Welcome Publishizer Authors

If you are reading this, then you’re probably in the midst of crowdfunding with Publishizer. We have been working with this unique literary agency and its authors since 2017. In our opinion, Publishizer is the best crowdsourcing solution for book authors that we have encountered in our many years of book publishing. They match authors and publishers objectively, professionally, and, most important, ethically. We have found the quality of the fundraising presentations and the author manuscripts to be polished and professional. For those reasons, we welcome and encourage submissions of completed manuscripts from Publishizer authors. We offer our Publishizer authors our complete professional publishing services. Publishizer authors receive a discount on author purchased books. This means instead of paying the retail price per book, you will pay up to 50% off the retail price (60% for volume purchases) which is a better deal than even bookstores receive. So if you have hundreds of fulfillment books to send, this creates substantial savings. In addition, we provide ebooks as MOBI, EPUB pr PDF files for the author to use in fulfillment of their campaign, as well as other marketing needs. Publishizer authors also have the option of having us incorporate their dedication, signature, and other premium content directly in their book, making them extremely easy to ship out once received. In order for us to consider your work for publication, please use our submissions page. Submissions Go here. We will review your manuscript and get in touch to discuss your work, get to know you, your marketing plans, goals, and aspirations, as well as answer any questions you have about us and how we work. We very much look forward to hearing from you, Steve Guidetti, Publisher


Is there any cost for publishing with Isabella?

We offer our standard publishing package absolutely FREE to Publishizer authors which includes cover design, interior formatting, and distribution to over 39,000 retailers, schools, and universities exclusively to Publishizer authors. In our view, Publishizer authors that successfully attract pre-sales have the necessary skills to successfully sell their books and we're happy to partner with them for those services.

Can you ship my books directly to my pre-order customers?

Absolutely! Our new warehousing and shipping relationship makes that process easy and simple for the author relieving a big logistical nightmare many crowdfunded authors face. We can even incorporate your message and digital signature into your book in most instances.

Do you edit my manuscript?

We will review your book and provide editing suggestions. The author then makes the decision to complete the edit or not. If the author needs developmental editing or line by line editing we do have experts available that can handle every level of editing. Most authors will find they don't need that level of service but it is available if you need it.

Does Isabella offer marketing support?

Absolutely! Our authors have access to our staff members that can assist with setting up book signings/tours, press releases, interviews, and more. We believe that the author needs to be involved in the marketing of the book to be successful so our process is author-centric.

What services do you provide?

All of our book publishing services are available to all Publishizer authors. We are a full-service publishing company dedicated to helping you build your author brand and promote your books for long-term success. Here’s a list of the services we provide our authors:
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Help with book title ideas and selection
  • Cover design
  • Formatting and publishing for eBooks
  • Interior book design and layout with InDesign for print books
  • Distribution
  • Marketing advice, mentorship, and guidance
  • Tracking sales and royalties
  • Foreign language rights sales and marketing
  • Introductions to leading bloggers, podcasters, and book reviewers in your market.
  • PR outreach to journalists and media outlets.
  • And more!

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