When the Earth Slept

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After countless years of enduring the burden of supporting all living organisms, the Earth becomes very sick. Her fever causes wildfires, her chills create countless earthquakes, and her sneezing and cough become hurricanes and tornadoes that ravage the world as we know it. In a final plea to get the rest that she needs, the Earth turns to the people and asks them to go inside and close their doors and give her the gift of time. After much hesitation, they finally agree, and a heavy silence falls as the Earth drifts off to slumber. As time passes the people begin to fear that the Earth will never wake up, and so they decide to go outside and dance. They hope that the drumming will ease her from her slumber, but it does not. They are forced to dance harder and harder until finally, they forget why they are dancing in the first place, lost as they are in their own joy. From experiencing their joy, the Earth begins to heal. As she heals, the people also heal. Together they wake up and create a new world where they learn from one another and find a mutual respect.

Jillian’s hope in writing this story is to encourage the reader to view the current state of the environment through a lens of possibility. It offers a bright and hopeful vantage point that is so imperative to counter the fear that much of the world is currently experiencing. It also provides both children and adults alike an opportunity to recognize their own responsibility in actively making choices that will positively impact the Earth.

About the Author

Jillian's experience as a Life Coach has given her a deep understanding of the power of perception and the profoundly beneficial effects that positive thinking has on the mind, body and spirit. She has taken this knowledge and applied it to her parenting style to help her children see that the world is a beautiful place, full of possibility.

Jillian's love of the English language led her to also pursue freelance writing opportunities on the side. Her work is currently showcased on many business websites in the form of page content and/or blogs. Additionally, Jillian writes her own blog, focused largely on spreading joy, speaking of triumph through adversity and helping her audience to consider seeing life from a more creative and productive vantage point.

"When the Earth Slept" was originally written with the intention of helping Jillian's children (ages 8 and 10) to gain a broader understanding of the current Covid-19 situation. Her hope was to allow them to see the many beautiful shifts that are happening because of it, rather than to focus solely on the fearful components. Through developing a wider perspective, they are able to recognize their own responsibility to take care of the Earth and are asking critical questions that the world needs to answer right now. She remains hopeful that this story will help.

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