We give you a discount on all our titles for schools, libraries, and classrooms. The experienced staff of the Institutional Sales team are here to help your fundraiser succeed.

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We understand you often need a cost estimate before ordering. We are typically able to offer a discount on titles for classroom or school use. There is no minimum number of books to be eligible for this discount. It is very helpful if you can provide the following information when you request a quote:

  • Title of book and author
  • Number of copies needed
  • Hardcover or softcover
  • If a particular edition is needed (ISBN is helpful)
  • Your due date for needing the materials

If you do not state a preference, we will try to fill your request in the most cost-efficient way possible. The easiest way to provide this information is through our quote/order request form here but you are also welcome to email or call.

Authors-In-Schools Program

We partner with our authors to coordinate visits from children’s authors and illustrators to local schools. Most of these visits are FREE to the school. We can work with tax-exempt PTAs/PTSAs to keep the cost of books down or to use the proceeds from the book sales as a school fundraiser. If you are interested in hosting an author at your school you can find more information here.

Book Fairs

Yes! Isabella Media does book fairs!

Your school earns a 20% commission on books sold at an Isabella Media book fair. The book fair will include sales made on-site at your school using our order form and catalog or online through our website.

We also work with non-profits and church groups to organize book fairs for fundraising and to purchase books for communities in need.

For more information about book fairs please send an email to Dawn at schools@isabellamedia.com. We recommend that you contact us at least 3 to 4 months before your book fair but it’s never too early to start planning.

Payment Options

Payment options include credit card, check or PayPal. Just tell us your preference and we can work with you and your agency.

Quote Request

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