfully.

2. How to get your book into indie bookstores.

3. Creative ways to sell your books locally.

4. Book marketing for trying times.

5. How to make your career as an author sustainable.

These and many other topics will be covered to show you how to run your business as an author right!

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