Thyroid Habits

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What if you could jump out of bed early in the morning ready to go? What if your brain could think clearly and remember where the keys were? What if thinking about your weight didn't ruin the rest of your day? What if your Thyroid Disease was under control and you felt Awesome? This book is a collection of Habits Kylie has learned along the way that has helped her reduce her medication by more than half and lose 20kg. But more importantly, these habits have allowed Kylie to regain her energy and joy for life. No longer is it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning, nor does she cry at television commercials anymore or get half way down the freeway and wonder if she left the iron or oven turned on! In Thyroid Habits, Kylie shares 50 different ways that have improved her life, how they are related to Thyroid Disease and why they help her to continue be a wife, mother, study and run a business. Kylie also shares how she fits all of these Habits into her daily life with a peak into one of her days. Don't keep waiting for someone else to "fix" you! Start the process for yourself with simple easy to follow ideas that make a huge impact. Many of these Habits are FREE so you can get started today! In fact, there are at last 5 Habits you can do immediately. So Let's Go! You can do this! You can change your Thyroid Story.

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